Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup

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After completing the Jungle Potion Quest, you'll see that the villagers of Tai Bwo Wannai are just starting to move back in. After being away from their village for awhile, apparently the surrounding jungle has started growing in. Now they need your help to clean up!

Essential Info


The Basics

The begin the Activity, speak to Murcaily. He is located on the east side of Tai Bwo Wannai, and he will tell you about taking part in the Activity by helping to rebuild the village fence.

Map of the Area

tai bwo wannai map

1. Mahogany and Teak Tree Reserve

2. Fanellman


3. Rionasta


Rionasta can send your items directly to your bank, at the cost of some Trading Sticks.

4. Safta Doc

Dafta Doc

He makes Machetes for Gabooty, and he will also make them for you if you bring him the equipment:

Opal Machete:

  • 300 Trading Sticks
  • 3 Opals of any kind
  • 1 Gout Tuber Plant

Jade Machete:

  • 600 Trading Sticks
  • 3 Jades of any kind
  • 1 Gout Tuber Plant

Red Topaz Machete:

  • 1200 Trading Sticks
  • 3 Red Topaz of any kind
  • 1 Gout Tuber Plant

5. Gabooty


Gabooty owns a shop just south of the Tribal Statue where you can trade your sticks for items.

Gabooty's Tai Bwo Wannai Cooperative

The currency is in Trading Sticks, which can be obtained by helping out around the village:

  • Tribal Tops: 360 Each
  • Village Robe: 300 Each
  • Village Hat: 240 Each
  • Village Sandals: 120 Each
  • Village Armband: 180 Each
  • Opal Machete: 600 Each
  • Jade Machete: 1200 Each
  • Red Topaz Machete: 2400 Each
  • Gem Prices differ

6. Muircaly


7. Jagbakoba


8. Karaday


9. Mama Buffeta (Upstairs)

Mama Buffeta

10. Layeen and Sharimika (Upstairs)



The Jungle Bushes can be found throughout Tai Bwo Wannai. With your Machete wielded, hack away at the bush! As you cut these, you will get sticks.

Light Jungle - Level 10 Woodcutting

Light jungle

Gives Thatch Spar Light Thatch Spar Light

Medium Jungle - Level 20 Woodcutting

Medium jungle

Gives Thatch Spar Medium Thatch Spar Medium

Dense Jungle - Level 35 Woodcutting

Dense jungle

Gives Thatch Spar Dense Thatch Spar Dense

Favour Points

As your chopping away at the patches of forest, you'll gain Favour Points. You can also gain them by repairing fences and killing the different monsters around the village. But of course, there are some monsters that will try and prevent you from doing this.


Monsters & Random Events

Monsters randomly appear while you are cutting jungles, attacking you. You gain favour by killing them, and you can get special items.

Jungle Spiders

Info: Jungle Spiders are not very dangerous. They rarely poison and are easy to kill.
Level: 44
Drops: Spider Carcass

Spider Carcasses can be used as food, if you have skewered it. To do so, use your Machete on any Spar's and you will get Skewer Sticks. Use one on the raw carcass, and cook it. You can also use arrow shafts, but you wont get them back after eating the spider, unlike Skewer Sticks.

Bush Snakes

Info: Bush Snakes are also weak, but they poison more often than the Jungle Spider
Level: 35
Drops: Snake Hide

Snake Hides can be used to make the new Snake Ranged Armor. More information about this can be found later in the guide.



Info: Tribesmen are stronger than Bush Snakes, and poison more often. Not really worth killing as they don't drop anything good.
Level: 33
Drops: Bones

Mosquito Swarm


Info: There are 3 different types of Mosquitoes, ranging in levels. You get Agility experience for killing these.
Level: 13, 17, 20, and 22
Drops: Proboscis
Proboscises are used in Summoning to make a Mosquito Pouches

Broodoo Victim

Broodoo Victim

Info: There are 3 color types of these Broodoo Victims, each dropping a different color mask.
Level: 60
Drops: Tribal Mask

They attack with magic; normal attacks won't affect them much, and they can weaken you.

Tribal Masks can be worn and come in three differen colors, including:

  • Brown tribal mask Yellow/Brown
  • Green tribal mask Green
  • White tribal mask White

Each color corresponds to their weakness. If you use the correct item, you can heavily damage them instead of just hitting 1 or two!

  • Yellow/Brown Broodoo's are weak against Relicym's Balm Potion.
  • Green Broodoo's are weak against Antipoison Potions.
  • White Broodoo's are weak against food. You can bring pineapples, slice them and use them on them.

Also, you can get Broodoo Shields by using 2 Tanned Snake hides and 8 Nails near an anvil on a mask. Corresponding to its color, the shield has 10 Charges, which can prevent certain effects, such as poison, disease or damage.

Gem Rocks

Sometimes, you will find a small gemrock in the jungles. They can be mined 3 times for 3 gems, after which you can sell to Gabooty.

Gout Tuber Plant

Gout Tubber Plant

Gout Tubber PlantRarely, a Gout Tuber plant will appear while helping the villagers. If you have a Spade, you can uproot it to get a Gout Tuber, which can be planted in a Farming Patch!

Planting XP: 105
Harvest XP: 45

Getting Sticks

To get Sticks, talk to the villagers and they will reward you. Say you've been helping around the village. Also, you can sell some gems to Gabooty for some easy sticks. Receiving sticks will reduce your favour %, but you can always raise it easily.

Getting Sticks:


Receiving Sticks:

Trading sticks reward

If you wear a full jungle outfit (explained below), you will receive far more Trading Sticks for your favor! Also, after asking 3 villagers for sticks, your favour will decrease to 0% and you'll need to complete more tasks to build it up again.

Snake Skin Armor

Here's a picture of a full set of Snake Skin Armor:

Snakeskin armor equipmentSnake skin armor

It's slightly less powerful than green Dragonhide armor, and it's heavier as well. It requires at least level 30 Defence and Ranging to be worn.

You can obtain it by killing Bush Snakes and taking their hides while cutting the patches of Jungle. People buy and sell them for around 50-100 Sticks each hide. You must then tan the hides, which cost 15gp each. You need 46 hides in total to make a full set. just use a Thread and Needle to craft a piece.

Snakeskin Armor
PictureItemHidesCrafting LevelCrafting Experience
Snakeskin Boots Boots 6 45 30
Snakeskin Vambraces Vambraces 8 47 35
Snakeskin Bandana Bandana 5 48 45
Snakeskin Chaps Chaps 12 51 50
Snakeskin Body Body 15 53 55

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