Brimhaven Agility Arena

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If you're looking for a unique place to train your Agility, the Brimhaven Agility Arena is just the place to try out. It's meant for quick, agile and focused RuneScapers, and there are a variety of different obstacles to accomplish.

Essential Info


  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: 200x Coins

Notes About Food

Obstacles will cause less damage to a player when their Life Points are lower. So, it's best to keep your Life Points under 200, so that each time you fail at an obstacle, you will only be hit for 20 damage. Therefore, the best types of food to bring along with you are foods that are eaten in multiple bites. Examples of such foods include CakesPineapple Pizza, Baskets of Strawberries.

Getting Started

The Brimhaven Agility Arena can be found in Brimhaven, a city on the west part of Karamja Island. Go inside of the building a short distance northwest of the entrance to Brimhaven, and then speak to Cap'n Izzy No Beard about the arena. Unless you have completed Rocking Out,  you will need to pay him 200gp in order to climb down the ladder leading into the Agility Arena.

How to Play

GreenRedShortly after entering, you should see a flashing arrow on your mini-map. You must follow after it and then tag the pillar that another animated arrow will point to. Of course, you'll need to climb, jump, dodge or walk over obstacles in order to get there. When you tag the pillar, a small box in the upper left-hand corner of your game screen will turn green. If you tag another pillar while that box is still green, you'll receive an Agility Ticket. If you miss, the box will turn red again.

Tag the pillar!

The key to getting to the pillars in time is speed (and a little luck too). You'll have about a minute or so to tag the pillar before the arrow stops flashing and you'll need to tag another. Find the easiest and quickest way to the pillar. Sometimes you may need to run past a Swinging Blade, but those are much harder than other obstacles like Monkey Bars or a Wall. Try finding easier ones to climb over first, saving time since you won't fail as easily. Rotate your camera to see the obstacles ahead of you. Also, be sure to put Run on!


There are lots of different obstacles that you'll come across in the Agility Arena. Every obstacle can be failed, and will result in 2-6 points of damage, depending on your Defence and your current Hits.

Agility arena map


Set your walk speed to "Run" and when the blade goes down, run across to the other side. You will fail without run on.

Note: Is also referred to as "saw blade."

Level: 1
Experience: 0



Only walk on the un-cracked plank, not the cracked ones, or you'll fall.

Level: 1
Experience: 6


Low Wall

These are the easiest, although it's possible to fail with a low Agility level.

Level: 1
Experience: 8

Low Wall

Balancing Rope

Harder than a log balance, but it takes about the same amount of time.

Level: 1
Experience: 10

Balancing rope

Log Balance

Rarely failed, and it's the 2nd easiest.

Level: 1
Experience: 12

Log balance

Monkey Bars

Fast and easy, but lower levels will fall more often.

Level: 1
Experience: 14

Monkey bars

Balancing Ledge

Possible to fail, but they are easy and fast.

Level: 1
Experience: 16

Balancing ledge


You'll fall often, but if you get past the 2nd pillar, you'll make it across.

Level: 1
Experience: 18


Rope Swing

It's very fast, but you'll also fall very fast as well.

Level: 1
Experience: 20

Rope swing

Floor Spikes

Try your luck at leaping over spikes!

Level: 20
Experience: 24

Floor spikes

Pressure Pad

Rocks will continually fall on you, and it's very difficult to get past.

Level: 20
Experience: 26

Pressure Pad

Hand Holds

You fail often, but if you make it past the third handhold, you'll make it across.

Level: 20
Experience: 22

Hand holds

Spinning Blade

Can be one of the more difficult and annoying obstacles.

Level: 40
Experience: 28

Spinning Blade


Perhaps the most difficult obstacle. If you succeed, darts will fly at the character in slow motion and you will do a Matrix-style dodge.

Note: If you fail this obstacle, not only will you lose some health, but you will also temporarily lose two Agility levels.

Level: 40
Experience: 30


If it is you dodging the darts, the camera will zoom in and do a short cutscene.


Falling From An Obstacle

There is a possibility of falling on the Plank, Balancing Log, Balancing Rope, Rope Swing, Monkey Bars, Balancing Ledge, Pillars, and Hand Hold obstacles (though if you are 50+ you only really need to worry about the Rope Swing, Pillars, and Hand Hold obstacles).

If you fall from an obstacle, you'll land below the arena near some lava. You'll need to climb the ladders in order to get up to the obstacles again.

This is where you'll end up after falling

Ticket Rewards

Once you have all of the tickets you want, you can leave the arena by climbing the ladder in the northeast corner. Speak to Pirate Jackie the Fruit to trade your tickets in for a number of items, or additional Agility experience:

  • 240 Agility experience - 1 Ticket
  • 2,480 Agility experience - 10 Tickets
  • 6,500 Agility experience - 25 Tickets
  • 28,000 Agility experience - 100 Tickets
  • 320,000 Agility experience - 1,000 Tickets
  • Toadflax Herb - 3 Tickets
  • Snapdragon Herb - 10 tickets
  • Pirate's Hook - 800 Tickets

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