Activities, formerly known as "Minigames," are miniature games within RuneScape which can be repeated by players as many times as desired. In an Activity, there is generally some objective that must be completed, and in return the player may receive a reward such as items or experience. Activities are marked on the in-game map by an Activity icon (Activity icon) resembling a red star.

Activities may be categorized as either "safe" or "dangerous." In a safe Activity, players will not lose any items if they die within the boundaries of the game. The exception to this is if a player dies from an external force (eg. poisoned by a monster outside the Activity), and in these cases, players will receive a gravestone on death. In a dangerous Activity, players will lose items upon death.

Icon Title Member Status Safety Status Description
All Fired Up (Beacon Lighting) All Fired Up Members Dangerous So you think you're a great firemaker, huh?
Ranging Guild Archery Competition Archery Competition Members Safe Competing in the archery competition gives you access to the rewards on the ranging guild without any danger.
Barbarian Assault Barbarian Assault Members Safe Teamwork is of the essence here as you get pitted against ten waves of Penance.
Barrows Barrows Members Dangerous Tomb raiding is fun, dangerous, and rewarding!
Brimhaven Agility Arena Brimhaven Agility Arena Members Dangerous Is normal agility training too boring for you? Here you get a variety of challenges instead of just running the same lap again and again.
Burthorpe Games Room Burthorpe Games Room Members Safe Several board games can be played here, and what would games be without betting?
Castle Wars Castle Wars Members Safe Fancy playing some classic Capture the Flag?
Clan Wars Clan Wars Freeplay Depends on agreed rules. Define your own rules, and then pit your clan against an opposing one.
Duel Arena Duel Arena Freeplay Safe Want to challenge another player one on one, and perhaps gamble some money too? Then this is the place to be!
Fight Kiln, The Freeplay Thought the Fight Caves were hard? Wait until you attempt the TokHaar Fight Kiln.
Fishing Trawler Fishing Trawler Members Safe Think you got what it takes to fish manta rays or sea turtles?
Fist of Guthix Fist of Guthix Members Safe Are you the hunted or the hunter? If you think you excel in both of these then you might win this game!
Gnome Restaurant Gnome Restaurant Members Safe All over the world, gnomes are ordering their food from the restaurant within the Grand Tree. Think you can prepare their orders and deliver it to them in time?
Gnomeball Gnomeball Members Safe A ball, a hoop and two teams, what's not to like?
The Great Orb Project Great Orb Project, The Members Safe Two teams of experienced runecrafters pit their skills against one another for the energy of the altars.
Herblore Habitat Herblore Habitat Members Dangerous Zombies, farming, and random animals from the Jurassic Period. Who could ask for anything more?
Impetuous Impulses Impetuous Impulses Members Safe Implings. These small devious creatures live in a huge, ever changing maze. But if you can catch them, the rewards are well worth it!
Keldagrim Blast Furnace Keldagrim Blast Furnace Members Safe Learn a lesson from the dwarves; you can't make bars any more efficiently than this!
Livid Farm Livid Farm Members Safe Get really mad - or livid - trying to unlock spells in the Lunar Spellbook.
Mage Arena Mage Arena Members Dangerous In order to be able to wield the spells of the Gods, you have to prove yourself here.
Mage Training Arena Mage Training Arena Members Safe Wizards and their weird ways, a very alternative method to train your magic!
Mobilising Armies Mobilising Armies Members Safe How about having your own army? Think you can lead it to victory?
Pest Control Pest Control Members Safe Team up and battle an invading horde of Pests, those victorious will be greatly rewarded!
Pest Control 07 Pest Control 07 Members Safe Team up and battle an invading horde of Pests, those victorious will be greatly rewarded!
Pyramid Plunder Pyramid Plunder Members Dangerous Take grave robbing to the extreme and plunder the riches from one of Sophanem's greatest pyramids!
Rat Pits Rat Pits Members Dangerous (for Cats) Test the mettle of your kitty companion as they battle against ferocious felines in the Rat Pits!
Rogue Trader Rogue Trader Members Safe Dodgy dealings and perplexing puzzles, get your thinking cap on, it's Rogue Trader!
Rogues' Den Rogues' Den Members Safe Work your way through this booby trapped agility course to crack the safe in its center and gather up a generous helping of agility and theiving xp!
Runespan Runespan Freeplay Safe Runecrafting in Gielinor is so old school, get with the times and enter the Runespan; a separate plane that can provide optimal experience rates!
Shades of Mort'ton Shades of Mort'ton Members Dangerous Mort'ton has been overrun by undead shades, gather the resources needed to lay them to rest!
Sorceress's Garden Sorceress's Garden Members Safe Sneak into the Sorceress's Garden and steal the fruits from her tree. Be sure to avoid the notice of her sentinel elementals!
Soul Wars Soul Wars Members Safe Defend your teams' avatar by warring for control of key locations in the Soul Wars battleground!
Stealing Creation Stealing Creation Members Safe This minigame tests you on both your skilling and combat expertise, the rewards help you gain XP twice as fast!
Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup Members Dangerous Helping the villagers to clean up their village will give you access to several interesting rewards.
Temple Trekking Temple Trekking Members Dangerous Think you can guide travelers safely through Morytania and all its dangers? If you succeed they will be very grateful!
The Fight Cauldron The Fight Cauldron Members Safe It's like twister, except instead of colours you've got metal so searingly hot it glows. Test your combat against the ancient ancestors of the TzHaar, in a limitless battle of wave after wave. How long can you last?
Trouble Brewing Trouble Brewing Members Safe Yarr matey!!! Fancy yourself a real pirate? Think your team can make better rum than the other one?
TzHaar Fight Cave TzHaar Fight Cave Members Safe Do you think that you can kill 240 monsters, including Jad, one of the toughest bosses in RuneScape? Maybe the fabled Fire Cape can be yours!
TzHaar Fight Pit TzHaar Fight Pit Members Safe Fight each other until death! The last man standing wins!
VineSweeper VineSweeper Members Safe You think you are good at the classic PC game "Minesweeper?" Try Vinesweeper and earn some nice Farming rewards!

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