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Corrupt Pures 80+ stat 1-20def for full member

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Posted 25 April 2009 - 09:05 PM

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Cp Website | Cp Memberlist

I.General Information
-Who Are We?
-CP History
-CP Events

-Stat Requirements
-CP Uniform


Who Are We?
Corrupt Pures, a very enigmatic clan and a very secretive clan who enjoys that type of reputation of being nobodies, of course there's a however because you wouldn't be joining this clan if I didn't tell you that, anyway, Cp has a very proud story on how it got here and this clan is all about organization, community and enjoying the game at your own pace

Your treated like a man here, not like a kid who has to be told to sign up or told to be active or anything, however, we do boot inactives if you did not tell us you were going to be inactive.
Basically, we are what we do on the battle field, we enjoy many unknown victories and we don't share that with anyone else, we are respectful and a mature clan morale wise, but we do enjoy a very radical and odd community that every person who's ever joined here and left regrets leaving. Trust me man, this clan is an experience, I know alot of people who left Cp for other clans and come back when they get defense that this clan was the best they've ever been in and I'd say 30% of them are back in the clan

That's a small description, and trust me, once your in, you'll learn alot more about the clan than in this topic here and you would enjoy that

Posted ImageLeadersPosted Image

Posted ImageHigh CouncilPosted Image
I_C_Cee_Pee (Icey Quiver)

Posted ImageWarlordPosted Image

Posted ImageModeratorPosted Image
King_0f_Jazz (Im de knight)

Corrupt Pures History
About December 2005, 2 ex-members of the jr clan of the famous The Pures, made a clan of their own, which was named Ownage Pures. For a few good months it enjoyed the harmony of low leveled giants pking and the sort, until 1 day it got an offer to be under the wing of 1 of the best at time which was Supreme Ownage, the offer was taken and became S0's jr clan under the new name of Sacred Pures. Sp had taken on a new radical form, where it had a plethora of members and a strong overall clan physically, however it endured many inter-clan struggles as such as power abuse , a few months later S0 called it quits on Sp and left it to die. But a few loyal members of Sp, the main group of people who had held Sp even when it was as described earlier, continued the clan under a new name: Corrupt Pures

From braving the sacred light, this new clan had been taken underground and lived in secrecy for a good time until it crept up and started to ascend past it's forms of Op and Sp and finally had a chance to do something to make it great; and it did happen, in a few months, Cp had exploded the scene and became the face of an elite pking clan despite having low levels and low numbers, it accomplished alot the very next year and still stand stands today as it did when it started: with quality and skilled members who reign in organizational and tactical battle with other clans

Complete and very long history of it's 1st year on here(if you want to read it):

Corrupt Pures year 1 history

-Full Cp Requirements-
80+ Strength, Magic, or Range
1- 20 Defense

Future App requirements
76+ Strength, Magic, or Range
1-20 Defense

Corrupt Pures Events
F2p Pvp Trips
Random Fun Events
Full out Wars

Corrupt Pures Uniform
-Team 28 Cape-
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Corrupt Pures Versus Intense Redemption Full Out Pvp War.

Corrupt Pures BH Trip 1/05/08 - by Iraqi mage88

Memories [Corrupt Pures in Runescape] -  BY SPW
^this video brings tears :wub:

CI vs X - Made by purple ownz (idk to use it or not, made by fi)

Corrupted Pures Promotional Video - old one, shows how long cp has been around

Cp Bh trip 22-12-07 Including Foe And Th -  by sp1t

CP Pk Trip Dec 1st 2007, ft. th, tf, fs - Iraqi mage88

1 min promo, brings tears aswell :wub: - spw


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