Temple Trekking

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Temple Trekking is an Activity in which you serve as a bodyguard and guide to a non-player character of your choice. You must escort your companion through the swamps of Mort Myre while surviving attacks from high-level monsters and completing challenging obstacle events.

Temple Trekking is a not a safe Activity; in other words, you will lose items if you die. It offers decent rewards, which include experience, supplies and raw materials, and the chance to get your very own lumberjack gear!

Essential Info




Suggested equipment

Remember, this is only the recommended Equipment for the Activity. Adjust it to meet your budget or combat level. Initiate or Proselyte armor may be substituted for those who want an added prayer bonus. A ring of life is strongly recommended, however, as you will have no way of retrieving your lost items if you die.


Suggested inventory

Optional Items

  • Gadderhammer- works well against Shades
  • Snelm- provides an excellent defensive bonus against Snails
  • Salve Amulet- gives a 15% accuracy bonus when fighting undead opponents
  • Holy Wrench- provides an extra prayer point for each dose of Prayer Potion (obtained from the Rum Deal quest)
  • Silver Sickle (b)- even if you already have a silver weapon, it can be used to refill your druid pouch (not needed if you bring an Ivandis Flail)
  • Knife- for Tree-Swing event and to collect Snake Hides
  • Axe (any type) - for Broken Bridge events
  • Hammer- for Broken Bridge event (not needed if you bring an axe)

Getting There

If You've Completed Darkness of Hallowvale...

There are two start points for this Activity, depending on which quests you have completed. For those who have completed The Darkness of Hallowvale, there is a start point next to the River Salve, next to the bridge leading from the temple. The route you take isn't that big of a deal if you have completed the quest, however, because your trek will be a round trip.

Routes to the Temple Trekking mini-game

From Varrock: This route will take you from Varrock to the temple. You will have to pass underneath it via the trapdoor in the graveyard to the north. This route is useful if you need to charge a Rod of Ivandis.

From Ectofuntus: If you use an Ectophial to teleport, you will need to take this route. Remember to refill your Ectophial before leaving, though!

From Canifis: You will take this route after a Kharyll teleport (requires Ancient Magics spellbook, or a Kharyll Portal in your house). It is the fastest, by far.

If You Haven't Completed Darkness of Hallowvale...

For those who haven't completed Darkness of Hallowvale, there are several routes to Burgh de Rott, the quickest being the swamp boat. If you use this route, however, it is recommended that you first bank your druid pouch and food. The amount of damage you will take from the Ghasts should be minimal, and you will waste less food in doing so.

Routes to the Temple Trekking mini-game

Paterdomus Path: This path is the longest, and you will encounter more Ghasts along it. You should only take it if it is your only option, or if you want to recharge your prayer at the Nature Altar.

Haunted Mine Shortcut: If you are taking the Paterdomus path, you can use this shortcut. You will find a fence you can jump over when you reach Burgh de Rott.

Fairy Ring Path: If you have completed Fairy Tale Part 2, you can use this fairy ring as a shortcut.

Swamp Boat Pass: This is by far the best path. You will encounter few Ghasts here (you will usually be attacked by 1-3 if you run), so you should bank your druid pouch and food before taking it. You will be safe without it for such a short period of time, and the trip is cut in half if you take the swamp boat.

Beginning Your Trek

There are two different start locations for the Activity. It is recommended that you complete Darkness of Hallowvale in advance, so as to reduce the time spent walking and make the Activity a round trip.

From Burgh de Rott

Many citizens of Burgh de Rott want to travel to the Paterdomus temple, but do not know the way. It is up to you to escort them.

The travelers are located in the square, just south of the entrance to the town. You can distinguish them from the regular members of the town because the travelers have first and last names; whereas the townspeople only have first names. To escort a traveler, simply talk to them and choose the option that says "I can take to you Paterdomus."

Burgh de Rott Travelers
Difficulty Name Picture
Easy Fyiona Fray Fyiona fray
Easy Dalcian Fang Dalcian fang
Medium Jayene Kliyn Jayene Kliyn
Medium Valantay Eppel Valantay Eppel
Hard Rolayne Twickit Rolayne twickit
Hard Smiddi Ryak Smiddi Ryak

From Paterdomus Temple

After you complete The Darkness of Hallowvale, you will find that several adventurers want to aid in the cause of escorting travelers from Burgh de Rott, but they do not know the way to the town.

All six of your possible companions are located around the Activity symbol near the temple, in the exact spot where you finish your trek to Paterdomus. To escort one, talk to them and choose the option that says "I can take you to Burgh de Rott."

Paterdomus Travelers
Difficulty Name Picture
Easy The Adventurer The Adventurer
Easy The Mage The Mage
Medium The Ranger The Ranger
Medium The Apprentice The Apprentice
Hard The Forester The Forester
Hard The Woman-at-Arms The Woman-at-Arms

Follower Difficulty

There are three levels of difficulty for the various citizens who need excorting:

  • Easy: These followers can take care of themselves in most situations. They have decent Defence levels and will aid in combat. If their Life Points become low, they will attempt to escape. Still, it is a good idea to give them some food on harder treks.
  • Medium: These companions also are fairly strong. They will aid you in combat and will usually attempt to escape when their Life Points become low. It is recommended that you give them some food on most trails, however.
  • Hard: These companions are very weak. They have very low Defence levels, and will often stay engaged in battle, even when near death. Giving them a full stock of food is recommended, and you should always be ready to heal them if they begin to take damage. They give the highest rewards on average, but it is recommended that only experienced players escort these companions.

Follower Inventory

You may also give your companion food before starting your journey. To do so, use a piece of food on your companion before starting your trek. A menu will appear showing the types of food you may give your companion, as well as how much they can hold. Your companion can hold a maximum of fifteen pieces of food. It is recommended that you give your companion some food before starting your trek, especially if they are weak or you plan on taking path two or three.

Follower Inventory

It does not matter which follower you give food to- it will be used by whoever you escort, even if you gave the food to another traveler. Food from previous treks will carry on to later treks, as well, no matter who you escort.

Choosing a Route

The map below illustrates the routes followed both to and from the Paterdomus temple. Your character will be shown at the start point, and will move across the path much like taking a ship or glider. The routes vary in difficulty and average number of events.

Routes to the Paterdomus Temple

Route One: This is the easiest, and usually has the least events.
Route Two: This path is of medium difficulty, and has a medium amount of events.
Route Three: This path is the hardest, and usually has the most events.


Your trek will be interrupted by events, or challenges you must complete to continue. When you come upon an event a large exclamation point will appear above your icon.

Challenge icon

Each event will take place within an enclosed area. The map below shows all the possible event areas, as well as the Evade, Escape and Continue points.

Temple Trekking event location map.

You will notice two or three rock paths at the edge of the area. These are your "go back" and "continue" paths. These paths have several options:

Rock path

Continue-trek: You use this option to continue your trek after completing an event
Escape: The "Escape" path is usually located somewhere behind the point where you started an event. You should use this path only if you are close to death or cannot continue or evade an event for some reason. It will cause you to fail your event, and you will end up in the swamp near the point you were at on your trek.
Evade-event: This option allows you to escape your event without failing your trek. You will continue on your trek as normal, but your reward may be less. There are some restrictions, however:

  • You can only evade events on Route Two after killing half the monsters in the event.
  • You cannot evade events on Route Three until you have killed all the monsters. After that, however, there is no need to evade the event, because you can continue your trek as normal.
  • You cannot evade Obstacle Events.

If you log out during an event, you can log back on later and continue your trek. Your progress on most events will be saved, but events such as the Bog Event will need to be restarted.

Remember that all the events in the Activity are multi-way combat, so you will have to manage attacks from multiple opponents while still protecting your follower. You may give your follower food to heal them, or to store for later, during you trek, but you will have to give them each piece at a time. This is why it is recommended that you give your companion some food before starting your trek.

Combat Events



Difficulty: Medium
Routes: All
Levels: 79, 109, 139

This event shouldn't be too hard to handle. A druid pouch is a necessity though; otherwise the Ghasts will quickly rot all the food in your inventory. If your Druid Pouch runs out of charges, you can use Ivandis Flail or Silver Sickle (b) to cast bloom on the rotten logs in the area.

If a Ghast concentrates on your follower and your druid pouch doesn't reveal it, simply use the pouch on the Ghast. By putting yourself between your follower and the Ghast, you should be able to make it focus on you.

When killed, they drop herbs, fishing bait, coins, and other random items, and will also give you prayer experience, the amount depending on their level:

Level 79: 80
Level 109: 110
Level 139: 140



Difficulty: Medium
Routes: All
Levels: 50, 90, 119

Juvinates are easy to manage, as long as you have the correct items. Only silver weapons can cause damage to them, the Rod of Ivandis being the most effective.

The Juvinates will disappear just before their health reaches zero. By using the rod's special when they reach 50% health, however, you can hold them and do one of two things:

  1. Use a Guthix Balance Potion: This will turn the Juvinate back into a human, and they will give you a small reward in thanks.
  2. Continue attacking: You can finish the Juvinate off without taking damage.

Nail Beasts

Nail beasts

Difficulty: Low
Routes: All
Levels: 69, 98, 141

Nail Beasts are weak defensively, but hit with three weak to moderate melee attacks at a time. They usually concentrate on you, but if one happens to attack your companion you shouldn't have much trouble dispatching it.

When killed, Nail Beasts drop Big Bones and Nail Beast Nails, which can be sold or used to make Sanfew Serums. They also can drop Talon Beast charms, which are an ingredient used to make Talon Beast Pouches with the summoning skill.


Difficulty: Medium
Routes: All
Levels: Riyl (Route One): 80, Asyn (Route Two): 110, Fiyr (Route Three): 140

Shades usually will concentrate on you, but they can hit high, and if you are not careful they will quickly kill your follower. This event always takes place in Mort'ton, however, so you will be able to quickly start another trek if your companion dies.

A good strategy when fighting shades is to place your companion between the shade and your character after attacking them. If you have range or magic equipment, or a halberd, you can kill them without taking damage or wasting prayer. This is risky, however, so make sure the shades are focused on you before attempting it.

When killed, shades drop remains. These can be used in Shade Burning or sold to other players.



Difficulty: High
Routes: All
Levels: 80, 109, 139

Snails use a range based attack, and can hit high and very fast. It is recommended that you use the Protect from Range prayer on these events If you do not have the required prayer level or don't have any prayer potions, you can wear a Snelm, which greatly reduces the damage snails can cause.

If a snail happens to attack your companion you simply have to attack them and they will focus on you. Snails drop Snail Shells, which can be traded to Barlak in Dorgesh-Kaan for 600gp. Occasionally, a snail will drop a Perfect Snail Shell. Barlak will give you 500 Crafting experience, as well as 600gp, for this type of shell. Both perfect and regular snail shells are untradeable.

Swamp Snakes

Swamp snakes

Difficulty: High
Routes: All
Levels: 80, 109, 139

Swamp Snakes are also very dangerous. They use a melee attack, and if you do not attack each of them before they reach your companion they could quickly kill him/her. They hit high and often, so it is recommended that you use Protect from Melee if you or your companion are low on food.

When killed, Swamp Snakes drop a special type of Snake Hides which are worth much more than regular snake hides. These can be tanned and crafted into Snake Hide Armor or sold. They can also be used to make Spirit Cobra Pouches using the Summoning skill.

Tentacle Monster

Tentacle monster

Difficulty: High
Routes: Three Only
Levels: Tentacles (4): 99, Head: 140

This is the most dangerous event, but you can complete it without much trouble as long as you are prepared. Protect from Melee is strongly recommended. A poisoned weapon of some sort is a help, because if you poison one part of the monster the rest will be poisoned as well.

You should kill all four tentacles before attacking the monster's head- otherwise it will simply regenerate. A good strategy is to concentrate on the tentacle that is attacking your companion. After killing one or two of the tentacles, they should be safe.

The monster does not drop anything when killed. To continue or end your trek, simply right click the boat.



Difficulty: High
Routes: All
Levels: 110

If you have completed the Legacy of Seergaze quest, you may come across this event from time to time. The Vyrewatch use a melee attack, and can hit quite high, so Protect from Melee is recommended, especially on hard treks. To damage the Vyrewatch, you will need a Flail of Ivandis, which is obtained during the quest.

When killed, the Vyrewatch will drop a Vyre Corpse. You can burn it by using it and pyre logs (teak or better) on one of the funeral pyres in the Colombarium, located below the Paterdomus Temple. You then need to light the corpse using a tinderbox.

Obstacle Events



This event involves crossing a bog which separates you from your destination. You will first need to cut some sticks from the nearby bush using a knife or other bladed weapon. Taking at least three branches is recommended, because they can occasionally be sucked into the swamp. To cross the swamp, you will first have to test each square before proceeding. If the square is safe to stand on, a message saying "This ground seems quite firm." will appear in your chat box. Otherwise, do not attempt to stand on that square. Doing so will cause you to sink and have to re-cross the bog. Don't worry, though. If you do mess up, you will still be able to take the same path as before. If you happen to log out while doing this event, though, you will have to restart, and the path will be different upon logging in.

Broken Bridge

Broken bridge

This event comes in two varieties: with and without trees.

Broken Bridge With Trees:

Broken bridge with trees

This is the non-combat version of the event. To cross the broken bridge you simply have to cut three logs from the nearby trees and then use them on the bridge while equipping an Axe (you can also repair the bridge without equipping an axe, as long as you have a Hammer in your inventory). If you do not have an axe with you, you can obtain one by killing the nearby Zombie.

Broken Bridge Without Trees:

Broken bridge without trees

This event is completed by killing Undead Lumberjacks and using the logs they drop on the Broken Bridge (using the same method as described above). Undead Lumberjacks (usually near level 50) will emerge from the river and immediately begin attacking you and your companion. This event is significant because you can obtain a piece of Lumberjack Gear from it. Be aware that you can only get one piece of clothing per event, however, and that it is possible to get multiples of certain pieces before completing the set.

Sick Travellers

Sick travellers

In this event, you must feed four sick travelers before they turn into Ghasts. Right-clicking each will show their status (Sick, Sick!, Very Sick!, and Ghastly!). The best option is to give each of them food from your inventory, especially on trails two and three, because they will quickly turn into Ghasts otherwise. If you are out of food or want to conserve it, however, there are several snails in the area that you can kill. You can obtain logs from the dead trees in the area using the Bronze Axe respawn (or your own). You can use the nearby tinderbox to start a fire.

Tree Swing

Tree swing

To complete this event, you must cross a river by swinging from the nearby tree. You will need a knife and three free inventory spots (don't worry, if you have to drop items, you can pick them up before proceeding). If you do not have a knife, you can search the nearby Backpack to get one. First, cut three Short Vines from the smaller tree by using your knife with them. Once you have all three, use one with the other to get a Long Vine. Use the Long Vine with the branch of the larger tree to make a tree swing, and swing across. Remember to pick up any dropped items beforehand, however, because you will not be able to re-cross the river.

Other Events

Abidor Crank

Abidor crank

This event is very rare, but it can be a huge help if you or your companion is low on health. An old man will be wandering around the area, and when you talk to him he will turn any rotten food into stews. Not only that, but he will also increase your Defence and Life Points by 20%, no matter what level they are at! This means that it is possible to have more Life Points than your Constitution level times 10. Your Defence level and Life Points will slowly drop back to normal if they have been raised above their usual amount.


Token Rewards

After each successful trek, your follower will give you a reward token, the color depending on the route you took. Generally, red tokens will give the highest rewards, yellow tokens will give medium rewards, and blue ones will give the lowest rewards. Rewards are random however, but there are three factors that loosely determine your reward:

  1. Route taken
  2. Strength of companion
  3. Number/Difficulty of events completed

Paterdomus Tokens:

Blue scrollRed scrollYellow scrollYou receive these tokens for successfully escorting a follower from Paterdomus to Burgh de Rott. You can trade these tokens in for your reward by talking to Hiylik Myna, who is located at the Paterdomus trek start point. Blue tokens are given for route one, yellow for route two, and red for route three.

Burgh de Rott Tokens:

Blue scrollRed scrollYellow scrollYou receive these tokens for successfully escorting a follower from Burgh de Rott to Paterdomus. You can trade them in for your reward at the Burgh de Rott bank simply by clicking the "Use" function at the bank window. Blue tokens are given for route one, yellow for route two, and red for route three.

Books of Knowledge

Occasionally, a reward token will yield a Book of Knowledge. When read, they give experience in their corresponding skill: Agility, Firemaking, Fishing, Mining, Slayer, Thieving or Woodcutting.

Books of Knowledge
Picture Path Given Experience
Blue book 1 550-1,100
Yellow book 2 990-2,035
Red book 3 990-4,015

Other Rewards

Noted coalNoted Coal
Noted ironNoted Iron
Noted essenceNoted Pure Essence
Notes silver barNoted Silver Bars
Noted bowstringNoted Bowstrings
Noted grimy herbNoted Grimy Herbs (Tarromin, Toadflax or Harralander)
Noted raw lobsterNoted Raw Lobsters
Watermelon seedWatermelon Seeds

Note: Coal and Iron are always given together as a reward, the amount of iron always being equal to as close to half the amount of coal as possible (ex: If 60 coal is given, 30 iron will be received as well; If 65 coal is given, the amount of iron will be 32 or 33).

Lumberjack Gear:

Lumberjack gearThis is not actually a reward from the game, but you can receive it when taking part in Broken Bridge Events (no trees). The entire set gives a 5% experience bonus when woodcutting.

Note: Each piece gives a 1% experience boost. You do not need to wear the full set to get an experience bonus.


Q: If my companion/follower dies, will I be able to escort them again?

A: Yes. You will be able to escort your companion an infinite number of times. If your companion dies, you can escort them again by returning to their start location (either Burgh de Rott or Paterdomus).

Q: Will I be able to choose which Tome of Experience I receive?

A: No, the tome you receive is random, just like other rewards.

Q: I can't cause any damage on the Juvinates! What's wrong?

A: You probably aren't attacking them with a silver weapon. If you don't have one, escape or, if possible, evade the event.

Q: I can't cause any damage on the Vyrewatch! What's wrong?

A: You probably don't have a Ivandis Flail. If you don't have one, escape or, if possible, evade the event.

Q: I've just killed the Tentacle Monster, and I want to continue, but I can't leave! What should I do?

A: Right click the boat to continue, evade, or escape the event.

Q: My pouch has run out of charges and I'm at a Ghast event! What do I do?

A: If you have a blessed silver sickle, also known as a silver sickle (b), cast bloom (click "operate") while standing near a rotten log. You can then add whatever grows to your druid pouch. If you can't cast bloom, check to see if you have run out of prayer points, and drink a prayer potion if you have. If you do not have a silver sickle (b) or prayer potions, (or a druid pouch, for that matter) evade or escape the event.

Q: I'm at a Ghast event and I have a charged druid pouch; the Ghasts are attacking my companion, but they won't appear! What's going on?

A: If this happens, use your druid pouch on the Ghasts to make them attackable.

Q: I successfully completed an event, but when I started a new one, my companion was nowhere to be seen! What's up with that?!

A: This is a glitch that appears from time to time. You should be able to complete the event as usual, and you companion will reappear at the next event or the end of the trek.

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