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Announcement: The Library Rules

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This forum was designed for those interested in presenting Tales, Fables, Stories, Legends, Poetry, and/or Epics.

Rules For Submitting Your Work:

  • The works posted here are to BE YOUR ORIGINAL WORK. Plagiarism is illegal and against forum rules. Violators will be warned and possibly suspended.
  • Please post works that require effort to construct. While your works do not have to be in their final draft, and we encourage you to post unfinished or unrevised drafts if you are in need of feedback, please make sure you are posting something substantial.
  • Posting lighthearted or comedic works is welcome and encouraged, but please make sure what you are posting could not be considered SPAM. Stories or poetry about "The n00b who became a leet F!ghter", for example, will likely be dubbed as SPAM and closed.
  • If your work is about an actual happening, whether it be in RuneScape or your life, please consider posting it in a blog or skill log rather than here. Topics similar to "So this guy's having this big drop party, and wooo I get rune plate legs and rune mace!" are not permitted.
  • Works should not contain unnecessarily vulgar content. While we understand certain works may require situations not suitable for all ages, please remember that forum rules on language and censor evasion apply. If you feel your work contains mature content, consider posting a warning in the topic subtitle. If you are unsure if your work will be allowed, please PM a staff member before posting

Rules For Replying To Topics:

  • Constructive criticism ONLY. There is nothing wrong with pointing out flaws in another's work, but please try to do so in a respectful and constructive way. Insults, condescension, and flaming are not condoned, and may result in warns.
  • Bumping a topic that has not been posted in for over seven days is allowed as long as the topic isn't extremely old (i.e. months), and your post actually adds something to the topic. If your topic or the topic of another is extremely old, but you feel you have justification to bump it, please PM a staff member with your request before posting.

Never fear! We trust you, and anxiously await your epic tales! Posted Image