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Founded in September 2002, Sal’s Realm of RuneScape is a fansite devoted to RuneScape, an online multiplayer game. We seek to provide noteworthy tips, detailed guides, and easy-to-use tools that players of all levels will appreciate.

One of the most distinguished features of the entire RuneScape gaming community is its cooperative and enthusiastic spirit. Players are always learning new things from their gaming experiences, and sharing these discoveries with the rest of the gaming community. Our guides and other resources are written by RuneScape players from all corners of the world, and we put an emphasis on quality and thoroughness into every piece of content we publish.

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A Brief History

Are you curious about how Sal's Realm began? Would you like to know more about our past? If so, you're in the right place! Below you'll find a timeline of the major historical events which make up the history of Sal's Realm.

Sal's Realm of RuneScape is a Jagex-supported fansite - Platinum Award

September 2002

Sal’s Realm of RuneScape is founded by a RuneScape player called "Salmoneus," with the purpose of helping other RuneScape players by providing helpful, detailed, and well-written guides.

February 2004

Acquired the salmoneus.net domain.

Our first website redesign goes live. The original background colors were two different shades of gray. With the redesign, we changed to a marble-stone-texture background for the main page, and a paper-textured background for the left navigation.

March 2004

Sal: Hey You! Cow: Moooo? Sal: Don't forget to vote!

Second site redesign goes live, after feedback from users. Our previous marble-and-paper design becomes a more simple gray-on-blue design, to make our website easier to read.

November 2004

Community discussion forums opened on InvisionFree.

June 2005

First skill calculators went online.

November 2005

Community forums are migrated to our own server to provide more features and options to help our community to grow further. Old forums are closed.

May 2006

The SalCast podcast is launched, featuring interviews, discussions, music and more.

Item Database goes live.

September 2006

The Sal's Realm Newspaper goes live, featuring various content written by our community members including interviews, news, comics, and riddles.

This is what Sal's Realm of RuneScape looked like in 2011.

February 2009

First “official” contact with Jagex about becoming a supported fansite.

April 2010

Officially recognized by Jagex as an official, platinum-level, RuneScape helpsite/fansite.

July 2010

Sal's Realm announces our partnership with RuneWise.

July 2011

The Sal's Realm Clan Citadel is officially opened to all RuneScape players.

August 2011

Third redesign (version 4 of Sal's Realm) of the website goes live. This is the current look of our website.

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