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Woodcutting is a very profitable skill, and it is very easy to train as well. Just sit back and let this guide, and your character, do all the work.

The Basics

The basics of woodcutting could not be much easier, get any woodcutting axe that you can use, click on a tree, and drop, bank, or sell the logs. There really is not much more to do with this skill. As you can see it is a very easy skill to train. As with all other skills, there are a few ways to train woodcutting, power cutting being one of them. The concept of power cutting is fairly simple: you want to get the most amount of logs into and out of your inventory in the smallest amount of time. You can accomplish this in a few ways, but the most popular are dropping the logs or selling them to a shop. In certain places, you will even be able to bank them faster than you could drop them. These special cases will be explained later on in the guide.

Note: If you want to make money, go elsewhere; this is not the guide for you.


There are many types of logs in both non-members and members but the most common types are:

PictureLogWoodcutting ExperienceSelling Price
Regular Logs Regular 25 40-100gp
Oak Logs Oak 37.5 30-45gp
Willow Logs Willow 67.5 25-40gp
Maple Logs Maple 100 100gp
Yew Logs Yew 175 290-300gp
Magic Logs Magic 250 1,000-1,200gp


For every ten or so levels, a new axe is introduced that you can use. Each new axe cuts wood a little bit faster than the previous one, so if you can afford the update, definitely upgrade!

PictureAxeWoodcutting LevelSmithing Level to Make
Bronze Hatchet Bronze 1 1
Iron Hatchet Iron 1 16
Steel Hatchet Steel 6 31
Black Hatchet Black 6 -
Mithril Hatchet Mithril 21 51
Adamant Hatchet Adamant 31 71
Rune Hatchet Rune 41 86
Dragon Hatchet Dragon 61 -

Black Axes cannot be smithed: they must be bought from players, dropped by a Tree Spirit, or obtained from a Level 1 Treasure Trail.

And of course, you don't have to smith these axes! Go to any popular woodcutting area, and you'll find people selling Adamant Axes and up. Some players will even give away Mithril Axes. A Dragon Axe; however, is a special case because of its rarity. Try buying it in the Falador Park in World 2.


Levels 1-15

Fresh off Tutorial Island, and you're looking to cut some trees. You should start off with a Bronze Axe, given to you by the Survival Expert on Tutorial Island. Once you get into Lumbridge, and get some cash, you should find Bob's Axes to buy an Iron Axe, which is usually about 60 coins. Remember this place, for when you get to level 6, you will be able to buy a Steel Axe for about 200 coins.

Bob's axes shop in lumbridge

Now that you have your axe, it's time to actually start cutting some logs. Since you are near Lumbridge, just walk north from Bob's Axes following the road until you find a general store. Just to the west of the shop there are plenty of regular trees to get you from level 1 to 15.

Location of regular trees west of lumbridge

After you cut a load of logs, just go and sell them to the shop to clear out your inventory. To get to level 15 from level 1, you will need to cut 97 logs. Please note, if you just don't like the looks of Lumbridge, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other places for you to cut logs. Anywhere you walk there will be trees! If you are close to a bank, then bank your logs. If you are close to a shop, sell them. If you are in the middle of nowhere, just drop them.

Levels 15-30

Now that you have spent time cutting logs from the west of the shop, you can move on to cutting those beautiful old oaks. You can stick where you are in Lumbridge (there are two oak trees west of the shop), or you can continue wandering around the realm of RuneScape, exploring and cutting as you go. If you choose to stay in Lumbridge, then continue selling the logs to the shop for the usual low price. However, if you decide to be a brave wanderer, then your best option is most likely to drop the logs as you cut them. Of course, always keep a look out for better opportunities. Members also have the ability to cut Oak Logs outside of the Castle Wars mini game. With a bank nearby, it cannot be beat. Once you get to level 21 woodcutting, consider buying a Mithril Axe from a fellow player. At 1,000 to 2,000 coins, they may seem a little pricey, but it's worth it. To get from 15 to 30 woodcutting, you will have to cut 293 Oak Logs.

Level 30+

Oaks have got to be getting boring, right? Well time to move onto Willow Logs! If you are going to continue power cutting, here are four options for you to choose from: stick with Lumbridge, move west to Draynor, move even further west to the Crafting Guild, or visit the secluded Rimmington. If you stick with Lumbridge, go ahead and sell your logs to the shop to get 4 coins for each log.

Willow trees in lumbridge

If you are getting tired of Lumbridge, walk west till you find Draynor, the so-called city of willows. Right next to the bank, you'll find around 6 Willow Trees, right next to a bank! Believe me, it is well worth your time to bank them. Players buy Willow Logs for up to 20 coins a piece! Much better than selling to a shop for 4 coins a piece.

Willow trees south of draynor village

If you really just want to get through this section of woodcutting without distractions, there is always the cut and drop method. Just north of the Crafting Guild, located west of Falador's Southern Gates, are plenty of willow trees, and all of them are yours. Hardly anyone goes out there, so you will have your trees and your silence. After you cut an inventory of logs, just drop them on the ground.

Willow trees north of the crafting guild

A good guide would be unable to go on without mentioning the trees in Rimmington and all of their possibilities. Take a look at the map:

Willow trees south of rimmington

As you can see, there is a shop right near the trees that you can sell your logs to! If you want a set up similar to Lumbridge, but with less people, try this spot out.

Cape of Achievement

Once you reach level 99 woodcutting, you are eligible to buy and wear a Woodcutting Cape of Achievement. To purchase one, you can speak to the Woodcutting Tutor, located south of the Lumbridge furnace. He will sell you a cape for 99,000gp.

Woodcutting cape emote

More Fast Experience

Maple Trees

At level 95 Woodcutting, it may be possible to cut Maple trees at a decent rate. Woodcutters at lower levels will find Maple Logs to take a while to cut, but after this level is obtained, they come at a fairly decent rate. They still may be a bit slower than willows, but the change of scenery will do you good. The best thing about Maple Trees is that they are all around Seer's Village Bank.

Maple trees around seers' village


Along your path to 99 woodcutting; you will be able to cut logs used in the construction skill. These logs, called hardwoods in this guide, are also an excellent way to get fast experience. There are two types of hardwoods Teak (requires level 35 woodcutting, and gives 85 experience) and Mahogany (requires 50 woodcutting, and gives 125 experience). Because of their invaluable use in construction, Jagex made these trees hard to find, and hard to bank.

Teak Tree Location Number 1: South of Castle Wars

Teak trees south of cast e wars

Consider using a Ring of Duelling to teleport to Castle Wars in order to bank your Teak Logs.

Teak and Mahogany Location Number 2: Ape Atoll

Teak and mahogany trees on ape atoll

If you have done Monkey Madness, then you should know how to get on the island, just remember: Bring your Greegree so that the poisonous creatures won't attack you!

Bank Route

While in any bank, withdraw your Greegree, Runes (and Banana!) needed for Ape Atoll teleport and your axe. Remember to wear Ring of Duelling as well. Teleport to Ape Atoll, run past the big gates, cut full inventory of Mahoganies, and use the Ring of Duelling to teleport to Castle Wars. Bank your logs, and repeat! If you are in short supply of Bananas, you can grow them in a fruit tree patch, pick them in Karamja, or use the "Bones to Bananas" magic spell.

Teak and Mahogany Location Number 3: Tai Bwo Wannai Village

Teak and mahogany east of tai bwo wannai

To get into the hardwood tree grove, you must pay 100 Trading Sticks every time. You must have also helped in Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup, or you will not be allowed to cut the trees.

Helpful Quests

These quests all give Woodcutting experience as a reward:

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