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The Sixth-age Chronicles, Book One: Saradomin's Watchings Need more posts! Please!

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Posted 14 April 2009 - 07:21 PM

Saradomin's Watchings

By Death Mare

Author's Note:

I've got a new note!  I urge you to read the story again, due to the fact that I gave Chapter 2 a complete makeover, and many parts have been revised, too!

The one and only,
Death Mare


This story was archived from the library of Varrock.


Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 – The Signs
Chapter 2 – Is… Anyone There?
Chapter 3 – The War Has Begun
Chapter 4 – Hideout
Chapter 5 – Deep In the Forest…
Chapter 6 – Who and What Are You?
Chapter 7 – The Secret Caves
Chapter 8 – The Plan
Chapter 9 – Where Is He?
Chapter 10 – Guthan Rickety
Chapter 11 – Direct Attack!
Chapter 12 – The Staff Of Eternity, Pt. 1
Chapter 13 – Iban's Return
Chapter 14 – The Kalphite Queen
Chapter 15 – The Staff Of Eternity, Pt. 2
Chapter 16 – Battle of the Otherworldly
Chapter 17 – The Staff Of Eternity, Pt. 3
Chapter 18 – Sweet Revenge
Chapter 19 – The Final Battle
Chapter 20 – You Have Fallen… We Have Won


Chapter 1 – The Signs

It was just another day in Varrock. The banks were busy, people were buying everything they could with their money in Varrock center, the rustling and bustling of people… but all young Sam Roald could see was the rune shop.
Sam was eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast with a book at his side, titled, The God Wars. Sam was fascinated by the fact that such a harsh battle was copied down in history. His mother, Lauren, and his older sister, Huntess, went out to the general store to buy some milk and eggs.
Sam was about five feet tall, with brown eyes and dirty blonde hair.  He was, for the most part, skinny, and his love of magical spells overwhelmed him.
After Sam finished his breakfast, he went over with 5,000gp to the rune shop across the street. There, his father, Aubury, was getting rich by selling his runes.
”Dad, I’ll need about 5,000 air runes today,” Sam said to his father.
“Sure thing,” Aubury, Sam’s dad, replied as he handed him the shipment of fresh runes, “Also, Take about 15,000 air runes from the box over there if you need, and the Staff of Iban is in the basement next to the shipment of death runes.
“Dad, you know I don’t like using that Zamorakian trash.” Sam replied.
“That may be true,” Aubury replied as he made a sale to a rather strong-looking knight, “but the staff is too good for it to go to waste.  Just use my Saradomin prayer book, and it won’t be so bad.
“If you insist,” Sam said as he rushed downstairs.  He found his new blue mystic robes he had gotten as a gift from his father, the Iban staff, and the crates that contained his required runes.  He scanned the bookshelf for the prayer book he needed and then climbed up the stairs and went on his way.  Sam made his way westward toward the Grand Exchange, but decided to visit Lumbridge via canoe.  However, as he walked westward, he was going against a large crowd.  Fire rose up from hell, penetrating all life around it.  A large legion of Zamorakian with towering two-handed swords were heading toward Varrock.  Sam looked left, only to find Falador burning to the ground as well.  Sam knew he had to do something, and he had to do it fast.  Bracing himself, he charged straight for the soldiers.

Chapter 2 – Is... Anyone There?

Sam awoke, only to find his robes stained with small amounts of blood.  He found that he was limited to where he could move around the cell; he was in shackles.  About three feet away he saw a small, white, singed book, kind of like the one he used the day of the great Raid of Varrock.  He quickly reached for it and was able to read most of it.  He stowed it away in a small cabinet behind him and found a small stock of runes in a corner of the cabinet.  He cast a fire spell, so discrete that no-one could hear it, and while no-one was looking, cast a spell to unlock his own cell.  Looking for any familiar faces, he started browsing each and every cell.  He finally found one of interest.  A five-foot girl dark brown curls was leaning against the wall, when suddenly she looked up and Sam caught her eye.
“Sam!” the girl cried as she ran to the metal bars, “how did you get out of your cell?”
“Teleport runes.  What are you doing here?” Sam replied.
“Same thing you were!  Now get me out of here!” Anna said in a whispered tone.
“Okay, okay.”  Sam mumbled something under his breath and the seemingly impenetrable adamant bars were wrenched open by the magical force.
“Now,” Anna said with an abbreviated sigh, “let’s get to Falador, or at least what’s left of it.”
“No problem,” Sam replied as he held up what was left of his runes, “I’ve got everything we need right here.”

Chapter 3 – The War Has Begun

Anna and Sam grinned at each other. Just as Sam was about to teleport Anna, someone grasped Sam and Anna’s shoulders tightly. Sam looked to the right, Anna to her left. An abyssal guard had caught them!
“Just where do you think you two are going?” asked the guard, in a teasing tone.
Sam had a worried look on his face. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT!
Sam and Anna had worried looks on their faces. That wasn’t the sound teleporting runes should make. The guard grinned.
“Ha! I see you’re trying to get to Falador, eh? Well, that kingdom is no more! It was overthrown by Zamorak a year ago!”
“Z-Zamorak? The God of Evil?” Asked Sam.
“Yes, and now, there is no more hope for anyone or anything! The Zamorakian worshipers and Zamorak have won! Unless you manage to find the teleport runes for Zamora, the official town of the Zamorakians! But only the most skilled wizards have been able to be successful!”
‘Zamora?’ Thought Sam, ‘Oh, come on! Was that the best an evil god could think of?’
“FIRE BLAST!” Sam called out. The guard was knocked out. Sam and Anna went down a large hallway and ended up a room full of weapons, armor, arrows, ranging equipment, wizard robes and armor, and runes! Tons and tons of runes! Sam looked at the tons and tons of runes, mystic robes, and Splitbark armor.
"Uh... Sam? Maybe now isn't the time to be drooling over magic things, because we have bigger problems!" Anna cried.
"Ugh, what could possibly be the-" Sam's sentence cut off as he saw what the matter was. Light was flashing on the wall of the dungeon. Sam and Anna knew that it meant bad news and they were the cause of it! Both of the frightened children hid under a table that had the runes on it.
"Guards... search out... find... all cost!" called out a man that sounded like a General. The echo in the hallway blocked Sam and Anna from hearing the whole sentence the General was saying.
"Yes, sir!" called out the troops.
The troops started heading into the armory room and searching everywhere from top to bottom to find the intruders that had escaped from their cages.
Sam made sure that none of the soldiers were looking and carefully snatched random runes from the table they were hiding under and then grabbed a book from the same table. Sam quickly flipped through the pages of parchment, hoping to find what they needed. Finally, Sam was at the last page of the book. On the last page he found the spell! But the problem was, it was a very advanced spell, and Sam was just a little less experienced! Sam thought fast. 'Maybe if I get a wizard mind bomb, I would be able to cast the Teleport for both of us!' Sam thought.
"Hurry Sam! I think they're coming closer!" Anna whispered to Sam.
"I would if I could find a wizard mind bomb I'd teleport both of us!" replied Sam.
"I think I saw one in the far back corner of the table! Come on!" said Anna in a whispered voice. Anna led Sam to the back of the table with all of the magic things on it and grabbed a wizard mind bomb.
"Great! Now we can-" Sam was interrupted by Anna.
"Great! But first can I please just grab that set of Verac's armor? Please?" pleaded Anna.
Sam sighed, "Sure, but after the guards leave,"
About five minutes after that, the guards left and Sam and Anna got out from under the table. Anna ran to the Barrows section and took every single set.
WOOSH! In a fast second, Sam and Anna were gone.

Chapter 4 – Hideout

Sam and Anna were surprised when they got to Zamora. It looked nothing like the Falador they knew. The old streets were gone and new ones were aligned, the old buildings were knocked down and replaced with huge, red brick buildings to honor Zamorak, and, of course, the statues of Saradomin were knocked down and burned and replaced with statues of Zamorak. The streets and buildings were covered in mist, and the city had a smell of blood. The streets were empty, and the path to the now Zamorakian castle was destroyed. A single goblin was scurrying around, like it was trying to hide from something. Sam and Anna exchanged puzzled looks. They followed the goblin out of town, and right into the goblin outpost just north of town. Just before Sam and Anna went onto the outpost grounds, they came across a pile of rubble and burnt ashes. Anna gasped. She realized that the pile of rubble used to be Doric’s house, but the Zamorakian Army must have destroyed it.
The outpost had become quiet when Sam and Anna stepped onto the grounds. Goblin faces were looking at Sam and Anna, as though they were criminals on the run.
“Stop two!” an ugly voice shouted. Ugly green goblins were everywhere, in battle ready positions. However, one goblin went up to them; probably the one that shouted at them.
“Me Gen’ral Wartface. What you humans doing here?” asked the ugly green creature.
“Well, actually, we saw one of your goblin citizens in the town of, well, Zamora, and he looked worried. We followed him here to see if you could give us some clues,” replied Anna.
“Yes. Me see. Me will talk with udder officials and we talk tomorrow. You sleep wit the guards in dungeon,” said General Wartface.
“Hey! Why you get to order kids round! Me better den you!” said a voice that had to be General Bentnoze, Sam and Anna thought.
“No you not!” General Wartface yelled back.
”I am!”
“If you so good spell Gen’ral! I can! J-E-N-U-R-U-L! Ha! Gen’ral!”
“No! Spelled J-E-N-R-U- L!”
Sam and Anna blocked out the fight and rolled their eyes. They snuck around the fight and went down the ladder.

Chapter 5 – Deep In The Forest…

Deep in the night there was heavy breathing in the goblin dungeon. The dungeon was as dirty as the Goblin kitchen, let alone the jail. Sam had woken up, a strange feeling lying in his head. Last night he had dreamed about Zamorak deep in the forest, waiting for him. He had two huge black dragons by his side, and was calling his name, ‘Sam, Sam, you die now, come, and you shall face my true power! I am your ruler now! You have lost! I HAVE won! Death will come upon you tonight, death will come upon you tonight, DEATH WILL come upon you tonight, DEATH WILL COME UPON YOU TONIGHT!’ the voice shouted in a whispering tone. Sam woke up sweating, he knew it was a call that he would have to fight two king black dragons, but when, and where?
He heard the voice again, and it said:

Deep in the forest you must go,
To find your worthy fight,
Past the lava and the snow,
By a place that has no light.

Sam shook Anna a little bit and she woke up. Sam had told her everything he heard, and both of them got prepared to face the worst.
Anna took all her barrows sets and Sam got his Splitbark armor. They both took Anti-Dragonfire shields. Sam led them into the dragons’ lair just outside the hellhound cave in the wilderness.
A shadow with flaming red eyes was beaming at Sam and Anna.
“Who are you and what do you want with us?” asked Anna.
“Oh, I don’t want anything,” said the voice, “They do!” The shadow disappeared, and a pair of King Black Dragons were bashing through the ruins in the lair and heading straight for Anna and Sam!
Sam had no time to dress in his Splitbark armor. He only took out his Anti-Dragonfire Shield and got ready to attack.
“FIRE WAVE!” Sam called out. A huge wave of fire came out of the air staff, and knocked one of the dragons stumbling backwards! Sam tried hard to focus better on the dragon, once he found out that dragons are immune to fire, the practically live with them, he used the weakness, water, which made it a lot better.
Meanwhile, Anna wasn’t having much luck either. She tried using every weapon she had, but nothing seemed to hurt the giant beast. She had an idea. Maybe, if she hit the dragon in its weak spot, it would take damage from melee attacks. She took out her set that Verac the Defiled wore and got ready to fire a bolt rack at the dragon. 1,2,3! She fired with all her might! The dragon took a blow, but jumped right up on its feet again. Anna repeated the steps over and over again, and then finally, she was on her last blow…
A loud bellowing came from Sam’s side of the lair. Sam had defeated his dragon! Blood was spread everywhere and a wide-eyed King Black Dragon was dead on the ground.
Anna had no more bolt racks left, and was helpless against the huge monster that was going to finish her off once and for all. Anna closed her eyes and got ready for the worst-
Another loud bellowing came from right in front of Anna. She peeked one eyelid open to see what just happened. The huge beast that was about to finish Anna off was lying dead on the floor. Sam had killed it!
“Sam!” Anna shouted and ran over to Sam and gave him a small hug, “Thanks,” she grinned.
“Any time,” Sam grinned so large that his smile cut across his face, “Any time,”

Chapter 6 – Who And What Are You?

Sam and Anna’s battle wasn’t over yet. In fact, it was just beginning. They had so many questions. Who or what was that? Was it Zamorak?
Mist started coming from the North. Sam and Anna heard footsteps coming somewhere from the entrance of the lair. A human shadow was floating through the mist. It looked like a shade with red glowing eyes.
“Muhahahahahaha. I am your worst nightmare, the shade of Zamorak!” the shade lifted his arms as if he was about to cast an incantation.
“Zhomanshyu, placteu Zamorona, jolunchano Algesia!” the shade shouted. All of a sudden a ball of mist was expanding around the shade, and it was imploding, then exploding, then imploding, then exploding a little bit larger. If that thing hit Sam and Anna they would both die!
The ball of mist was just an inch away from Sam and Anna, but out of nowhere, a voice called out, “Saradominia guyud getot!” and a ball of light forced the zamorakian shade falling backwards and vanishing. The light dimmed, but they couldn’t find who or what had saved their lives. That was one more question that had to be answered.
Sam teleported himself and Anna to Lumbridge, but apparently, it appeared to be unharmed. Sam and Anna had puzzled looks on their faces. That of which because the town of Lumbridge seemed unharmed and, well, it was painted a light blue. Sam and Anna walked over to the entrance of the castle, curiosity on their faces. As they walked up to the entrance a voice came out from above.
“Halt! Who goes there?” asked the guard. Sam and Anna bowed to the guard and called back up.
“Samuel Roald,”
“Annabel Niche,”
“Very well. But you must also state your business,” replied the guard, his voice stiffening, “Once you get in,”
The guard pulled a lever where he was standing and the huge gate to Lumbridge opened and Sam and Anna had their mouths wide open. They couldn’t believe what they saw.
A city of gold had the richest people walking around in bright blue armor, Monks with white and blue robes were following people around to heal them, Lumbridge was the richest town in RuneScape!
Sam and Anna walked around the town in amazement. Lumbridge castle was the most beautiful castle anyone would ever see! It was embroidered with gold amulets, cut onyx and dragonstone, and most of all, the whole castle was covered in gold!
Sam and Anna stepped through the doors of the castle and walked up the steps to find an enormous throne room with a huge blue and white throne in the far-back middle. The rug was blue in the middle, white lining, and had gold lining on the very edges. The benches were blue, the servants were blue and white, and, best of all, everyone was wearing an amulet of fury! If Sam and Anna stayed here, they would get rich! Then they noticed who was sitting on the throne. It was Saradomin himself! Anna almost fainted in amazement.
Sam and Anna each sat on a bench. Saradomin noticed them and called them to face him. They obeyed as told.
“And what might you two be doing here in the land of Lumbridge?” Saradomin had such a peaceful tone in his voice.
“We seek help and advice about your… enemy,” Sam whispered the last word because he didn’t want to say ‘Zamorak’ in front of Saradomin.
“Ah, I see. As I have foretold, these two are the heroes we have been waiting for! These two heroes will save the world from Zamorak and his followers!”
Everyone cheered and started having a feast in the Ballroom upstairs.
“Come,” said Saradomin, and he took Sam and Anna’s hand, “Let us feast!”
Saradomin led Sam and Anna into a huge Ballroom.
A few minutes into partying and the room suddenly became quiet. Saradomin had a smirk on his face he flew up into the air and became the shade that had tried to kill Sam and Anna before!
Cries and Screams came from the room as people tried to escape, but the shade started attacking everyone! Sam started attacking the shade, but it just kept attacking him. He figured that if everyone could escape, he wanted to help with it. The shot a Fire Wave at the shade and once it hit, both Sam and Anna disappeared.
Anna had her mouth wide open. She had to find out where the real Saradomin, Sam, and Shade went, and she knew just the person to help her.

Chapter 7 – The Secret Caves

Anna had plan, but it would require the help of… Goblins. Anna swiftly went through all of the mayhem that was going on in the third floor of the castle and ran right into the Lumbridge basement. She quickly took out her candle and tinderbox and lit her candle.
“Oh, I hope they aren’t gone,” Anna whispered to herself. Anna squeezed through a hole in the wall and entered a pitch-black cave.
“Oh!” she said excitedly as she ran over to a wide-eyed goblin.
“Anna?” asked a scratchy voice.
“Yes, it’s me, but we have to get to the goblin city quickly, it’s-“ Anna was cut off by the goblin.
“Yes, yes, follow me,”
The goblin led Anna through a series of caves into a huge goblin city.
“Thank-“ but the goblin was already gone.
Entering the city made Anna a little uneasy. It looked like it was unharmed.
A series a whispers such as “Look! A human!” or “What’s she doing?” was coming up upon the almost-silent crowd. Anna walked carefully down the path to the king goblin’s kingdom, looking at all the goblins shyly. A few very wide-eyed goblins eyes were teary and they looked very scared. People were exchanging whispers and nodding their heads. Anna carefully walked up to the king’s castle and was stopped by two huge goblins.
“Halt! State your business here human, or leave before we slaughter you,” said one of the guards.
“I come with news from the surface,” replied Anna.
“State your name,” said the other guard.
“Anna Niche,” replied Anna.
“Come in,” replied the first guard, smiling and bowing in the goblin form.
The huge wooden door opened, and Anna walked through. A blinding light came out of the door, and once the door closed, it was dark in the goblin city.

Chapter 8 – Where Are They?

“Attention! Men! I must have a council meeting to find out how to destroy evil forces, but, some of you will have to risk the fact that you don’t worship any gods! Half of you must convert to the side of Saradomin” a series of groans and moans filled the room as the king of the Doregshuun was speaking, “to free him from evil clutches,” finished the king. All of the goblin soldiers looked at each other. They had a small conversation and a while later half of the goblins agreed to convert to Saradomin.
“Good. I am holding a council meeting with our guest and the goblin alliance to see what we should do about destroying Zamorak,”  Anna disappeared behind the door leading into the council room.
The goblin teams each decided to split up on their giant frogs.
“Your Saradomin team search for Saradomin through the ancient portal. My team will search for Sam and that Shade,” the Saradomin goblin nodded in agreement.
“Well, we’re off!” Shouted the Saradomin goblin, and they hopped through the ancient portal to go find Saradomin.
“Men!” shouted the other goblin captain, “We ride!” and they hopped off going to the surface to search for Sam and the Shade.
Bounce! Bounce! The frogs were happily bouncing on the paths as they were making their way toward a strange looking wood.
“Men! Off the frogs!” shouted the captain. All of the soldiers jumped off of their frogs and looked them up tightly so they wouldn’t escape.
“Follow me,” ordered the captain. The captain led them into a forest that was filled with shouts and screams, “I can hear them,” The captain took out his compass and it pointed north.
“Perfect. They make us go smack in the middle of the forest to free Saradomin,” the goblin let out a sigh, “Oh, well…”
“This is your end, Saradomin! Your end!” shouted a voice. A huge cauldron of fire laid under Saradomin. He was hanging on a large plank.
“You… wont… get away… with… this….” Said Saradomin as he was moaning in pain.
“ATTACK!” shouted the goblin captain as he flew his sword up in the air. His whole team charged into battle as they started at the evil man that was torturing Saradomin, fear in their eyes.
Although the troops were a little afraid of the man, the captain was completely confident that he could stop this enemy, but first he would have to make a distraction to get Saradomin out of here. The captain whispered something to his second in command. The goblin nodded and ran for the darkest part of the woods.
“Hey you! Yeah you! You couldn’t kill a gnat if you tried!” taunted the goblin. Aggravated, the man started running for the goblin, dragon dagger in hand.
Good, thought the goblin captain. Now he could get Saradomin off of the plank.
A few minutes later the captain finally got Saradomin off of the plank and told his troops to retreat.
“Hey! Get back here!” shouted the man. The goblins wouldn’t listen. They disappeared in the forest.
“So… why are you goblins saving me?” asked Saradomin, “I thought goblins didn’t worship gods.” The captain, whom Saradomin was talking to, grumbled under his breath.
“We don’t…” answered the captain from the side of his mouth.
“Then… why did you save me?” asked Saradomin, puzzled.
“It’s a long story,” replied the goblin.
“Okay then… do you mind if I tell you how such a strong god got into this mess?” asked Saradomin.
“Yes, I need a good tale right ‘bout now,” replied the goblin.
“Okay, then. Here goes… Once I was roaming the Lumbridge castle courtyard minding my own business, when all of a sudden I saw a shadow swiftly moving from bush to bush out of the corner of my eye. I went over to where I last saw it to get a closer look, when, all of a sudden a figure jumped out at me, casting a weird incantation, hands out, before I knew it, I was hung up on a wooden plank in the woods, and I tried to use my powers, but it was no use! I was trying to keep my pain in, but it was too much. I opened my eyes and saw that the man you were fighting… was Zamorak…. A magical dragon that is now extinct weakened him long ago. He was trying to transfer my powers into him so he could invade all the other unclaimed towns past the western gate. Even without his powers, he is succeeding, but he wants it quicker, so we must be on the lookout for him,” said Saradomin.
“Yes, yes… I see… yes… I must report this to King Gormen when we go underground….” Replied the captain.

Chapter 9 – The Plan

The door slammed shut behind Anna and King Gormen. A huge council room lay in front of them, with huge seats for the council members. Some were tall, some were short, some were fat, some were thin, but they were all Duregshuun.
King Gormen clapped his hands and the meeting was in order. King, Anna and the rest of the council got in their seats.
“We are here to discuss the mishap of what is happening up at the surface. Anna? Care for any comments?” asked King Gormen.
“No, not really….” replied Anna.
“Well then, we must discuss what we must do to stop this---“ Anna cut off King Gormen.
“Actually, I was just here to warn everyone… no offense, but I don’t really need your help…”
“Oh… well, then, in that case…” replied King Gormen.
A door opened up in the conference room and Saradomin and Sam and the goblin teams walked in to the room.
“Ah… where’s the Shade?” asked King Gormen brightly.
“In jail… for now….” Replied one of the goblin captains.
“Yes…” replied King Gormen sadly.
"Sir!" shouted the Saradomin captain loudly, "My team and the other search party met up at the Lumbridge front gate,"
"Yes... Okay... Anna... you may leave with Saradomin as you wish," said King,
"Here, thank you for finding my friends," as Anna gave King 10,000 gold coins.
"You are welcome..." said King.

Chapter 10 – Guthan Rickety

“So… what exactly did you and the goblins talk about?” asked Sam as him and Anna came out of the cavern.
“Nothing, really.” Replied Anna with a sigh.
“Well then…” said Sam as they climbed up the stairs to the first floor of the castle, “Let’s get out of this city before anything else goes wrong,”
“And I must come with you,” said an old voice.
“Saradomin?” Sam and Anna chorused together.
“Yes. After all, you wouldn’t survive a minute without me. Zamorakian spies are everywhere,” said Saradomin.
“Okay… you can come with us, but we heard you were cut off from your powers. Are you at full strength again?” asked Sam.
“Mostly,” replied Saradomin.
“I heard that there is a city of dwarves by Varrock. Maybe they can help us by giving us pickaxes so Saradomin can mine Sam and himself a set of powerful steel armor. I also have an old friend who can help us defeat Zamorak,” said Anna.
“A very good idea, young lady. After all, I am a master miner and smither,” replied Saradomin.
“Well then, let’s go to Varrock!” exclaimed Sam.
When they got to Varrock, they almost lost their breath. They saw the unexpected.
“Ah, I sense Guthix is King now, for nothing is unchanged....” said Saradomin.
In front of them lay Varrock and it looked as if it was not touched by the war.
“Hey… if Varrock is unchanged, then maybe my mom and dad are still here!” exclaimed Sam, “You two can go and start finding the dwarves and I’m going to go see if my mom and dad still live here,”
“Sam, wait!” cried out Anna, “There could be thugs in the streets!” But Sam had already disappeared in the alleyway, taking his chances.
“Should we get him?” asked Anna.
“No,” replied Saradomin, “I sense no danger here,”
“Oh, my!” said Anna, “But, how did you know?”
“I know these things,” replied Saradomin.
They started walking toward the location of the dwarf palace when Sam came jumping out of an alleyway, scaring Anna.
“AAHH!” cried out Anna.
“Sorry, sorry,” said Sam, “Come! There is something I must show down here!” Sam led Saradomin and Anna down a narrow alleyway that looked normal. The rune shop and Sam’s house was there, too, “It’s a miracle!” Sam exclaimed.
“Well, what did you expect?” said Anna, not expecting this either, “If the rest of the city was fine, then don’t you think your house and the shop would also be fine?”
“Well yes… but still…” Sam trailed off for a moment, “I think I’m going to stay here for a while and catch up on what is going on in this city,”
Saradomin had a kind smile on his face, “Okay,” said Saradomin, and Anna and Saradomin left the alleyway.
“Well, what now?” asked Anna.
“To the dwarves!” cried out Saradomin.
He started lifting himself and Anna up into the air until they were about ten feet off the ground.
“Why are we flying?” asked a worried Anna.
“Well, for one thing…” replied Saradomin, “It’s much easier than walking!”
Anna was still unsure of this. Before she could say anything, the whole city of Varrock was a blur, but Anna could just make out a cave entrance in the distance.
“There’s the dwarf cave!” cried out Anna.
“Yes, yes… I see it also,” said Saradomin as he descended.
At last! Solid ground! Thought Anna.
“Come on, let’s go,” said Saradomin.
Walking into the cave was like walking into the Mort Myre Swamp. It smelled like swamp acid. A little further down the cavern was a whole city of dwarves, just like the mines that was under the Ice Mountain.
“Can I help you two?” asked a brown-bearded dwarf.
“Actually, we were wondering if you could help us defeat--- Hey! Wait a second! I know your face anywhere! Guthan!” Anna Exclaimed.
“You bet it’s me,” grinned Guthan.
“What do you want you thief!” said Anna.
“Actually, I tend to work alone, but I want revenge on Zaros for taking over the dwarf mines as well as Falador. And I know that you and Saradomin can help me,” explained the dwarf.
“But, if what you are saying is true, we must agree never to work together again unless we must,” said Anna.
“Deal,” said Guthan.
“Maybe I could speak to King Alvis and his dwarf army could help us defeat Zamorak and Zaros,” said Saradomin.
“A very good idea,” said Guthan.
“Maybe you should go now. After all, maybe the king is in a good mood right now,” said Guthan.
“Good idea, I should get right to it,” and Saradomin was off to the king.
“We are going to get Sam,” said out Anna.
Saradomin said something, but was already too far off to hear what.

Chapter 11 – Direct Attack!

All of a sudden everything stopped. Guthan and Anna were knocked off their feet. WHAM! It was an earthquake! Or that was what Anna thought. Yelling could be heard outside. The slashing of swords was heard at the beginning of the cavern.
"Anna! Follow me! There's a place in the wall where we can hide!" Guthan swiftly led Anna through a series of rather large tunnels to what look like a mere crack in the wall, "Stand back," he said. A pink ring was forming around each of Guthan's hands and he started lifting off the ground. Dwarf powers. Typical. A power so strong that not even the most powerful wizards could master. Only the dwarves could use the power because their ancient ancestors had discovered the power over 60,000 years ago.
The ring around Guthan's hand had gotten brighter and he was about 3 feet off the ground now. Guthan mumbled something under his breath and the crack blew open, leading to a little cave. Guthan landed on the ground.
"In, in!" said Guthan. Once both him and Anna were in, rings were forming on Guthan's hands again, but this time they weren't pink, they were blue. More dwarf magic discovered over 60,000 years ago. Strength magic. Guthan squeezed the crack shut and leaned against the wall.
"Well, what now?" asked Anna.
"Well, I have been saving some weapons I found around the cave, like some poisoned daggers and what not, but I fear the enemy will be stronger than that," said Guthan. He walked over to a lamp and lit it with a candle.
"Well, I have my own armor and weapons, and maybe you can use your dwarf magic,"
"The magic that I just did out there was not combat magic, but defensive magic! Offensive magic is too powerful, even for the most experienced dwarf mages,"
"Try it,"
"Just try it!" said Anna, now irritated.
"Fine," said Guthan, "But if my head blows off I'm gonna sue,"
"If your head blows off you won't be able to sue," mumbled Anna under her breath.
"Put your stuff on. We're going out," said Guthan as he blasted the crack open once more.
The cavern was quiet. Too quiet. Guthan could tell by instinct that it was the shadow army. They made their personal attacks by traveling through walls. Cowards.
Guthan's eyes widened.
"Anna, watch out!" he cried.
Anna looked behind her and ducked. A shade flew out from the wall, then they all did. Guthan and Anna were surrounded by at least five shadow armies.
"How many shadows do you think there are?" asked Anna.
Casually, Guthan looked around, then calmly said, "Oh, I don't know, two, maybe three thousand..." Guthan trailed off, "RUN!" he shouted. Green rings started forming around Guthan's hands hand. He smirked and said, "Combat magic," He thrust his hand right into one shadow's face, and the whole cavern blew up with a green light. Guthan was having a great time. He kicked, he punched, but that wasn't good enough. In about one hour, he destroyed most of the shadows, but at least 100 shadows were left, and they knew what they had to do. They started forming together and formed one huge shadow.
"G-Guthan," stuttered Anna, "Now would be a good time to put the magic on full blast,"
"Right," he said. Now on his hands was something never used before. The most powerful dwarf magic. Red rings. The rings strode up his arms and formed a red ball around his whole body, "Die!" he shouted, and a huge red explosion lit the whole cavern with a red light. The shadows started using some magic of their own. Their eyes lit up and a huge shadow shield protected most of them from the attack. Guthan let out a sigh of relief and fell to the floor, and just then, Saradomin and King Alvis ran into the room.
Saradomin look like he had--- anger his eyes.
“Saradominia guyud getot!” he shouted, and the whole cavern started rumbling, while a huge wave of blue air shot out from his body.
"We have to get out of here!" shouted King Alvis as he ran up to Saradomin, Guthan, and Anna, "The city is caving in!"
Saradomin got up and followed King, Guthan, and Anna out of the cave, just as Saradomin slid out, the hole in the ground caved in, but that wasn't all.
Rising out of the ground was a staff of some sort, a yellow glow was surrounding the staff as a kind of outline.
The staff starting lowering, and the glow started fading. A red staff with a white orb shown. The Staff Of Eternity.

Chapter 12 – The Staff Of Eternity, Pt. 1

Anna just stood there, wide-eyed, at the sight they laid in front of her. It was the Staff Of Eternity. The holiest staff of all time.
“We have to get this out of plain sight. Now.” Saradomin said.
“What is it?” Anna asked.
“Well, we can’t just leave the holiest staff just lying around in the open now, can we?”
“Well, no…”
“Exactly, so lets go to the place i hoped I would never hope to set foot again."
"'Zamora?', Oh, wait, you've never set foot in there..."
"Nope, I haven't... Gielinor." Just the very name of it gave Saradomin a furrowed brow.
"But why Gielinor? Why not Keldagrim?" asked Anna.
"Because you know how dwarves are." he motioned his head toward Guthan.
"Oh, right..." said Anna.
"Besides," said Saradomin, "I have a bad history with a special someone."
What Saradomin meant was that he had a bad history with his fellow Mahjarrat, including Zamorak, of course. It was also good that it wasn't recorded in history. Saradomin did what he never wanted to do that day: Fight and kill, which is why he left Gielinor, hopefully, never to return. It was also the start of the Third-Age God Wars.
"I'm going to have to do something I hoped I would never do again,” said Saradomin, as He grabbed Anna's hand, "To Gielinor!"
"But why would you want to go to Gielinor? Why not someplace like Lumbridge, your Earth Kingdom?" asked Anna.
"It's too dangerous. Zamorak and his army could barge in and kill me at any minute. The safest place is on Gielinor. Where Guthix can protect both of us."
"But first, we have to get Sam." said Anna.
"Of course, go get him." said Saradomin.
"What about us?" asked King Alvis.
"I have a friend in Lumbridge who will take care of you while we are gone." said Saradomin.
"What's his name?"
"The Lumbridge guide." replied Saradomin.
King Alvis and Guthan started getting annoyed.
"Well then, Sam, Anna, and I are off to Gielinor. See you guys later!" said Saradomin.
Saradomin disappeared into the alleyway, and the ground started rumbling.
"In the name of Gielinor," said Saraodmin, "Release this world, and let the time of Surang, Anuman, and Saradomin stay back, in GIELINOR!"
and with that, Saradomin let out a huge white sphere, and just like that, they had traveled back in time....

Chapter 13 – Iban's Return

Saradomin, Anna, and Sam were then sucked into a white vortex, and Guthan and King Alvis blurred out. Sam and Anna felt like they were being sqeezed through a small pipe, when they started to see red, somewhat like the abyss. Sam didn't feel so good.
This must be before Guthix made Gielinor a wonderful land, thought Sam.
"Well," said Saradomin, his voice hesitant, "Who- Who said that time travel - didn't hurt. I got us back to the second I stepped through time, to the near future, with you two...."
"Uhh... what's that supposed to mean?" asked Anna.
"Never mind..." said Saradomin, "Just follow me...." Saradomin trailed off as he started for the little pile of rubble about 10 yards away from him (about 8 meters or so).
"I'm coming!" said Sam as he leapt up to his feet and sprinted towards Saradomin and Anna.
It was stormy that day, and that was also why Saradomin's voice was hesitant; as far as Saradomin could remember, it wasn't stormy when Saradomin went through time, and he didn't go through with Sam and Anna.
"S-Saradomin?" asked Sam, "Are you okay?"
"Err... yes, just follow me." In Saradomin's right hand he held a poisonous dragon dagger. The dagger that he took through time that he managed to steal from Iban, during the god wars
"GIVE THAT BACK!" said a voice.
"Uh-oh..." said Saradomin, "Iban's dagger! What's it doing in my-"
Before Saradomin could finish his sentence, Iban shot a telekinetic grab spell and got his dagger back.
"Brilliant," said Anna and Sam as they fastened their ancient enchanted Barrows robes tighter, and felt the power coursing through their veins from it.
"Telekinetic power - Dagger of Iban!" a huge blast of purple light sent Iban's dagger to Sam's hand, "Here! Take it! Go fight! I'll fight from here..." he handed the dagger to Saradomin.
Iban started laughing under his breath, then he started getting louder, "Blast of Iban!" and a huge black sphere shot out from the staff, freezing Anna, Sam, and Saradomin while pushing them back. Saradomin looked like he was losing stamina, and fast.
"NOOOOOOOOO!!!" cried Anna, coughing.
"No! You can't die!" he then cast a life spell on Anna, forcing her into the air, little orange sparks came from the staff and Anna. Anna sighed as she fell to the ground, but Sam knew she was alive.
"STOP!" cried out a deep voice, and the ground rumbled.
Sam started to get down on one knee, and then threw a quick blast of fire at Iban, which just missed.
"G-Guthix..." said Saradomin, his voice, yet again, hesitant.
"Iban! Many times have I told you to be gone from Gielinor, why have you returned once again?" asked Guthix, his little hairs floating in the light breeze that was on this barren planet.
"Because I don't have to listen to you; I worship my father, Zamorak, of course!" Iban shouted.
"He isn't your father, Iban. Face it... you're an orphan... or at least you are for now..."
"I'll show you! Give me my dagger!" yet again Iban cast telekinetic grab, but this time, he didn't just steal the dagger, he stole a red air battlestaff, "I'll show you all!" And with that, Iban disappeared into a white vortex, leaving Saradomin, Sam, and Anna behind, on this barren planet. The only good thing was, they had Guthix.

Chapter 14 – The Kalphite Queen

Iban poked his head through the vortex “Oh, yes. I left you a little surprise.”
The ground started rumbling, and something was digging its way out of the ground. The then even-coated dead ground was now covered with rubble.
“IBAN! What have you done?!” demanded Guthix.
“Oh, just in time. Too.” Iban pulled his head through the portal, while Guthix was about to grab Iban’s head. The vortex closed.
“Well, at least we’re armed.” Said Sam. Saradomin gave him a serious look. A huge beetle was emerging from the ground, and its legs were covered in hair.
“Not even I knew that there were Kalphite Queens here.” Said Guthix. “Well, looks like we’ll have to-“
The Kalphite Queen cut off Guthix. She swung her leg at him, and was knocked to the floor.
“Guthix!” Saradomin ran over to Guthix to lift him up, “You must make Gielinor a wonderful, beautiful place now! This thing is going to kill us!”
“Very well,” Guthix ran over to a pile of Charcoal, and put his hands in a raised position, like he was holding something, “In the name of all that is plentiful, beautiful, everlasting, make this world green and blue, make waters, lakes, oceans, mountains, caves, animals, plants, and flowers! Call this new land RuneScape, after the landscape of pure Rune Essence I found in this land! However, the everlasting name will be GIELINOR! I will sacrifice my life to make a new life on this land!” And with that, Guthix started turning a light green, and was spinning into the ground while dirt was spewing up everywhere. The Kalphite Queen was getting pushed back by the wind, and so were Saradomin, Sam, and Anna. The Kalphite queen let on a forceful fight, and then was swept away by the wind. Anna was trying to hold back tears, but she was losing that fight.
“Why are you crying?” asked Sam as loud as he could; the wind was loud.
“It’s just… I hate to see Guthix leave this place so soon, I barely ever knew him.” Replied Anna.
“Me, too, but it’s for the best.”
Anna replied with a nod, but she just couldn’t hold back the tears.
“Hold on tight, guys. We’re going for a ride!” Saradomin called to Sam and Anna.
“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!” Sam and Anna screamed together. The threesome was blown away by the wind.
Saradomin was sleeping comfortably on the – grass - when suddenly Sam woke him up.
“Saradomin! Saradomin! Look! Guthix did it!” Saradomin opened his eyes and looked around him. Guthix did it. All around him were lush green trees, oak, maple, and yew trees. The grass was the greenest he’d ever seen. A rabbit hopped up to him and looked right into his eye. Saradomin smiled and the rabbit hopped away.
“Saradomin! I have a plan!” Anna ran up to him, “Okay, Sam and I talked it over and we said that Iban took The Staff Of Eternity that was from the future. So maybe we can find the one from the past.”
“Oh, yes.” Said Saradomin, “There’s something I must tell you. The Staff Of Eternity… is made from… Guthix’s body….”
“Oh, well, that could come in handy. We have to find it.” Said Sam.
“I think I know where it is. Follow me.” Saradomin led Anna through a shady forest full of lush apple trees and huge maples. Wherever they went, they saw deer picking at the flowers, and eventually a rabbit eating the plants.
Finally, Saradomin led Sam and Anna through some bushes that led to a wide opening.
“It’s down there” Saradomin said. It was a beautiful rural area, surrounded with evergreens. In the deepest part of the landscape was a small shack. Saradomin led Sam and Anna to the shack and through the door.
The shack was full of crates and magic supplies. Runes littered the floor.
“In here,” Saradomin said as he opened a trapdoor. The three went down and finally stepped on the cobblestone floor.
“This place is empty; are you sure The Staff Of Eternity is in here?” asked Sam.
“Oh, yes.” Said Saradomin. He led Sam and Anna to a small safe locked with chains. Saradomin used his ancient powers. His right index ringer turned blue. He touched the safe, and the locks opened. Saradomin opened the safe door, and then smiled.

Chapter 15 – The Staff Of Eternity, Pt. 2

That smile didn’t last for long. For when Saradomin turned around he wasn’t happy at him. Pointing him right in the nose was an arrow with a tip of steel. Saradomin was really worried because there was poison at the end of the arrow.
“Iban!” Anna shouted out loud, “How did you get back here so soon?”
“Young child, someday you will find out how time travel works, but for now, I shall not tell you… for it will waste time and you could use it to your advantage!” Iban called aloud.
“Stop!” called out a voice at the other end of the underground room. A shadow emerged from a corner of the basement, the figure wielding a bow, “I come from a great palace called Yewland, just outside of the Blackwood Forest, a place where huge trees tower above all other things, where my own powerful blackwood bow and arrows, Iban, do not even think about shooting that arrow!”
Iban held back the shot and settled his bow. “And what do you want, Bolt?” he asked.
“I wanted to tell you…” Bolt said as he took a steel Blackwood bow out of his quiver, “to back off!” As soon as he said that, he pulled back his bow and shot the arrow.
It was no ordinary arrow! As soon as Bolt pulled back the bow and the arrow shot out in a blur. One second on the bow, the next second in Iban’s chest, who was lying on the floor, but he wasn’t the only one on the floor. Next to him was the sacred Saradomin lying in agony on the floor.
“Aaagh! It hurts! Bolt, my friend, please help me!” Saradomin cried out.
“No! My friend!” said Bolt as he ran over to help his white-haired friend up.
“Maybe…” said Sam as he held his chin, “Just maybe I can use an anti-poison spell, but the odds of it working, with my magic skill, is 1 to 1,000.”
“You shouldn’t even try it.” Said Anna, “It would be easier to find the proper herbs we need for an anti-poison potion.”
“Yes; I know the best place to find these herbs, since I come from the city in the treetops.”
Saradomin moaned in agony as the foursome trudged along in the bright forest, but they weren’t fast enough. They had to stop at Mos Lade De Dem, the lake of the Demifish.
“H-help… me…” Saradomin stuttered.
“Quick! We have to-“ Anna was cut off my Bolt.
“No, Anna… It is… too late for our friend….” Bolt said sadly.
“No! This can’t be happening!” Sam shouted as he ran over to Saradomin, “A God like this shouldn’t have to suffer!”
Tears started rolling down Anna’s cheeks.
“There’s… no way we can save him…” said Anna.
Bolt put his hand on Anna.
“Yes, yes. I know. A God does not deserve this.”
“H-“ that was all Saradomin could say before he breathed his last breath.
“No!” Sam cried out, “If only we could change time somehow!”
Bolt and Anna rolled their eyes.
“Oh, yes. If only we could. But that would be impossible. It’s too bad I have The Staff Of Eternity right here, but it’s no help to us.” Bolt said.
“Oh, yes. Heh, heh,” said Sam, embarrassed.
“Everyone, put your hands on the staff.” Bolt said. Sam and Anna did as they were told so, and held on tight, “Please, Guthix! A follower of Saradomin I am! But at this time, I require your assistance, for the great Saradomin has fallen before us!”
A white, swirling vortex was going around the white orb. It gradually got bigger when, at last, a huge blast of white light came from the orb. It lit up the whole forest, and more. When the light faded though, Saradomin still lay unconscious on the ground.
“No!” shouted Sam. Saradomin was unconscious, probably dead.

Chapter 16 – Battle of the Otherworldly

“Not just yet.” Said a snaky voice. A gray vortex started emerging from thin air. Bigger and bigger it spun, until finally about 3 yards high and 3 yards wide. A dark ball of light seemed to coming through the vortex, by now what looked like a tunnel. The vortex was starting to expand and disappear as though it was fading away, when all of a sudden a dark figure with what looked like a scythe emerged while the vortex expanded slightly horizontally and faded before the two kids’ very eyes.
Anna’s mouth was trembling at the sight before her. A hooded figure was levitating about half and inch of the ground, a scythe in his left hand.
“The-the-the G-“
“Yes, little girl. It is I, the one, the only…” He rose up, looking as if he was stretching himself out, “GRIM REAPER!” As he slammed his scythe onto the ground, the ground started to shake, and a crack formed in the ground, fire starting to heat up.
“Your friend, Saradomin, is not dead, I will finish the job,’’ said the Grim Reaper. As he lifted his scythe, his completely white face gleaming in the enchanted metal.
“I won’t let you take my friend without a fight!” shouted Sam. As he drew his Lava Staff from his robes, something unusual was happening, which from several Medieval Scientists studies, shouldn’t happen unless around the most powerful dark magic, which in this case was the Grim Reaper. The staff started to vibrate in Sam’s hand. Scared to death, Sam dropped it, which only made things worse. It rolled down into the fiery crevice.
Zamorak quickly fired a ball of earth at Sam.  
‘The only way to save him will be to teleport him.  Ardougne he must go.’  Saradomin quickly extended his hand.  Although he was out of energy, he was still conscious.  Sam shrinked instantaneously and disappeared, narrowly avoiding death.  Distracted, Saradomin was not aware of what was about to happen.
“Saradomin, your soul is MINE,” as the Grim Reaper was about to behead Saradomin.
"Oh, Grim.  When will you ever learn?"  Saradomin put his hand on the scythe and flicked it out the scythe.  His body now had wrinkles on them and he looked weak.  As he struggled to get up, he shot a small spell at the reaper, and he flinched from it.
"No! It has been my life work to reap a mortal god!  And now I'll do it with my bare hands if I have to!"  The Reaper suddenly changed color, from black to a bloody red.  He casted out Ancient Magik Spells left and right, and knew that he only needed a couple to knock out Saradomin.  Saradomin stood there with his hands tooogether, and his fingertips pointing at the sky.  What was he doing?
A yellow aura started emanating from Saradomin.  He was being levitated off the ground when suddenly the God of Peace said quickly, "Anna, take cover."
Not knowing why, she automatically cut down some Yew Trees by her for a makeshift barricade for whatever was about to happen.
Eventually, Saradomin's aura was so big and so bright, that Saradomin himself looked like a tiny black speck in the sky, making it harder for the Reaper to cast his spells successfully.  It was as if fifty thousand grenades went off at once.  A large explosion rocked RuneScape.
"Anna!" Saradomin cried as he hit the ground on impact, "I am suffering... the small scorpion of the future Ape Atoll has severely poisoned me... please... help.  Although my mortal body will perish, my soul shall be... immortal.  Good---"
Saradomin lost his mortal strength and landed on the ground.  Anna wanted revenge.  Revenge for killing her amazing friend.

Chapter 17 – The Staff Of Eternity, Pt. 3

It was time. Time to make the Staff of Eternity to fulfill its prophecy, confirm its legend, to be able to control time, and use unbelievable powers.
“Arcrythos!” Anna called out, and the staff shot out a pink beam of light right at the Grim Reaper’s chest.
Even the Grim Reaper couldn’t avoid that. He jumped over to side, but not quick enough. The powerful light magic hit his leg and burst into small bits.
“Agh!” he cried as he lay, suffering, on the floor.
Anna walked up to the hooded figure, placing the small shining orb right over his head, “Arcrythos,” was the last word the Grim Reaper would ever hear. But there was unfinished business to be done, in the future.
“I really hope this works,” said Anna, as she recited an incantation that Saradomin had taught her on their trek through the woods, “Erasixe Hutonan Huguina Saradonig Killiofe!” As she faded into the vortex, Bolt suddenly appeared from the woods.
“Anna, no!” he cried.

Knights. Blood. Nothing but a child’s worst fears. Zamorak was everywhere. On the walls and on the armor.
“No! What happened?” cried Anna as she ran into a small intact cottage. Two chairs were resting on the ground, with a small circular table in the middle of the kitchen. The sink was right under a closed window, and several cupboards lined the top part of the wall. She then walked into what looked like the bedroom. Inside, the bed was scruffy, as if someone had just gotten out of it, and a small night table was knocked over, lying in a corner. Anna picked up the night table and made the bed. She looked to her left and saw an open closet, which, in it, was a traveling cloak. Anna flung it over her body, and hid the staff away. As she walked outside, she saw at least 2 legions of knights marching around the desert. They were obviously guarding something. The skies were gray. She made a dash for it. Running, running like never before, the guards not caring what she was doing, until she finally saw the walls of Lumbridge.
“What’s going on here?” Anna asked as she stepped onto the outskirts of the city. CRUNCH! She stepped on a white piece of parchment on the ground. The numbers read ’26 90 78 56 124’. Anna put the parchment away.
“You!” a guard called out as he walked out from the guards’ base, “you must not be here,”
Anna made a dash for it. She ran. Right into the enemy’s trap. All of a sudden arrows were shot at her head. She didn’t want to blow cover, but she knew she’d have to.
“Armande Yitene!” Anna called out, and as she drew the staff, yet again, from her robes, all of the surrounding guards were blown of their feet, and Anna quickly darted for the Lumbridge Gate.
“Anna!” called out a familiar voice. Anna looked up. It was Iban and Zamorak. Together in one place? To some, it would seem impossible, but what Anna was looking at was true.
“You have defied me enough, young girl!” Zamorak cried, “Now, your staff and the one Iban took for me in the past will BE MINE!” Zamorak took off his traveling cloak and jumped down to the bottom of the wall. He raised the young staff high, and muttered one word. “Begone.” Suddenly, the whole town exploded in light. Guards and civilians were rushing from house to house, but there was no escape.
“Arcrythos!” Anna cried out, and she blocked the light with her own light power source. But the battle wasn’t over yet. Not until Zamorak’s bells rang.

Chapter 18 - Sweet Revenge

Sam immediately woke up in a large market.  Random shouts were being issued at people as they were buying and selling goods for a living.  In the midst of all this, Sam was trying to figure out what to do, and where to go.  Moments ago, he was at the knees of the Grim Reaper.  Now he had a sense of security.  As he looked at the houses surrounding he noticed that they looked similar to those of Ardougne.  He started walking westward, the crowd dying down the further west he went.  Soon, he knew where he was: Ardougne.
Sam stopped in his tracks and headed for the wizard's building, but when he got there, it wasn't who he expected.  A young man with a teacher's wand was teaching a class or six-year-old children about magic.  Sam sneaked past the children and went to the teacher.
"Excuse me," Sam said.
"Who invited you here?" the strict man said, "but I am teaching a class right now.  Would you mind telling me who you are?"
"All you need to know, mister, is that my name is Sam, and i require the help of a good wizard." Sam replied in a shrill tone.
"Well," the man replied, "I am the Wizard Trudence, the last remaining good wizard, and I am passing on my legacy to the good children of RuneScape."
"Could I have five minutes of your-"
"No!" Trudence cut Sam off, "I do not wish to partake in a stranger's problems.  Now leave before I call the authorities!"
Sam walked out of the Magic Schoolhouse with his head down.  "Good wizard my :wub:"

This was Anna's last chance to kill the one person she despised more than Iban: Zamorak.
"Saradonic Mytheum Tugetha!" Anna cried.  The darkness that had covered the castle vanished, and anna could see her shadow once more.
'I've got an idea!' Anna thought as she looked at the high tower, above the bank, in Lumbridge, 'If I get to that high tower, maybe the staff can magnify the sun's rays, at least vanishing Iban!'
"What are you looking at?" Zamorak shouted as his staff shot a blue ray against Anna, knocking her to the ground.  Aware of what was happening, Anna scrambled to get up and leveitated herself as fast as she could towards the Lumbridge tower.  She held her staff high, as the sun was magnified one-hundred times.
Light Shone through the orb as if it were two feet away from the sun.  Immediately, Zamorak flinched at the sight of light.
"No!" he hissed.  He stored the staff away in his large pocket and disintegrated into a puddle of shadow on the ground, but the mortal form of Iban remained.  He started sweating like crazy, and them pulled out his poisoned dragon dagger and chucked it point-first at Anna.  Anna dodged the shot by an inch, but something even worse happened.  She lost her balance on the tower, and Iban was no longer burned.  With that, he took out one of Verac's flails, and headed for the tower.  Although Anna clutched the staff as tightly as she could she fell five feet and landed on her feet.
"Ah!" Anna said as she winced at the pain of falling.  As Iban drew closer, Anna grew more worried.
"Your life ends NOW!" Iban flung the iron ball straight for Anna, and dodged the blow just in time.
"Arcrythos!" A large hole opened up under Iban, and he fell into the crater.  As he was unconscious, Anna knew that Iban's time to die was coming close.  She went up to the hole where Iban and his soul lay, and cast the final blow.
"Saradonia Guthanix Zamorakih Smitten Hulanday Zarosy Helfot!"  The magical spell used to kill godly beings had destroyed yet another: Iban.  The body itself was unharmed, including the flail, which Anna took for her own.  Knowing that Zamorak was near, she carved the symbol of Saradomin into the ground, for all to see.
"That foolish fool will pay for bring peace into MY world of evil.  She will not interfere with my plans, and with my Staff of Eternity, she will regret following the boy out of their cells."  Zamorak disappeared further into the shadows of the abandoned cottage in the middle of the desert.
"The girl has been here." Zamorak observed, "My other cloak is gone."


2 Chapters and counting! Need Some posts!

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Wow! You clearly put a lot of time and effort into this epic of a Runescape story, but not one person posted? Such injustice! I'll have to take matters into my own hands...

This is a very good story, especially chapters 1-12 or somewhere around there, because later in the story all the time travel and other plot twists make it very difficult to follow, with each part working by itself, but not working coherently as a unit. Also, you chronically don't introduce characters throughout the story, for example, I, as the reader, still don't know ANYTHING about Anna, and only a few meager facts about Sam. Another issue is that you make all of the gods seem very weak, apart from Guthan and Zamorak. Saradomin, on the other hand, appears to have the strength and intelligence of a level 3.

But, to your credit, this book is easy and fun to read, epic, and has lots and lots of action, with ever changing situations and alliances. Don't give up!
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actually, this is a book reposted because of not enough posts. I started my book in july 2007, when Emanick was still a regular on the forums.  


Saradomin, on the other hand, appears to have the strength and intelligence of a level 3.

im not quite sur4e waht you mean by this...

I will characterize, Sam and Anna fr you in Chapters 1 and 2; i think that's what you're asking.
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Posted 19 April 2009 - 09:48 PM

I noticed your characterisation addition in the first chapter, but I'm sorry that I wasn't more clear originally, but it would really be great to know how Sam knows Anna, what they think about each other, etc.

I've compiled a list of when I feel Saradomin got the short, noobish end of the godly stick:
1 He gets ambushed in Lumbridge in some bushes, and gets instantly pwned.
2 He's constantly running away, even though he should just be able to kick whoever he is currently running from's cabbage.
3 He almost dies from poison, even though it's only in him for a minute or two
4 The only time he helps in any real way is when he grabs Anna and starts flying.

But still, this is an awesome work, I'm only being such a sharp critic because you're a good writer. Great job!

PS Yay! 250 posts!
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Posted 22 April 2009 - 05:40 AM

the reason im making saradomin mortal in my story is because i wouldnt have a story if saradomin just pwned evevryone :-P
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If the New York Yankees won the World Series, why do Red Sox fans insist that they suck?

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Posted 22 April 2009 - 09:51 PM

I realize the need for his mortality, but it seems like any human in your book could kick his butt.
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Posted 23 April 2009 - 07:29 PM

but they dont... i will reveal the REAL way Saradomin was struggling when i finish chapter 16 shortly... yes, it wasnt Iban :wub:
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If the New York Yankees won the World Series, why do Red Sox fans insist that they suck?

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