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Face to Face with FatWrecked

Posted by Merch Gwyar , 01 May 2012 · 1,108 views

FatWrecked Fat Wrecked
Warlock and Gri3f had begged until I went to do a Dungeon with them.  It was the usual chaos of me basically trying to keep out of trouble, while they, Dan M and Luftwaffe raced about being efficient.  Warlock assured me that keeping out of trouble was the best that he could hope for me.  Win!

There wasn't time for another Dungeon after that, so we all made our way out and into the foyer.  I lagged well behind, too busy chatting in Canting to react to anything quickly.  But when I did step up that ladder, it was into a shock.  My blood really did run cold and I stared.

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For those missing the significance here, I'd like to momentarily direct you back to another blog entry from 2008.  It will bring you up to speed.  But right then, I simply stood there for long seconds, then gushed out, "Did you know Ashley?"  

There was no response.  I waited, thinking her afk.  In the meantime, I typed into Canting, "I'm standing next to Fat Wrecked in the Daemonheim foyee."   Just on it, she moved, running past me to disappear down the ladder.

The Canters who'd left before me had already encountered her.  They were not complimentary.  It appears that she finds it funny to claim a name like that.  She had responded to them and her conversation had made it obvious that she was a troll, moving around Gielinor upsetting the veterans.  I went down the ladder.

"Excuse me, did you know Ashley?"  I asked her.  She was dancing with a friend now with no response at all to my questions.  It's possible that she now had public chat turned off.  Gri3f had already reported that Views were Exchanged between them, when he'd come out.  It's also possible that she was simply now ignoring the lot of us.

I should reiterate here that I never personally heard her trolling in Fat Wrecked's name.  All I saw was that she wore it.  And a man who had prided himself on very manly attire, as befitted his high attack level, was now a lady in pink.  That is all that I saw.  But trusted clan members heard more and I'm inclined to believe them.

There's nothing that any of us can really do about this.  The name became available because the teenager who made it famous has been dead for four years. It's not even precisely the same name.  She doesn't have a space in the middle.  All I can do is add my sentiments to those who declare this utterly disrespectful; and to hope that she is never in a position where pathetic bullies do unto her, as she has done to others.

And if Fat Wrecked's family and friends are reading, I'm so sorry that such cruelties get perpetuated for laughs in this way.  But please note that wherever she goes, players are voicing their disapproval.

RIP Fat Wrecked.

another proof stupidity can be found all over the world >.<
yeah it made me mad too, Dan and I flamed him for a bit and called him a noob especialy after he was cocky and boastful about his dungeoneering.
That's pretty low class for someone to disrespect someone who has passed away.  Too bad Jagex doesn't retire names.
They should retire names.
Oh and I never knew he had died. :( I'm sad now.


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