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Vinesweeper is a Farming Activity where you help Farmer Blinkin get out of his cotton-tailed problems. His farm has been overrun with rabbits and he needs your help to get his seeds back before the rabbits eat them all!

Essential Info


  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: Flags (Bought from Mrs. Winkin for 500gp each), Ogleroots, 1x Spade (sold by Mrs. Winkin for 5gp)
  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.

Item Notes

FlagYou need flags to mark seeds. You can only hold up to 10 at a time. If you are successful in marking seeds, your flag will be returned to you when you speak to Mrs. Winkin or Farmer Blinkin. You can buy new flags from Mrs. Winkin or Farmer Blinkin for 500 gp each. You can also trade Mrs. Winkin and buy then for 50 points

OglerootOgleroot are used to keep the rabbits away. They can be purchased from Farmer Blinkin or dug up while playing the game.

Getting There

To get to Vinesweeper, talk to any of your friendly Tool Leprechauns located near every farming patch. They will teleport you directly to Farmer Blinkin's overrun potato farm. For faster teleportation, right-click him and choose "Teleport."

Select the "Teleport" option

How To Play

When you first enter the portal, you will see four information signs to the east. These signs will show you how to play the game.

Read the signs to learn how to play

After reading the signs, go on inside and talk to Mrs. Winkin to get your flags. She will hand you ten free flags and then tells you to go get working.

Speak to Mrs. Winking to receive some flags
Maps of important vinesweeper locations

Climb over the stile to the north, south, east, or west to get to the farmland.

Climb over the stile

You will see yourself in the middle of many piles of dirt.

The vinesweeper field

You will occasionally see a rabbit. They will eat any flags that you set up. To get rid of them, feed them an Ogleroot.

Rabbits will eat your flags

When you choose somewhere to dig, you can either dig up a seed, a number, or you can clear away a large patch of land and see many numbers. If you dig up a patch, any space that is touching open land will not have a seed. Each number represents how many seeds are next to it. If there is a 1, only 1 seed is touching the number. The numbers go as high as 5.

Basic Techniques

A field full of numbers

There are two different ways to play Vinesweeper. The first way is to clear the land and flag seeds while doing it. The second way is to just dig up the holes, not flagging any seeds.

If you can get a 1 to only have one spot for the seed to be, you can be sure not to dig there. The pile of dirt in the red square has a seed in it. Notice how the 1 in the top-right has only one open pile of dirt touching it. That guarantees that a seed is below that pile of dirt.

A seed is buried under the highlighted dirt pile

Continuing on from the picture above, you can see many other number 1s around the seed. Because you know where the seed is, the other spots touching those number 1s can not have a seed. They are free to dig in and might open up another pathway for finding seeds. In the picture below, the piles of dirt with an X can not have a seed, while the pile with an O absolutely has a seed.

The marked spots "x" cannot have seeds, and "o" definitely have seeds

Common Patterns and How to Solve Them

In this section, there will be many descriptions below the pictures on how to solve them.

Different "1" formations

The top left flag marks the classic 1-1-1 Corner. The top right flag marks a 1-1-1-1-1 U formation. The bottom two flags are very similar formations. The top one has a 1-1 which can only have one solution. The bottom one is a mirror of that pattern.

Placing the flag near two 1's

In this picture, the flag is near two different 1s. The right 1 is the number that tells you where the flag goes. It has to be diagonal from it because any other spaces touching it are also touching open ground.

A 1-1-1 pattern

The top flag is the pattern of 1-1-1 in a line. The solution has to be in the middle because the outer two 1s have the hole with the flag in it as the only hole not touching cleared ground. The bottom-right flag consists of the same rule, with just one 1. The bottom-left flag would be a 1-1-1 corner formation if hole to the top-left of the flag was dug up. Finally, the flag on the left would also be a 1-1-1 corner. The trick to identifying these patterns is to think to find out what numbers and also memorization of patterns.

Seeds can't be in holes touching cleared ground

The main point so far has been that any hole touching cleared ground can not have a seed in it. That rule applies to the flag in this picture.

A 1-1-2 formation

In the front of the image, you see a corner of 1-1-2. By eliminating the squares currently touching cleared land, only two spots are possible to be marked, diagonal from the 2 and just to the right of the 2.

Another example of the clear ground rule

Even more emphasis on the cleared ground rule. The 2 only has two possible spots for the seed to be, the spots marked by the flags.

A 1-2-1 pattern

In the middle of the picture, there is a 1-2-1 line pattern. In this pattern, the flags have to be diagonal from the 2.

A 2-1-2 pattern

The corner of 2-1-2 has only one solution. The corner has the one seed diagonal to it. The two 2s also have to have the seed diagonal to them because the 1 already has a seed touching it. This means you can flag three seeds.

A 2-3-2 pattern

When you have a line of 2-3-2 with one side having a cleared area, the three holes touching the 3 have to have a seed in them and need to be flagged.

A 1-2-2-1 pattern

In the pattern of 1-2-2-1 in a line, both holes directly in front of the 2s have seeds in them.

A 1-2-3-X pattern

With the pattern of 1-2-3-X, the flagged holes are the only solution. The hole below the 3 has to be empty because it is touching cleared ground. That leaves only three holes touching the 3.

A 1-1-0-1-1 pattern

A 1-1-0-1-1 pattern is basically a 1-1-1 corner if you dug up the holes. It is very simple once you learn the pattern.

A 0-1-2-2 pattern

You can see the pattern of a 0-1-2-2. The corner 1 has to have a seed touching it, and the 2 to the right of the 1 also is limited in possible spaces so both holes touching it have a seed.

A pattern of 1-1-2-2-2-1

This is one of the more complicated formations. First, use the Clear Ground rule to eliminate holes for the bottom 1. You find that the seed has to be directly above the bottom 1. That means the seed to the right of the first 2 can not have a seed because it is touching the 1 that already has a seed. The seed above the first 2 has to have a seed because of that. The second 2 from the bottom has a seed to the right of it and directly above it. That means the third 2 has both seeds found for it. The 1 also has the seed found for it already.

Another complicated pattern

These patterns might look complicated, but it is actually quite easy to solve. Any hole touching a 3 has to have a seed next to it, solving the whole sequence.

Another more challenging example
This example connot be solved...

Occasionally you will find a glitch where a 1 has no solution. Just ignore this and continue working.


Mrs. Winkin's World of Seeds

Experience may be bought per point, from level 40 Farming up. Spending your points for experience is an all or nothing price, so make sure to buy seeds before buying experience. Before spending points on experience, you will be asked to confirm your selection.

Are you sure you want to trade your remaining points for XP?

Here are the prices for each item sold:

Mrs. Winkin's World of Seeds
Tomato Seed 10
Sweetcorn Seed 150
Strawberry Seed 165
Watermelon Seed 680
Guam Seed 10
Marrentil Seed 10
Ranarr Seed 4,000
Kwuarm Seed 1,000
Tarromin Seed 10
Nasturtium Seed 10
Woad Seed 30
Limpwurt Seed 70
Asgarnian Seed 5
Krandorian Seed 20
Redberry Seed 5
Cadavaberry Seed 5
Dwellberry Seed 5
Jangerberry Seed 10
Whiteberry Seed 25
Poison Ivy Seed 30
Acorn Seed 100
Willow Seed 1,800
Maple Seed 12,000
Pineapple Seed 10,000
Yew Seed 29,000
Palm Tree Seed 35,000
Spirit Seed 55,000
Super Compost Potion (4) 5,000
Flag 50

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