World 1 Trading

By: Psv02
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World 1 is one of the best trading worlds for non-members. Just about all non-member stuff, is being sold here. This guide will show you the best places to trade, in each of the main trade cities, including Varrock, Falador, Draynor Village, and Al Kharid.

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With the introduction of themed worlds in RuneScape, this guide appears to be outdated. This content serves only as a historical reference.


Varrock is the best trading place in RuneScape, since most rune items, runes, god armors, rune essences and rare and discontinued items are being sold here.

World 1 trading areas

You'll notice that the above map has different areas marked with different colors. Each section is numbered, and they indicate where a certain group of item can usually be bought or sold.

Number 1

This place is a very good place for trading rune items, such as rune scimitars, rune kites, full rune etc.

Rune item trades

Number 2

At this place, mostly sold are Treasure Trail items including Black (g), Black (t), Adam (g) and Adam (t).

Treasure trail trades

Number 3

This place is mostly used for selling rare items, such as Santa Hats, Halloween Masks, Easter Eggs and others.

Rare item trades

Number 4

Here you can buy God armors, such as Zamorak, Saradomin, and Guthix.

God armor trades

Number 5

This area is mostly used for selling Treasure Trail items like Rune (g), and Rune (t).

Treasure trail item trades

Number 6

Here you can buy Yew Logs.

Yew log trades

Number 7

Here, you can buy just about all the Runes you need, but mostly Nature runes, Law runes, Chaos runes, and Death runes.

Rune trades

Number 8

At this place, mostly Big Bones and Lobsters are sold, but other random stuff like rune items, amulets, and rings can also be traded.

Big Bones & Lobster trades

Number 9

This place is in the basement of the Varrock west-bank. This place is good for bank sales, and a lot of other random stuff.

Bank sales

Number 10

This is Varrock's arrow shop. You can buy all non-member arrows here.

Non-member arrow trades

Number 11

Varrock east bank. Since this bank is very close to the rune essence mining place, a lot of rune essences are being sold here.

Rune essence trades


The best bank to sell ores and bars is the east bank of Falador.

Ore and bar trades

The west bank is not really a good buying and selling place.

Draynor Village

This is a very good place to buy and sell willow logs and woodcutting axes.

Yew and willow trades

Al Kharid

You can buy cowhides here, and sometimes even soft and hard leather.

Cowhides and leather trades

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