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Helm of Neitiznot (charged)
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20,000 Gp
30,000 Gp

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Additional Information
A gift from Neitiznot\'s Burgher.
Take a Helm of Neitiznot to Pikkupstix to enchant the helm. Afterwards use Attack Scrolls on the enchanted helm (it should be a brighter colour than the original helm).
Defence Bonus: Stab: +31, Slash: +29, Crush: +34, Magic: +3, Ranged: +3, Summoning: +8

Other Bonus: Strength: +3, Prayer: +3
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Must have completed Fremennik Isles, have 55 Defence, and 45 Summoning to equip. It can hold up to 70 scrolls.
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