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8th April

Posted by My Name , 08 April 2012 · 139 views

Hello everyone!

Today when I woke up I had a wierd feeling about wanting to go bossing. I used to go bossing ages ago when I was in a bossing clan but I haven't been in a while. I wanted to go solo bandos but I knew I'd never find a free world so instead I settled with Zamorak.

I could still remember all my gear I used to use so i was prepared pretty quickly, I even remembered to do the drop trick at Trollheim. The gear I settled for was a whip, dragon defender, karils top and bottoms and verac's helm. I quickly got my kill count and got myself ready for the fight. I potted up and heading in, knowing it'd probably be a close fight since I was a little rusty at bossing. I was doing well in the fight and wasn't having to eat much even know I was keeping my health high. He was close to dead when all of a sudden all minions hit at once and Kril himself hit for a 459. All that together KO'ed me right there.

I have the highest grave so I was pretty confident that I would get my stuff back in time so to I started killing spiritual mages to get kill count. Soon though it became clear that I was gonna no where near reach the kill count in time so I started frantically killing imps while my grave was slowly ticking over. Eventually my grave collapsed and I was only on 30 kill count. I teleported out and started getting some of the cheaper items back, like dragon boots, barrows gloves and enhanced excalibur.

Even though I had died, I had remembered how much fun I used to have bossing in a clan, so I went over to Runescape forums and started looking for a decent bossing clan. Eventually I found one which seemed to suit me so I posted a application and I'm now a member of Majestic Dawn.

After getting a very warm welcome off the clan, someone asked if anyone wanted to join them at Gnome advanced agility course. I decided I'd go since I needed to finish off my haiti boots but then I had to log off. When I came back later Agility had lost it's appeal but I remembered I still had full Haiti gloves that I was planning on ranging with. So I grabbed my range gear and set off to spiritual mages which where my Slayer task.

Just as I was setting off someone asked for a mith grapple to be brought to GWD so I went and bought one from the grand exchange and brought it with me for the guy which he gave me 100k for, 98k profit :). My full task went by with nothing interesting happening but I did finish 10k from a Ranged level. I was hoping for a dragon boot drop to give my friend since he's just been hacked but I didn't get out.

I went back to Kuradel and she gave me Tzaar's which I got her to upgrade to a Jad task for me, it's time I tried for a fire cape. I had a few spare hours of playing straight away so I decided I'd go in now. For my setup I chose Karil's with a slayer helmet, rune crossbow and unholy book. I brought a whip, enhanced excalibur, verac's plateskirt, some range and prayer pots and the rest rocktails.

Half way through I got 86 Range and by wave 35 it was looking like I'd have enough supplies left. I made it all the way up to Jad and by that time it was looking like I was going to complete it, but as soon as Jad spawned I started lagging really badly and got killed. Next time I go i'll take more prayer potions with me and i'll use a faster computer and then I'll probably be able to finally get my fire cape.

Anyway, I went back in with my whip and quickly finished off my task, then headed over to Kuradel and go my next one; 157 nechryael, the first time I've ever killed these. I decided though to leave that task till morning as I've entered my clans weekly competition which is Slayer for next week. Instead I headed over to the citadel and working on woodcutting there. Well I would've but apparently I have to be a full member to work at a skill plot. Instead I decided to go try out these Nechryael's.

After just 13 kills I got a hard clue scroll, I love clue scrolls! I filled my inventory of infernal ashes then teleported out and got to work solving it. It turned out to be quite a quick clue and as a reward I got a rune platebody, rune platelegs, magic shortbow, 24 blood runes and a ancient page 3, altogether worth 460k! I quickly ran over to the grand exchange where I sold the rune items and the page then decided to log off for the night.

See you next time,
Hull FC


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