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Announcement: RuneScape Events Rules

Posted by Arianna


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  • Clearly state the time, place, world, and any other event requirements (clothing, combat gear, etc.). Use this form as an example:
    Date: June 6
    Time: 9pm Eastern Time
    Server/World: 76
    Place: Falador Park

  • Please do not post events with the date and time yet to be decided.  Post your event topic after you've made that decision.
  • The event must occur at a maximum of two months after your topic is posted.
  • Be sure to include what activities will occur and any rules that need to be followed (i.e. no tele-grabbing items, no running, etc.).
  • Post only real events that will actually happen. Fake posts will be deleted, and you will receive a warning.
  • Do not beg for free items or money.
  • Entry fees are not allowed because using them is an easy way to scam.
  • This section is for public events, so anyone can join.  Keep that in mind with regard to clan events.  If you do not wish to open your clan event to the public, please post it in the Clan Section or avoid posting it altogether.
  • Do not request for your topic to be pinned/stickied. The forum staff will make that decision.

The Events forum has the bump option enabled for all Forum Members+. To bump a topic, simply use the Bump Feature installed in the Options:

1) Under the 'Add Reply' and 'New Topic' buttons at the top right corner of your post, there will be an Options tab.  

2) Click on that and you will receive a bunch of options.

3) Simply click on that to get your thread bumped!

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Also, please also only bump when you need to.  Do NOT bump everytime your topic gets pushed from the top.  That is not fair to other members.