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Announcement: Tech Discussion and Help Rules

Posted by Arianna


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These rules are here to help maintain safe and enjoyable atmosphere in the Tech Forum. Please respect them, and feel free to post any suggestions/feedback to them in the appropriate forum. Punishments will be given out on a case by case basis, at the discretion of the staff members who deal with the offense. Finally, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact a Moderator or Administrator.
  • Before posting a topic, please check to see if you can find an answer yourself by either searching Google or the Tech Forums.
  • Do not reply to a topic if you have no relevant knowledge or experience
  • If you're posting a picture, cover up your Product ID number, because others could potentially use that information for malicious purposes. Likewise, you should never supply this information, even upon request.
Discussion of the following is not permitted:
  • Ban Evasion
  • Piracy/Warez
  • Stealing/Unauthorized use of copyrighted material
  • Phishing
Private message users of Sal's Realm for technical help at your own risk.

By discussing your issue privately, you are putting yourself at risk of unintentionally being given false advice that may go uncorrected. By posting your issues publicly, other users will be able to correct any poor advice given. While these mistakes may be minor and harmless, there is the potential for one to unintentionally give false advice that could lead to disaster. In addition, other users may have the same issue as you, and by posting a topic, you are allowing everyone to benefit from the expertise of those who are able to help you.

Last Update: 28 July 2013