Prince Ali Rescue

By: Mith
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Essential Info

Start Point

To begin this quest, speak with Hassan in Al Kharid Castle.



  • Difficulty: Novice
  • Length: Long

Getting Started

To begin the quest, walk to Al Kharid or, on a Member's World, teleport there using a Ring of Duelling or an Amulet of Glory. Once in Al Kharid, go to the Palace and walk south to the large room and talk to Hassan.

Routes to Al Kharid and important NPCs

Ask Hassan if he can use some help. He will tell you he can and requests that you go and visit Osman to the north of the Palace near the well.

Tip: If you don't have water yet, you can ask Hassan 'how they survive the heat'. Then he'll give you a Jug of Water. This will work just as well as a Bucket of Water.

Talk to Hassan

Osman will tell you that Prince Ali has been taken captive by Lady Keli. Osman has a plan for you to help get him out. He will give you a list of items that you will need for the plan.

You are going to need to tie up Lady Keli and disguise the Prince as her. To do that you will need a rope, a skirt, a wig, and something to color the Prince's skin. You will also need soft clay and a bronze bar to make a copy of the jail key.

Making the Disguise

Head to Draynor Village either by walking, using an Amulet of Glory (4) teleport, or using a Cabbage-Port teleport. Once there talk to Leela, Osman's daughter. Leela can be found just south of the wheat field and north of the jail. She'll mention she knows of your will to help. She'll also tell you more about the disguise.

Map of important quest locations and NPCs.

The Rope

First let's take care of getting the rope. If you already have a rope, skip this part. Leela mentioned there was a good rope maker in Draynor, and apparently she was referring to Ned. Ned can be found in his house which is the closest house west of the musician. Ned also starts the Lumbridge Tasks. Talk to Ned to find out he'll sell you rope for 15gp or make some for 4 pieces of wool.

Ned: Well, I can sell you some rope for 15 coins.

If you want to save 15gp, go east to the sheep farm with a pair of Shears. Shear 4 sheep, then go to Lumbridge Castle. Go to the second floor and look for a spinning wheel. Spin the wool on this to make 4 Balls of Wool. Then go back to Ned.

The Wig

While you're by Ned, ask him if he can make other things from wool. He'll say he is sure he can and ask you what you're thinking of. Tell him you want a wig. He says he can do it, but he'll need 3 Balls of Wool. Give him the wool and he'll make you a wig. Now use your Yellow Dye on the wig. If you don't have Yellow Dye yet, head to Aggie (refer to map above). Talk to her and click for 'more' options. Ask her if she can make dyes for you. Then tell her you'd like yellow. She'll tell you she needs 2 onions and 5gp, give it to her (if you don't have onions, you can get some from the patch east of Rimmington).

Aggie: Yellow is a strange colour to get, comes from onion skins.

Yellow DyeNow, if you haven't done so yet, use the Yellow Dye on the wig to get a blonde wig (the name of the item won't change, but the color will).

The Skin Color

Stay near Aggie. Ask her about the Prince Ali Rescue Quest. Your character will automatically ask her if she can make skin paste. Aggie will need a Bucket of Water, Ashes, and Red Berries. If you have all of these, have her mix together some skin paste.

You hand the ash, flour, water and redberries to Aggie.

If you don't have these items yet, you'll need to get them.

  • Ashes: Ashes Take out an axe and a tinderbox. Cut some wood and burn it. Wait for the fire to die out and pick up the ashes.
  • Bucket of Water: Bucket of Water Buy a bucket from a General Store. Then take the bucket to a fountain. Use the bucket on the fountain.
  • Redberries: Redberries You'll need to go east of the stone circle south of Varrock. There will be Red berries on the ground next to the mine. Now head back to Aggie and have her make the skin paste.

The Skirt

To get the skirt you'll need to go to Varrock. Either teleport there or walk, but you'll have to make it to the center of Varrock. Once there, go to the Clothes Shop, southwest. Trade with Thessalia and buy a Pink Skirt for 2gp.

Buy a pink skirt from Thessalia's Fine Clothes shop

The Jail Key

For the Jail Key you'll need Soft Clay and a Bronze Bar. To get Soft Clay you'll need to use water on regular Clay which can be mined in the mine southwest of Varrock by the Champions Guild (and several other mines). For the Bronze Bar, you'll need to mine 1 Tin and 1 Copper. Then you'll need to smelt them into a Bronze Bar at a furnace. Now head to Lady Keli at the Jail (refer to map above). Speak with her, you'll say you've heard of her. Reply to what she says with any option except, 'I have heard a little, but I think Katrine is tougher.'

Select an option other than 'I have heard a little, but I think Katrine is tougher.'

After that, start asking about the plan. After that ask her if she thinks other people will try to get him out. Finally, ask her to see the key.

Select 'Could I touch the key for a moment please?'

As you touch the key, you'll take an imprint of it. Your Soft Clay will now be a 'Key Print'. Now head back to Osman at Al Kharid. Make sure you have the Key Print and Bronze Bar with you. Osman will take the Print and Bar and tell you to get the key from Leela. Now go back to Draynor Village. Speak with Leela and she'll give you the key.

Leela: My father sent this key for you. Be careful not to lose it.

Being the Hero

Now it's time to do some hero work. Head to the jail. Talk to Joe, the guard in front of the jail cell, and offer him some beer. You'll eventually end up giving him all 3 Beers. Joe is now drunk. Now to take care of Lady Keli. Simply use the rope on her to tie her up and put her in the cupboard. Quickly enter the cell and speak with the prince and disguise him. (Lady Keli will come back if you wait too long.)

Tip: If you accidentally drink one of the beers, you can refill your glass from the barrel in the northern most house of Draynor Village.

You overpower Keli again, tie her up, and put her in a cupboard.

Prince Ali will mention his father will pay you well and then leave. You'll tell him to go see Leela.

Prince Ali: Thank you my friend, I must leave you now.

Now, go to Al Kharid and talk to Hassan once again to receive your reward. Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Congratulations! You have completed the Prince Ali Rescue Quest!


  • 3 Quest Points
  • 700gp Free passage through the Al Kharid Toll Gate

Fast Quest Walkthrough

  1. [^] Talk to Hassan
  2. [^] Talk to Osman
  3. [^] Talk to Leela
  4. [^] Obtain a Rope from Ned
  5. [^] Obtain a wig from Ned
  6. [^] Obtain a Yellow Dye from Aggie
  7. [^] Use Yellow Dye on wig
  8. [^] Obtain skin paste from Aggie
  9. [^] Buy Pink Skirt from Clothes Store in Varrock
  10. [^] Get Key Print from Lady Keli with Soft Clay in your inventory
  11. [^] Take Key Print and Bronze Bar to Osman
  12. [^] Get Key from Leela
  13. [^] Get Joe drunk
  14. [^] Tie up Lady Keli
  15. [^] Disguise Prince Ali
  16. [^] Talk to Hassan
  17. [^] Quest Complete!

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