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I Want To Pk, Should I Get A Pure? Or should I stick with my main?

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Posted 09 August 2009 - 09:07 PM


I love this new system of Pk'ing, but my main Isn't very good at it. I know that pures are excellent for Pk'ing, but I really don't want to give up all the work I've done on my main. I pk with my main alot, even though it's stats arn't suited for it at all. I'm wondering if I should keep going with my new pure, or try to make my main even better.

My mains skills are:

75 Attack
75 Strength
80 Ranged
52 Prayer
78 Hitpoints
52 Summoning
71 Defence
70 Mage
At 92+7 combat.

I would make it into a hybrid or barrows pure/Dharok'er.
My goal stats would be:

75 Attack
99 Strength
99 Ranged  
70 Prayer
99 Hitpoints?
88 Summoning
75 Defence
96 Mage

Now I know this wouldn't be the best pker, but I think it would still own pretty hard. :eyebrows:
The thing is, I also like to boss hunt, do clan activities, quest, and do all the other things in RuneScape...

Which is why I thought I might as well start a pure.

It's stats at the moment are:

40 attack
40 Strength
1 Mage
1 Range
34? HP
everything else 1.

It's currently F2P.

Goal stats would be 99 strength, 60 attack, 45 Defence, 96 Mage, 99 Range, 99 HP, 1 summoning? And 44 Prayer.

Each option has it's pro's and con's too me.

Make main a Pker:

Pro's: I get to keep my one account, and not have to worry about a whole sepperate Pk'er. I get to keep all the loot on my main account. Saves a lot of training time that would have been used on a diefferent account. I get to keep 5 bucks a month that would have been used on a pure.

Con's: It won't have the greatest stats for the rest of the things I would want to do in RS. My defence level might be too high? When I die it will effect everything I do in RS, since I'm using just one account.

Make a pure:

Pro's: I can mold it to exactly what I want to make pk'ing machine. If I die, I can just brush i off and go back to my main and play.

Con's: More training time that could have been used to benefit my main. I lose $5 a month ( not really a big deal though). I couldn't do much else other than Pk with this account. All the profits would go only to him, and not to where I really need them (my main, total worth is like 15M at 99 combat. FTL?).

What do you guys think I should do? any help on stats etc would also be appritiated!

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Posted 10 August 2009 - 02:51 PM

Your best PRACTICAL choice would be to just train range as high as you can on your main and pk using that, seeing as its already 80 and you only pass the 149 attack/strength mark by 2. You would basicaly be a ranged tank, but because of attack/strength you'd be one combat level higher when maxed, but thats nothing really.

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