Barbarian Assault

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Barbarian Assault is an Activity in RuneScape that involves killing, collecting, healing, and defending of the Penance! This Activity is quite tricky, but can be mastered with lots of practice. This Activity requires teamwork, patience, and more.

Essential Info


  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.

Getting There

The Barbarian Assault Arena is located north-west of Seers' Village.

A map of the area around the barbarian assault game

The easiest way to get to the arena would be to use a Games Necklace (which can be made or bought from other players), and to rub it. Click 'Barbarian Outpost'. A handy banking option would be to use the games necklace to teleport to the Games Room, and use the Rogues Den bank. It's very handy.

Where would you like to teleport to?

You are now at the Barbarian Outpost Arena. Enter the building a few steps to the east.

Beginners' Info

First, you should pick a world where the Barbarian Assault games will be fairly popular, to keep the game going smoothly. The best world (currently) is world 6.

Talk to Captain Cain. He will introduce you to the arena, and then will prompt you to take a tutorial on how to take the game. You must complete this before you are allowed to play the Activity.

Tutorials in Red mean that you have to complete the tutorial(s) before it.
Tutorials in Yellow mean that this is the next tutorial.
Tutorials in Green mean that you have already finished this tutorial.

Tutorial Progress

All of the tutorials will take about 5-10 minutes to complete. When you finish them, you can start getting prepared to play the game. It is recommended that you empty most of your inventory, except for the book that you got from Captain Cain. There is a bank deposit box in the north-east part of the building. You can deposit items, but cannot take them out.

Deposit Box

If you're wearing a cape, then put it in the bank deposit box, because the barbarians won't let you wear it during the game. You should also note that if you are going to be a mage during the game, you cannot use runes that have been runecrafted, neither can rangers use arrows that have been fletched. Additionally, food cannot be brought into the game.

Joining a Team

To enter the waiting room, where you can join a team, you have to descend down the ladder just in front of the bank deposit box. You will notice 10 numbered rooms, one for each wave. The rooms have a number in the floor that stands for what wave it is for. The wave 1 room is in the north-west corner of this dungeon.

Recruitment scrollThere is a table in each waiting room with scrolls on it. If you would like to form your own team, then you should take a scroll. You have to use your scroll on other members in the waiting room, and you'll have to get their permission to be on your team. Alternatively, you can join someone else's team if they use their scroll on you. If you are using your own team, then you must write the job that you want to do by clicking 'Write-role' on the scroll. Each team must consist of at least: 1 attacker, 1 healer, 1 defender, and 1 collector. The fifth person gets to decide what role they'll have, so there will actually be a job with 2 people doing it. When your scroll has 4 other names on it, then descend down the ladder in the north-west of the room.

There is also an additionally larger room to the west, which you don't have to sign up in teams for. You just get randomly picked on what job to have, and when there are 5 people, the game will start.

Playing the Game

Once the game has started, your task will depend on which role you have which will be explained later in this guide. Each role is provided with a different piece of information in their interface, and you will be responsible for providing some needed information to one of your teammates, in a different role. You may give this information via the blow horn, which is provided before the start of a wave.

Attacker Role

When playing the game, an attacker can be easily identified by a red circle around them.

Attacker Attackers can use melee, magic, or ranged to kill the Penance Fighters and the Penance Rangers. Both of these monsters have a defensive system that enables them to protect against different types of attack. If you are using melee, then you'll have to use controlled, accurate, aggressive, or defensive. If you plan on using ranged, then you'll have to change between bronze, iron, steel, or mithril arrows. Mages will have to choose between air spells, earth spells, fire spells, or water spells. Penance fighter
Penance ranger

HornThe attack style that you'll use will be received from the collector, and will be displayed in the north-east corner of the screen. You are also responsible for telling the collector which type of egg to pick up with your blow horn. Shouting out information will update the collector's interface, and they need this information to successfully do their role. So make sure that the information is correct, and you say it as soon as possible.

Attackers also get their own machine, which will provide all the runes and arrows you'll ever need. You cannot keep these items when the game is over, though.

Attacker machine

Collector Role

Collectors will have a yellow circle around them while playing the game, shown below.


BagThe collector picks up the eggs that are dropped by the Penance monsters. They can only hold so many eggs at a time, but you can temporarily store them in a bag that is provided. The collectors then put the eggs in the egg hopper, located atop the podiums. When the egg launcher has eggs loaded in it, it can be used to inflict damage, poison, or stun the Penance monsters.

EggEggEggThere are 3 different types of eggs: green (poison), blue (stun), and red (explode). Unfortunately, getting the eggs is not as easy as you think. The eggs have a defensive system that will make them explode and inflict 5 points of damage on you. Therefore, you must listen to the attacker(s) so they'll tell you what egg you can pick up at the time. You also are responsible to tell the attackers which attack styles to use with your blow horn.Blowhorn

Healer Role

By choosing to be a healer, you will have a green circle around your feet, shown below.


Your job is to cure damage that may have been inflicted by the monsters and poison the Penance healers. To cure other players, you must take a vial from the machine (explained later in the guide), and fill it up with the water from the special healing spring, shown below. Note that you can only have one vial at a time.


Now you have a special healing potion with 4 doses, and can be used on other players to raise their life points, cure poison, and give run energy. If the healer needs a life point boost, they can't drink the potion, but instead they can just drink from the healing spring. Healers also get a special list of the names of everyone on their team and the number of life points remaining so they know who needs medic.

Team members

Healers are also responsible for poisoning Penance Healers. Penance Healers poison members on your team, and heal the other penance monsters.

Penance Healer

Poisoned meatPoisoned tofuPoisoned wormTo stop them, the healers must poison them by using poisoned foods that are obtained from the healer machine. There are poisoned worms, poisoned tofu, and poisoned meat. Only one type of food is able to poison the Penance Healers (which changes regularly). The defender will tell you what type of food will work, and in return, you must tell the defender what food they should drop on the traps with your blow horn.Blowhorn

Healers also get their own machine that dispenses items that they need to succeed. The healer machine contains vials (you can only have one at a time), poison meat, poison tofu, and poison worms.

Healer machine

Defender Role

While performing their role, a defender has a blue circle around them, shown below.


As a defender, your main goal is to stop the Penance Runners, shown below.

Penance Runner

Penance Runners start at the very north end of the arena, and run to the south. If they manage to get to the south side of the arena, your team loses many 'honour points' (explained later). They are attracted to certain smells of food, including crackers, tofu, and worms. You must drop this food at the traps. The defender traps are located on the west and east edges of the arena. The type of food that you have to use is communicated to you by the healer. In return, you tell the healer what food to use to poison the Penance Healers with your blow horn.Blue Horn

Runner trap

Occasionally, the traps will break. The north part of the arena has some logs and a hammer, which can be used to repair a broken trap. The logs and hammer can also be used to make a barricade, so the Penance Runners will come out less often.

Horn of Glory

Horn of gloryThe Horn of Glory is a larger version of the blow horn. You can give out information to other players. It is found at the south-east of the arena. Since it is quite out of the way, it isn't recommended to use.

Horn of Glory

To use it, simply click on it, and you will see a large interface. The left side has what everyone should be doing. On the right, you have an option to call out things for each role. Be sure to call out what's on the left!

Horn of Glory

Egg Shooter

The egg shooter is a device that fires eggs at the monsters in the arena. It can either stun, poison, or explode the monsters. Red eggs explode to deal 5 damage each, green eggs poison the penance monsters, and blue eggs stun a targeted creature, reduces their combat stats and deals 1 damage. Eggs are collected by the collector. The egg shooter is also used to defeat the Penance Queen, which is explained next.

Egg shooter machine

Penance Queen

The Penance Queen is the final battle. She is very hard to defeat, and comes on wave 10. She uses magic-based attacks and can hit up to 150 Life Points. It is strongly recommended to have 2 healers with a high healer level. She appears a few minutes after you start the tenth wave. When she appears, a few rocks fall on the horn of glory, and it becomes useless as you can't access it. To defeat the queen, you must use the egg shooter and shoot 'Omega Eggs'. These eggs hit around 300-450 damage each, but are very hard to make. It will take about 10 Omega Eggs to kill the Penance Queen.

The penance queen

This is how you make an omega egg:

Yellow EggThe collector picks up a yellow egg that spawns from the queen when she appears. Then they use it on a healer.

Yellow EggThe healer takes the egg, and uses it on one of the poison pools, scattered around the edges of the arena. Then they use it on the attacker.

Yellow EggThe attacker takes the egg and adds spikes to it. Spikes are found from the mushrooms around the edges of the arena, near the poison pools. Next, you use it on the defender.

Yellow EggNow, the defender takes the egg, and uses it on the lava pools, and then it's an omega egg. The defender must pass it to the collector.

The collector takes the egg, and uses it on the egg shooter. Now anyone can shoot the omega eggs at the queen, hitting 300+ until she is dead.

Tips for defeating the queen:

  • Make sure auto retaliate is off when the queen arrives at queen stage.
  • When the queen arrives, tend to stay near the pool so the healers don't have to move far.
  • Your team should have two healers or at least one level 5.
  • When the egg (in the process of being an omega egg) is handed to you, make sure you have full health before you run away from the pool to add onto it.
  • If you're low on health, go to the pool and stay still! It is extremely hard for the healer to click on you if you're moving.
  • All the other Penance monsters must be killed before you are able to shoot an omega egg at the Penance Queen.
  • When the queen comes don't bother giving orders with the horn any more unless told to do so. It's rather pointless as the queen is now your main priority and the other monsters are the only that require orders


To get your rewards for playing the game, talk to Commander Connad and select 'get-rewards'. Here will be a list of the things that you can achieve with your 'honour points'. Honour Points are rewarded at the end of each wave. The more effort you and your team puts into the game, the more honour points you and your team will receive.

Barbarian Assault Rewards


You can trade in your honour points for levels in your role to receive extra abilities.

Attack Levels:

Level 1: +1 Damage on Penance - Costs 0 Points
Level 2: +2 Damage on Penance - Costs 200 Points
Level 3: +3 Damage on Penance - Costs 300 Points
Level 4: +4 Damage on Penance - Costs 400 Points
Level 5: +5 Damage on Penance - Costs 500 Points

Defender Levels:

Level 1: Increase range that Penance runners search for food - Costs 0 Points
Level 2: Increase range that Penance runners search for food - Costs 200 Points
Level 3: Increase range that Penance runners search for food - Costs 300 Points
Level 4: Increase range that Penance runners search for food - Costs 400 Points
Level 5: Increase range that Penance runners search for food - Costs 500 Points

Collector Levels:

Level 1: Bag holds 2 eggs - Costs 0 Points
Level 2: Bag holds 4 eggs and 70% chance of converting eggs - Costs 200 Points
Level 3: Bag holds 6 eggs and 80% chance of converting eggs - Costs 300 Points
Level 4: Bag holds 7 eggs and 90% chance of converting eggs - Costs 400 Points
Level 5: Bag holds 8 eggs and 100% chance of converting eggs - Costs 500 Points

Healer Levels:

Level 1: Ability to heal 100 life points - Costs 0 Points
Level 2: Ability to heal 150 life points - Costs 200 Points
Level 3: Ability to heal 200 life points - Costs 300 Points
Level 4: Ability to heal 250 life points - Costs 400 Points
Level 5: Ability to heal 350 life points - Costs 500 Points


There are also many different pieces of armor available. If you wear a full set of Penance armor all at once (Any Penance Hat, Fighter Torso, Runner Boots, Penance Gloves, Penance Skirt), you will get a special effect where you recover prayer points overtime.

Equipment Stats
PictureDefencePoints in Each RoleDefence BonusesAttack Bonuses
Fighter Hat 45 275 & 1 Kill Queen Point 30 32 28 -3 28 5 5 5 -7 -7
Fighter Hat
Healer Hat 45 275 & 1 Kill Queen Point 6 8 10 7 0 -5 -5 -5 -5 7
Healer Hat
Runner Hat 45 275 & 1 Kill Queen Point 30 32 37 1 30 0 0 0 0 0
Runner hat
Ranger Hat 45 275 & 1 Kill Queen Point 7 10 11 5 8 -5 -5 -5 -5 5
Ranger hat
Fighter Torso 40 375 & 1 Kill Queen Point 62 85 62 -10 67 0 0 0 -40 0
Fighter torso
Runner Boots 40 100 8 8 8 0 0 0 0 0 1 1
Runner Boots
Penance Gloves 40 150 0 3 4 0 2 0 0 0 0 0
Penace gloves
Penance Skirt 40
60 Ranged required
375 & 1 Kill Queen Point 36 21 28 19 26 0 0 0 -10 15
Penance skirt
Granite Body 50
50 Strength required
95,000gp & 1 Kill Queen Point 87 84 79 -6 97 0 0 0 -22 -5
Granite body


It is possible to gamble your points. You can win anything - from bronze arrows to a dragon chainmail (which is extremely rare).

  • Low item gamble - 10 points in any role
  • Medium item gamble - 20 points in any role
  • High item gamble - 30 points in any role and Kill Queen

Penance HornYou can also receive a free penance horn, which allows you to earn XP charges during waves. You must turn on the switch in the waiting room to make it so you earn XP Charges instead of Honour Points. These XP charges may then be used in RuneScape to receive double exp while Firemkaing with logs, Mining ores or Completing Agility Courses. After a while of training, your XP charges will gradually decrease to 0. You have to recharge it again by playing another game of Barbarian Assault!

Master Penance HornIf you have mastered a role, meaning you have level 5 in a role, you may get a Master Penance Horn. It has the same features as a normal Penance Horn, but you get an emote 'Call'. Performing this emote will make your character blow the horn while the icon(s) of the role(s) you mastered float around him/her."

Master Penance Horn call emote

Painted Abyssal Whips

Painted Abyssal Whips

You can also paint your Abyssal Whip to a color of your choice. You can paint it blue, green, white or yellow. If you paint a whip, it becomes non-tradeable and the combat stats will remain the same. To remove the paint, use a cleaning cloth on the painted Abyssal Whip.

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