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General Information
Gloves [Steel]
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Price Information
650 Gp
-1 Gp
200 Gp
300 Gp

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Equipment Information
No information.
Attack Bonuses
Defence Bonuses
Other Bonuses
Damage Absorption
Additional Information
A pair of Gloves.
Can be bought from Culinaromancer's chest after completing Recipe for Disaster.
+4 Stab, +4 Slash, +4 Crush, +2 Magic, +4 Range Attack Bonuses.

+4 Stab, +4 Slash, +4 Crush, +2 Magic, +4 Range Defense Bonuses.

+4 Strength Bonus.
This item has not been tagged yet.
No levels are needed to wield them. You must have completed the Recipe for Disaster quest to get a pair.

They are commonly referred to as Steel Gloves, although their in-game name is just Gloves.
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