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Agility is a members' only skill that helps you regenerate your run energy faster (either by not running, resting or listening to a musician). It also allows you to use certain shortcuts around the world, that allow for faster travel. This guide will show you how to earn the best experience, and how to reach level 99.

Training Tips

Level 1-35

Swamp ToadTo begin training your Agility, you will need to go to the Gnome Stronghold Course, located in the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Crossing a log in the Gnome Agility course

Unfortunately, this is one of the most boring stages of training your Agility. The Gnome Course is the only course available to you until level 25, and you will need 260 laps to reach level 35. Do not try to do this all at once (unless you really like the skill), or you'll end up getting sick of Agility pretty quickly.

ClockworkAn alternative to those that don't mind a few extra clicking are clockwork mice. These can be made in a player owned house with a clockwork mechanism and a wood plank. These toys, when caught, give 3 Agility experience. The way to do this is to get your hands on quite a few of these, wind them up, and release them in a small space, to make them easier to catch.

Releasing Clockwork Mice

Level 25-35

Ring of CharosThe Skullball course is a type of Activity where you have to kick a skull through 10 goals to get Agility experience. However, everything is timed: the less time you take, the more experience you get. So don't take your time doing it! I don't recommend using this course instead of Gnome, seeing as if you take too long to do it, the experience won't be quite good. However, if you're bored of the Gnome course and want to vary your training a little, this could be a good place to go. The entrance to this course is located to the east of Canifis, in the Haunted Woods, and you must have a Ring of Charos to be able to enter.

Climb down the trapdoor to enter the Skullball arena

Level 35-50

Berserker HelmAfter level 35, you unlock the Barbarian Outpost Agility Course. This comes with a little twist, however: to get in you have to complete the Barcrawl mini quest. Once you're in, you can begin training your Agility.

Swinging over spikes in the Barbarian Outpost course

Remember, however, that from now on, you can fail and be damaged in the courses, so bring some food!

Level 50-70

ArtefactThe Agility Pyramid may be available since level 30, but going there under level 50 isn't a very good idea, seeing as you fail the obstacles too often to make training efficient. After level 50, however, it gets a little easier, and becomes good experience until level 70. Once you reach the end, you can even make 1,000 gp by selling the artefact you get from the top floor of the Pyramid. To reach the Pyramid, climb two rockslides and then climb up the stairs up into the Pyramid.

Climb the climbing rocks of the Agility Pyramid

Level 52-70

SkullAs an alternative to the Agility Pyramid, the Wilderness Course becomes available at level 52. Giving 571.4 experience a lap, it's quite worth trying! Enter this course by going to the south of the Frozen Waste Plateau, and open the iron gate there. Your character will then walk into the course.

Crossing the path in the Wilderness agility course

Do be careful of revenants however; they patrol the Wilderness and can sometimes go inside the course!

Level 70-85

Monkey GreegreeLike the Agility Pyramid, the Ape Atoll Course is available much earlier then the level you should start using it, at level 48. This course has an amazingly high rate of fail before level 70. Each lap gives 580 experience, and if you happen to fail, you can use the pineapple plant near the course to get some food. To do this, however, you must remember to always bring a knife. To use this course, you must have an Archer or Ninja Monkey Greegree.

Crossing a vine in the Ape Atoll course

After level 75, you will no longer fail in this course.

Level 85-90

Agile LegsAt level 85, a new addition to the Gnome Course is unlocked: the Advanced Course. To start the course, you must climb a new tree branch before the tight rope.

Climb up the tree to enter the extended Gnome course

This course gives a pretty high 745 experience per lap. You may fail a little bit on the first levels here, but don't worry! It's still great experience. There's also a special reward for those that complete 250 laps without falling a single obstacle in this course: the Agile Legs! These legs lower your weight by 10kg when worn, which can greatly help training your Agility!

Level 90-99

Agile TopIf you've reached this far, well done! 90 is quite a big achievement. At level 90, another Advanced course becomes available to you: the Advanced Barbarian Course. To get in the Advanced Course, you must run up a wall after the log balance.

Run up the wall to enter the extended Barbarian Outpost course

This course gives 740.7 experience per lap; not as much as the Advanced Gnome, but the speed it is completed in makes up for it. Like in the Gnome Course, if you complete 250 laps without failing a single obstacle, you will be rewarded. This time, with the Agile Top, which lowers your weight by an amazing 12kg. Another great help for your Agility Training.

Helpful Items

Brawler Gloves

Brawler glovesIf you're a Player Killer, you may get Agility Brawler Gloves as a drop. These gloves give 1.5x the normal experience you would get per lap in a PvP world. However, the experience is 4x the normal experience you gain per lap if you train Agility in the Wilderness! This is a good opportunity to go train at the Wilderness Course, seeing as if you use these gloves, you get an amazing 2285.6 experience per lap. Leave the gloves unequipped, and wear them on the last obstacle, when you're about to get the bonus. This doesn't waste your charges, while still being the best experience per hour in the game. Getting these gloves is worth a try.

Weight-Reducing Items

Certain Items, such as the Agile Top and Legs mentioned earlier in the guide, lower your weight when worn. The following items can be used to help train Agility:

  • Spotted CapeSpotted/Spottier Cape
  • Agile TopAgile Top
  • Agile legsAgile Legs
  • Penance GlovesPenance Gloves
  • Boots of LightnessBoots of Lightness.

Temporary Boosting Items

Some items, when used, can temporarily increase your Agility level. They are the following:

Helpful Quests

The Skillcape

Agility Cape and HoodWell done! You have now reached level 99 and are a true master of Agility. Now that you have reached the maximum level, you can buy something very special: the Agility Skillcape! To buy it, you must see Cap'n Izzy No-Beard in the Brimhaven Agility Arena.

You: May I buy a Skillcape of Agility, please?

The Cape costs 99,000 coins to buy, and comes in two forms: an untrimmed version if Agility is your first 99, or a trimmed one if you have others. A special hood also comes with the cape, however it has no bonuses. The cape can be operated to temporarily boost your Agility to 100. The cape's stats are the following (with a +4 Prayer addition if trimmed):

The Agility Cape and Hood equipment screen

And last but certainly not least: the emote!

The Agility Cape emote

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