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Hiscores at the Beginning of May 2012

Posted by Merch Gwyar , 02 May 2012 · 1,047 views

Hiscores Construction

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I'm obviously going after those three at level 90, though it's a long haul as I'm not playing so much at the moment.  Real life keeps happening to me.  The obvious way forward is to do Slayer until I get 91 in Defence, Strength and Attack.  As Slayer is the next one up, that will tick four boxes.  Beyond that, I'm not sure where to put things like Penguin Points.  Summoning or Slayer are both favourites.

You might have spotted that I'm finally closing in on my first 99.  I half don't want to!  LOL  I know that sounds silly (because it is), but I've spent so many years not getting 99s, that the proximity of one is just weird.  At this point, it's actually more of a challenge not to have a skillcape (beyond the Quest Cape, obviously), which is what makes it fun.  Plus I'd miss out on the quiet amusement of incredulous people gasping out, 'How have you not got 99?!'  :D

I achieved 98 Construction when Fred met me in the Enchanted Valley.  He'd been preparing his bank for F2P and there was an effigy there requiring 97 Construction.  I'm his woman there!  So we stood amongst the centaurs and butterflies and I got my level assisting him.

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LOL!  I hadn't noticed the white rabbit watching. Win! On so many different levels...

After you get a few of those 99s, you amend the targets anyway, 20m...30m... But gratz on the restraint & nicely balanced sheet.
I agree with that real life being a nice doggy though, set yourself a target then something pops up & throws your whole schedule out of whack.

Merch Gwyar
May 03 2012 03:23 AM
I hadn't thought of that, but that is so what I'm going to do!  It'll probably be getting every to the next million or something.

tanya bigins
May 05 2012 06:05 AM
Have you thought about concentrating on rc with runespan just in case it gets rebalanced ? It's fast xp at the moment and not too demanding.


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