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Poison vs Blacknights - PKRI

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Posted 15 October 2012 - 10:14 PM

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Poison vs Blacknights



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After fighting Hell Army, Elder JR got in contact with us and asked for a short prep. We agreed and canoed up within 5~ mins or so.

Rules of the fight:
  • 5:30pm est start time
  • all styles
  • dg on
  • corr off
  • 1 hour cap pkri
  • spiders to east tree

Poison Starting: 63 opts
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Blacknights starting: 69 opts
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We noticed right away BK had a big melee unit, so the tanking was pretty easy and we took control of the fight till the end of the fight.

Poison Ending: 66 opts
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Other clan ending: Logged out

[18:10] <Elder_Jr> alright we're done

Thanks for the fight BK, thanks 'the' for the AC - heard you raped The Kings.

Karma! :)

Pictures of the fight:

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