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Announcement: Marketplace Rules

Posted by Arianna


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1. Bumping - You can bump your topic once every day using the "bump" function, making "BUMP" posts is not allowed.

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2. Prices - Do not post in a thread to tell the user that the price is incorrect, too high or too low. If you really want to tell the poster about a "wrong" price, do so via PM.

3. If your merchandise has been sold, or if you have bought the item, please change your topic title to "Close" or "Please Close" or, even better, just report it asking for it to be closed.

4. If you have any questions, or anything other than to do with buying and selling, please post those in the Runescape Questions forum. If you want to know the current price of an item look it up at the Grand Exchange, do not ask for it here nor in the Questions forum.

5. Only make serious offers, other offers will be considered spam and will be dealt with accordingly.

6. DO NOT DOUBLE POST IN ANY WAY. Just edit your last post instead of double posting, if it is your thread you can then bump it (see the pic above). If it isn't your thread the thread owner might not have had the time to check your post. Don't forget you can always PM them, too.

7. Discontinued items: In order to sell discontinued items you need to give some proof that you really have that item for sale. You can give proof by posting a screenshot with that item in your invent and your name in the chatbox. This name should be the same as your runescape name in your profile here.

8. Items at the Grand Exchange: Don't advertise items that are in the Grand Exchange for sale. Post those only if you are trading them via player-to-player trading.