Soul Wars

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Soul Wars is an Activity similar to Castle Wars, where it is located in Edgeville only on member worlds. However it's designated worlds are 44, 143 and 145. Just like other Activities, there are, of course, rewards you can win, ranging from experience for all of your combat skills (excluding Summoning) to having one of your slaughtered creatures from Slayer to become a familiar to gambling and winning up to 100,000gp! Although there aren't any skills requirements, having a high Slayer and combat levels are recommend. This is a safe game, so you will not lose your items upon death.

Essential Info


  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.
  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.


Because Soul Wars is a Safe Activity, feel free to bring the best items you can afford. The following are recommendations for equipment setups.


Suggested melee equipment

  • Helmet: Dragon, Barrows, Helm of Neitiznot, Third Age.
  • Torso: Runite and above, Barrows, Bandos, Third Age etc.
  • Legs: Runite and above, Barrows, Bandos, Third Age etc.
  • Weapon: Dragon Scimitar/Battleaxe, Abyssal Whip, Barrows or Godsword
  • Shield: Rune Kiteshield, Dragon Sq. Shield, Obsidian Shield, God Book or Third Age.
  • Ring: Explorer's Ring 3 (For free Running Boosts)
  • Ammo: Any
  • Gloves: Any
  • Boots: Dragon, Bandos, Boots of lightness etc.


Suggested mage equipment

  • Helmet: Ahrims, Infinity, Lunar, Mystic Robes etc. Torso: Ahrims, Infinity, Lunar, Mystic Robes etc.
  • Legs: Ahrims, Infinity, Lunar, Mystic Robes etc.
  • Weapon: Teacher/Master Wand, Lunar Staff, Ancient Staff
  • Shield: God Book
  • Ring: Explorer's Ring 3 (For free Running Boosts), Lunar Ring or Seers Ring
    Ammo: Any
  • Gloves: Mystic, Lunar or any other
  • Boots: Infinity, Lunar, Mystic Robes etc.


Suggested range equipment

  • Helmet: Armadyl, Robin Hood, Barrows
  • Torso: Armadyl, Barrows, Blue Dragonhide +
  • Legs: Armadyl, Blue Dragonhide +
  • Weapon: Magic Shortbow, Dark Bow, Barrows, Crystal Bow, Rune Crossbow
  • Shield: God Book (can only hold with Crossbow)
  • Ring: Explorer's Ring 3 (For free Running Boosts), Archers Ring
  • Gloves: Blue Dragonhide+ or any other
  • Boots: Any.

Getting There

There are a number of ways to get to the Soul Wars arena:

  1. Walk from Varrock to Edgeville.
  2. Teleport to the Prayer Guild and walk to Edgeville.
  3. Teleport via Fairy Ring code "DKR" and walk to Edgeville.
  4. Teleport to Edgeville using an Amulet of Glory.
  5. Teleport to the Grand Exchange, use the Agility shortcut through the city wall, and walk to Edgeville. This method requires 21 Agility. Talk to Rat Burgiss after you have completed one difficulty level of Varrock Tasks to swap Varrock teleports

Click to view a full-sized map

Getting Started

Enter the portal to be teleported to the Island of Soul Wars. Find Nomad and talk to him. He will give you two choices:

  1. The choice to do the 5 minute tutorial (recommended).
  2. Read a book explaining how to play.

Choose whichever one you like. Once you have done the tutorial or read the book, head South past the graveyards.

Head west to join the Blue Team, head east to join the red team.

Over time you will receive a higher-priority to enter the game. When a new game starts, Players will be chosen based on Priority. Those with a higher priority will enter first while those with a lower priority will enter later.

Waiting for the soul wars mini-game to start

While you are waiting for the game to start, an information box will be in the top-right corner stating how many players are needed on each team for the game to start, and how long until the game begins. Once the timer reaches zero, the game will start!

Playing the Game

Let the Soul Wars begin! Here is a map of the battlefield:

Map of the Soul Wars battlefield

When you enter your team's graveyard, Nomad will yell at you:

Nomad: The time is now! Crush their souls!

If you have had enough of Soul Wars, feel free to leave via the portal behind you. To aid your allies in the battle, step through the forcefield.

You now have three choices:

  1. Defend your avatar by fighting off attackers on the opposite team.
  2. Help take over the Soul Obelisk/Fight the enemies Avatar.
  3. Fight Jellies or Pyrefiends on the outskirts of the battlefield to collect Soul Fragments/Bones.

The Soul Obelisk

Soul fragmentYour main objective is to use the Soul Obelisk to lower your enemies' Avatar slayer level so you or your teammates can attack the avatar. You can lower it by using Soul Fragments you find when you kill Jellies, Pyrefiends or enemy players with the Soul Obelisk.

Using a soul fragment on a soul obelisk

However, to do that, you need to make sure your team has more players standing around the obelisk then the enemy team does. Then you will start to take over the Soul Obelisk.

Collecting Bones

BonesYou can also kill Pyrefiends (Level 30 Slayer required) or Jellies (Level 52 Slayer required) to collect bones and bury them in one of your graveyards to help boost your avatars slayer level again.

Information Bar

While playing the game, there will be a bar in the top-right corner of your screen:

An informational menu

The three icons represent which teams control which section. In this image, Blue are in control of the West Graveyard and Soul obelisk. Red are only in control of the East Graveyard. Under the Soul Obelisk icon is a colored bar (Blue in this case) this will only appear when you are near the Soul Obelisk and attempting to take over. Once it turns to the opposite color (Red in this case), the other team will take control of the Obelisk.

On the right is a Green Bar, if this gets down to Orange/Red, You will be kicked soon for not participating in the game. You can get this back up again by attacking enemies, using Soul Fragments on the Soul Obelisk etc.

  • Avatar Deaths indicate how many times your avatar has died. You want to keep this as low as possible! The team with the lowest amount will win the game.
  • Avatar level indicates the Slayer level required to kill that teams avatar. In this image, you only need 63 Slayer to attempt to attack the enemy's avatar.
  • Avatar health indicates how much health your avatar has left. If its beginning to get low, you might want to go help out your avatar!
  • Time left states the approximate time until the game is over.

Helpful Supplies

On the East and west sides of the battlefield are supplies which you can use to your advantage.

Tables of helpful supplies for soul wars

  • BandageBandages will heal your health by 10% and restore your run energy by 50%
  • BarricadeBarricades can be used to stall your enemy
  • Explosive potionFinally, Explosive Potions are a quick way of destroying a barricade in one hit.


If you happen to die during the Activities, you will respawn in the nearest graveyard your team controls.


Leaving the Game

If you choose to leave a game, you can leave via the portal in the graveyard next to your avatar.

Warning: If you leave a game, you are unable to join another game until that game is over. This is to stop cheaters swapping over to the winning side.


If your team wins, Congratulations! You will get the following message:

Nomad: The blue team was victorious! You receive 3 Zeal for your participation in this game.

Killing the Enemy Avatar

The only way to win the game is by killing the enemy avatar as many times as you can. But it won't be easy, they're a whopping level 525!

The Blue Team's Avatar:

The blue team's avatar

The Red Team's Avatar:

The red team's avatar

The first step is getting their slayer level down so you are able to attack them by using Soul Fragments on the Soul Obelisk (when your team is controlling it)

Now, you have to got to take the dangerous path of getting past the enemy. Toggle Run and run past your enemies ignoring them until you reach the enemies avatar. Along the way you may need to destroy a few barricades.

Once you reach the avatar, get ready for a fierce fight against it. It is highly recommended to have a familiar out so they can attack enemy players who are attacking you as familiars are unable to harm the enemy avatar.

Protect from Melee is extremely recommended. If you can, use Enchanted Ruby bolts as they can hit 150+! However, you can also use a Godsword against the avatar if you prefer melee. It is also recommended to be level 115+ as you will be defending yourself against a level 525 and other players.

It's dangerous, but you will reap the rewards if you kill the Avatar!


  • Want to get over to the enemies side stealthy? Try traveling around the Soul Obelisk island (where the Jellies and Pyrefiends are located) to sneak around the majority of the players at the Soul Obelisk. (There may still be some players attacking the Jellies and Pyrefiends though)
  • Try setting up a "border" just in front of your supply base. Simply set up a few barricades just outside the supply base so it creates a "border". Have a few rangers/mages waiting behind the barricades so when an Enemy comes into range, they are ambushed.
  • Never head into battle without bandages and explosive potions. These can be your best friends during the battle!
  • Need some Supplies? Try stealing some from the enemy base if you are running past, just be careful of the enemies that will attack you.


You can view the available rewards by talking to Nomad.

The possible rewards from the soul wars minigame

All rewards are purchased using Zeal, which you receive whenever you participate in a Soul Wars game.

Zeal Earnings
If You...Amount of Zeal
Win 3
Draw 2
Lose 1


You can spend the Zeal you earn on experience, Summoning charms, Slayer pets, or you can gamble. You can gain experience in the following skills:

The amount of experience earned per Zeal Point depends on your level in the selected skill.


If you have slaughtered a certain Slayer monster in the past (a Zombie Hand for example), you are able to take it to Nomad, and get it turned into a Summoning pet as long as you have the required amount of Zeal.


In the "Other" tab, you have the choice to gamble using the "?" icon. If you gamble, you can receive one of the following:

  • 23 Babydragon bones
  • 16-23 Wyvern bones
  • 39 Wolf Bones
  • 5 Dagannoth hide
  • 60 Big bones
  • 6-8 Marigolds
  • 4-12 Larupia fur
  • 209-290 Bones
  • 11 Dragon bones
  • 20,000-100,000 Coins
  • 22 Unicorn horns
  • 4-9 Pieces of Kyatt fur
  • 19-28 Vampire dust
  • 7 Evil turnips
  • 7 Carved evil turnip
  • 20 Thin snail
  • 12 Proboscis
  • 6 Desert goat horn
  • 3-5 Dagannoth bones
  • 9 Red Flowers
  • 10 Green dragonhide
  • 18-19 Potato cactus'
  • 20 Bagged plant
  • 5-21 Graahk fur
  • 10 Snake hide
  • 42 Ogre coffin keys

Music Tracks

You also unlock the following Music tracks while playing/waiting:

  • Soul Wars
  • The Waiting Game

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