Rogues' Den

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The Rogues' Den is an underground maze, build beneath the city of Burthorpe. Open to players with 50 Agility and 50 Thieving, this deathtrap is riddled with numerous obstacles, traps and puzzles, which are all designed to protect the valuable treasures stored within the Wall Safes located in the very center of the maze.

Essential Info


  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.

Getting There

The Rogues' Den is located under Burthorpe's pub, the Toad and Chicken Inn. You can get to Burthorpe by rubbing the Games Necklace and walking out of Burthorpe's Games room, then south to find the pub, or using the Bracelet of Combat to teleport to the Warrior's Guild then walk east. Once you get to the Toad and Chicken Inn you may notice the Activity symbol on the mini-map. You will find a trap-door behind the bar counter, this takes you straight to the Den!

Routes to the rogues' den

The Den

Once you are inside, you are free to use the bank, the two famous "Everlasting" Fires and, if you have 50 Thieving, the Wall Safes. To crack the wall safes isn't as easy as it seems. You notice that there is a floor trap under the safes. If you fail to crack the safe those nasty looking spikes are only going straight up. The max damage the spikes can do is 6.

Note: It is very important that you don't search the floor traps after they spring on you. This will lower your thieving by 1 level per search.

Once you are lucky enough to crack a safe, which isn't really that hard, you can get: an uncut Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond or the usual coins in amounts of 10, 20, 30 or 40.

To make Wall Cracking a little bit easier, you can buy a Stethoscope from Martin Thwait for 10gp. But you must have both 50 Agility and Thieving for him to talk to you.

Martin Thwait and Emerald Benedict

Martin Thwait runs the Lost and found shop in the Rogues' Den and he is also the Master of Thieving. So once you are the King of Theft, pop down to Martin with 99,000gp to get that loved Skill Cape of his.

Martin Thwait

Martin sells thieving related equipment along with Bronze, Iron and Steel Claws and Daggers.

Lost and Found
Rope Rope 18
Lockpick Lockpick 20
Chisel Chisel 1
Knife Knife 6
Stethoscope Stethoscope 10
Bronze Knife Bronze Throwing Knife 3
Iron Knife Iron Throwing Knife 11
Steel knife Steel Throwing Knife 15
Bronze Claws Bronze Claws 15
Iron Claws Iron Claws 50
Steel Claws Steel Claws 175

Emerald Benedict is the banker in the Rogues' Den. He is usually found near west fire. The fires are used lots in cooking because they never extinguish. This makes it useful to cook there since the fire and bank (Emerald) are so close together. There is also a fire to the south.

The Maze

The Rogues' Maze is a fun Activity where you get to run through a maze, dodging spikes and razor-sharp blades and soar past deadly pendulums like they aren't moving. If you are looking for a challenge, and new light-weight armour, the Rogues' Maze is your cup-o-tea.

Brian O'RichardTo start the Rogue Maze, you must have both 50 Agility and Thieving. Once you have both, Brian O' Richard is the man to chat to. He will tell you that his Candelabra or Harmonica has been stolen by Rogues, and that they have hidden it in a Wall Safe in the center of the maze. Tell him that you will get it for him and he will give you a Mystical Jewel.

This Jewel will give you the option to contact Brian whilst you are in the Maze. If you try to contact him outside of the maze, your jewel will simply disappear.

The Maze isn't the best way to get Agility and Thieving experience. If you get to the middle of the Den, which takes some time, you only get around 480 Thieving and 500 Agility. The amount of experience all depends on what path you decide to take and what traps you come across.

Inside the Maze

Map of the Maze

Map of the Rogues' Den

The Rules

There are some rules that apply in this maze even though it may not seem like it:

  1. If you get hit by a trap, you are teleported out of the maze and you have to do it again. You also have to get another Jewel from Brian.
  2. If you decide to enter the Viewing Gallery, you can't enter the maze again. Your only option is to activate the Jewel to get out.
  3. If your thieving and agility reach "0" from attempting too many traps and obstacles, you fail to pass the trap/obstacle and are teleported out of the Maze.

Obstacle and Trap Info

Once in the maze you will find too many traps to count on your fingers. There are many possible ways to get through it, the one in this guide is only one of them.

Note: While in the maze, every time you disarm or pass an obstacle, you will lose some levels to the respective level. Your prayer level is also drops down to 0 upon entering the maze.

Traps and Obstacles
PictureTrap or ObstacleNumber of Levels LostThieving or Agility?
Floor Trap Floor Trap 1 Thieving
Wall Trap Wall Trap 1 Thieving
Level 80 Door Level 80 Door 10 Thieving
Bridge Bridge 2 per second Agility
Contortion Bars Contortion Bars 5 Agility
Floor blade Floor Blade 3 Agility
Ledge Ledge 5 (whole ledge) Agility
Moving blade Moving Blade 0 Run Past
Spinning Blade Spinning Blade 0 Run Around
Pendulum Pendulum 3 Agility

If you are wondering about your levels, don't fret: you only lose them temporarily, and you will reclaim them after you leave the maze.

As soon as you enter the maze you will notice 3 floor traps in front of you. Don't worry about the middle one as you can run over it without setting it off. Without coming to close to the spinning blade, head west and go through the Contortion Bars. Then click past the Pendulum and you shall jump past it, no harm done. Now you shall be in a room with a platform. Doesn't sound dangerous does it? Not until you see how many floor traps there are!

Floor traps!

To get by without setting one of them off, step on to the ledge of the raised area. Then walk to the north corner and then go west until you are at the edge of the platform and step north of the floor trap. You can play it safe and right-click "Search" it to disable it or click west of it so you walk diagonally past it.

Getting past the floor traps

Be careful not to set off the other trap. Now go through to Grill and walk up to were the corpse is. Then move your mouse over the wall to the west and you shall find it gives you two more options. Right-click "Search" the wall to move past it without damage. Both sides of the wall have this trap so you can't run past it. Now you have to put up with more floor traps! Go down the center path and search all of them. This means you lose 4 thieving levels but its no lose. Now run through the corridor and it's time to make an "Agility" or "Thieving" choice. You can either search all the traps in the south-west path or take the north-west path and use up some Agility levels. After seeing some corpse on the ground... It's time to continue.

Don't worry about the west path and go north-west instead. This keeps you clear of the Rogue Guards ahead. Jump over the blade in the floor and past the pendulums to the north. Don't worry about those Rogue Guards, they can't do anything to you from here. Now cross over the ledge and go up to corridor. Once you get to the second corpse stop immediately! There are floor and wall traps waiting ahead. You can either disable either two of the wall ones or the four floor ones. After that, if you have 80 Thieving, you can both take a short-cut and pick-lock the door and cut through some of the maze, or you can go north-west and take the other way. After going through the door to the north-west, you will be greeted by a blade in the floor, jump over it and go through the door ahead.

Click on your mini-map so you end up near the big column in the way of you. Instead of walking past it, go south of it. Now it's time to disable some wall traps. Almost directly after you go south from the column, disable the trap to the left, then all of the ones east of you. Enter the passage way and open the grill in the next room.

Disable the Wall Traps

Note: Be careful of the spinning blade in this room. Click one square west of the blood marks and then climb the ledge. Now you have to disable four wall traps in a row. Don't run past any other them is it makes this whole trip a waste. After getting past the four traps on either wall, its time to put your Agility to use. Jump over the middle blade in the ground and go into the next room.

Here you will find 4 Mosaic tiles on the floor. Only pick up the one in the south-east corner, as the others are not used. Click on the "door" and it will show you a screen similar to this:

A mosaic door puzzle

Click on the tile and you will open the door. Now go through the grill and enter a maze full of Grills. There is only one way to get through, and this is it.

A maze of grills

After getting through that confusing room, its time to run down a corridor. Don't worry, if you run directly south from the room you where just in you will not even see a trap. The picture below is a good place to stand and see where all of the wall traps are.

Scouting for Wall Traps

Then get ready to outsmart a wall. Not as fun as it seems right? Disable the wall traps and enter the grill. Disable all the traps on the floor, enter the grill and do it again in the next room. Jump past the pendulum and head north a bit. Go north until you are standing next to the second corpse on the floor and then disable the 3 floor traps in front of you. Then head through the corridor and enter a room full of those nasty traps.

Spinning blades - you must run past these

You may notice the 4 spinning blades and numerous wall and floor traps. Disable the floor traps for an easy path. Now go down the corridor and get ready to get past some Rogue Guards. Pick up some Flash Powder and when a Rogue gets near, use the powder on him. This blinds him for a second, so quickly run past him! You can throw the powder at either Rogue, it doesn't matter. Now jump past the two pendulums and its time to collect your prize! Walk or run up the safes and now it's time to get some rewards! Crack any of the eight safes to get your prize.

The wall safes! At last!

This can be either: A nice, new piece of Rogue armour, a Rogues' Kit or, if you are unlucky, nothing!

While cracking a safe, it is possible to activate a trap. Following Rule 1, if you get hit by a trap, you start again, and all your work was for nothing.

If you are lucky, you will be thrilled to see this message appear in your text box.

You start cracking the safe. You get some loot.

The Rewards

After you finish the Maze, you will be teleported out and Brian O'Richard will congratulate you on a job well done! You will also obtain some Agility and Thieving experience.

Brian O'Richard: Amazing, you made it so far!

Rogues' Kit

Rogue KitThe Rogues' Kit is a stackable item that lets you build either:

  • Spade
  • Chisel
  • Rope
  • Tinderbox

Rogues' Armour

Rogue TopIf you are lucky enough to get some Rogue armour, wear it with pride. Here is the equipment screen with full Rogue:

Rogues' Armor equipment stats

Gallery doors let you view the maze. They are hidden behind grills and if you try to enter the door, you will be told you cannot enter the maze again. To leave the Gallery you must activate your Mystical Jewel and ask Brian to leave. You can view the entire maze from up on the platforms, this makes it easy for you to see what traps are in the maze and lets you plan out your path so you can get to the middle.

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