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The Situation With The Canting Citadel

Posted by Merch Gwyar , 19 December 2011 · 252 views

There is little doubt that Jagex messed up on the clan citadels. The issue was acutely identified by Teacuptime, just as soon as he'd done the maths in those opening days. He quietly tipped me off, but I prayed to Guthix that it would turn out alright. Canting is, after all, probably the most laid back clan in Gielinor. We all do our own thing. We have PKers, skillers, maxed out players and noobs; our people can just as easily be chatting from the inside of a monster's lair, as standing before a willow tree chopping it down. We've never been big on events, but when we host one, it's done in style. Everyone puts down their axes, whips and fashion accessories and joins in. None of us can fall, without a band of friends rushing to pick us up. What we have in spades is community, co-operation and friendliness. Those things, if they could be measured at all, would be in the tonnage.

The citadel relies on all of these things, so we should have been alright. But that fatal flaw was still written into it. The citadel will only ever appeal to skillers. It has a battlefield, which can reveal some surprising bonuses as regards effigies (more on that later), but the bulk of both the attractions and the work will be done by skillers. Moreover, it can only be done by those skillers willing to work on over-ranked basic skills for less XP than they can get elsewhere. The grand prize will be far in the future, when the citadel XP overtakes that available in the rest of Gielinor. So what is in it for the PKers, the PvMers and the combat orientated individuals?

This still wasn't the flaw highlighted by Teacuptime to me in week one. That was that there would come a time when the amount of resources + the headcount through the door would outstrip the novelty factor of the citadel. In short, in order to keep even the maintenance going on that tier, we would need more assistance than we'd probably be able to secure. Then all Hell would break loose.

It did.

Posted Image
Kicker and I smithing at the height of the Canting Citadel

We're only a small clan, so it was always going to take some effort to get all of the way to tier 7. Teacuptime provided the figures and even I winced. My faith in my clan is usually unshakeable, but it's realistic too. I generally pitch my optimism slightly higher than the majority might, but I've never been wrong yet. Canting, when we set our mind to it, can and consistently does achieve greatness.  It might be small time, compared to some of the legendary PKing clans, but it's nonetheless great. We had an extremely low level beat Elvarg the other day. I took down Vanstrom. Things like this count for a lot.

The Canting Citadel made it all of the way to tier 4 and so we began the push for tier 5. 30,000 Timber, 27,500 Stone, 25,000 Metal Bars, 12,000 Precious Bars, plus twenty people through the door. Teacuptime's calculator told us that it would never happen in one week. Those hard at work there squirrelled away resources to the limit of our carry over stock, but we didn't get enough people to make up the headcount. That's the rub. The skillers can work our pixel fingers down to nubs, but if no-one else bothers to even step foot in the reception portal, then leave, we're sunk. Canting has never been a place for forcing our people into doing anything. I don't have to go to God Wars. Grief doesn't have to train crafting. Nobody uninterested in the citadel needs to come near to it. That's the way it is. Not to mention the fact that we have a large number of F2P members, who would desperately love to help out in the citadel. They can't and our asking just rubs the salt of that in their wounds.

It took a long time for the citadel to collapse. It's now all the way back to tier 1, with a single low level tree and a basic keep. That's not the worst it could have been. If that decayed, then we'd have one last week of seeing our work utterly destroyed, then the citadel would be locked. Last night, Zach entered it for the first time in ages and he was visibly shocked. He hadn't realised it had fallen so far, because the Citadel Posse (the likes of me, MsClick and Teacuptime), hadn't told anyone. In the spirit of not forcing anyone to do anything that they didn't like to do, we'd announce that we were in there. We'd invite people to join us. We'd not make a huge song and dance out of it. Zach knew that it was in trouble. He'd assumed that we'd lost maybe a single tier or a piece of decoration. He was the one who suggested that I finally blog about this and tell it as it is.

He also said something that was incorrect. It wasn't a lie, because he believed it as he said it. Nevertheless, it is wrong to say that the citadel wasn't falling down, when Ritster caused such a stir over it. When I first heard that Ritster had been driving people mad over coming to the citadel, I'll admit that my first reaction was to silently cheer. Ok, boundaries got passed and things were said which are still sending ripples through the chat channel now. That wasn't the best way to go about it. But here and now I'll say that Ritster's concerns were fundamentally right. He had done the maths and he could see right in front of his eyes that things were starting to go wrong in the citadel. He was witnessing the moment when the number of people needed in there had just tipped in favour of the number who didn't want to help out.

In the furore that followed, others stopped coming. I learned last week that, 'Ritster ruined the citadel forever'.  That's why I flipped. That's why I stepped out of my own clan to calm down and not say things that I was going to regret. Because this is what I'd witnessed - tier four decaying because not enough people simply entered the citadel that week, then left; tier four becoming delapidated, despite a last minute rallying party in which five of us collected every resource necessary to just keep it stable; tier four disappearing. The same cycle repeating week in and week out, until we were back to basics. This can be maintained by the Citadel Posse. We've been quietly fighting to keep it alive throughout.

Posted Image
The flag of my clan goes on, even if it's just a vexillum stuck into the ground.

I remember Ariel walking through, while tier three was teetering. He worked through to his cap, then explored the damage. "Even the hedge is delapidated," was his depressed report. Msclick and I just burst out laughing, because it was better than the alternative.  All around us, the proud Canting flag was in tatters; the weapons in the racks had no heads, just sticks hanging haphazardly out of a grimy holder; the smithy was there, but unable to be worked. We did our best. We really did our best. We thought we'd saved it! We'd got 100% on the resources for general upkeep, even if we couldn't progress, we thought we couldn't fall further. The cheers from that last minute rescue party, mining and chopping hours before the tick, were immense, as I made the announcement. It was emotional. We'd done it!

Posted Image

But post-Ritster outburst Canting was sending few to help us. We didn't meet the headcount and we lost the third tier. I hadn't thought of that bit. We'd needed just ten people to show up. We got seven.

That should have been enough to secure the second tier, but it wasn't. Teacuptime, Msclick, SpecOps01 and I didn't add up to five people. We watched that crumble too, through decay into delapidation and gone. SpecOps01 is Mr Msclick by the way, married to the beautiful and hard-working new Canting adminstrator. That's how much Msclick really wanted to save this citadel. She asked her husband to join Canting and he weekly logs in to chop away until he reaches his cap. I love him for that.

For those only just waking up to this story, then you are very welcome to join us. In a moment, I will tell you what prizes await from the top tiers (probably in a separate blog, as that's the future and this is the past). They're big enough to have had me hesitate over the latest of the frequent invitations to jump ship to Sal's Realm.  They did keep it up and you can view what ours could look like by teleporting from the Canting citadel signpost into Sal's citadel. I took Josh on a visit there a few weeks back, so he could see. He responded by spam inviting dozens of new people into Canting, in the hope that one or two of them might also join the Citadel Posse. They didn't. It was worth a try.

In the past two weeks, there's been a resurgance of interest in the Canting Citadel. Those of us who watched it fall from tier four to tier one have bonded over a bleak kind of Blitz spirit, which explains our delight, when another person comes to join us. We kept the place from being shut down and locked; and that's the best we could do. We've repeated over and over again that we each wish we could mine, smith, chop and burn beyond our cap. Jagex put that cap in to stop the likes of us carrying the whole clan. They wanted to force us to merge into bigger clans instead, though it was dressed up in flowery language like 'promoting co-operation'. We're not a clan, unless we're working together and all of that.  

Yes, we are. Canting are very much a clan. We just don't all like the same things.  I've not wanted to force anyone into the citadel, who doesn't want to be there; which is why I've never even opened the new mechanism that Jagex gave me. As clan owner, I can tell at the click of some buttons precisely who has and hasn't been in the citadel that week. I know what they did or didn't collect for the stockroom, while they were in there. I don't care. I only want those who really want to help to be in our citadel, because then it truly is ours. We did the work and shouldered the disappointments. We kept our morale up, when all the world was crashing down around us. We've had the stamina to keep on going, even as apathy or antipathy engulfed the rest of our clan. For those who rode this journey to date, it's been an absolute honour to be beside you.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
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Posted Image
Msclick being awarded an admin key, in Canting Away,
for services to the citadel (and being all round amazing).

Posted Image
Merci beaucoup, Fred, for the banner!

I hope you guys get to where you want to be again, it's refreshing to see a clan that aren't forcing attendance upon members and you deserve the best :wub:

Merch Gwyar
Dec 19 2011 01:55 PM
Awww!  Thank you very much. :wub:
Don't I feel sheepish.



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