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General Information
Super Restore Potion
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0 Gp
2,095 Gp
96 Gp
144 Gp

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Equipment Information
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Attack Bonuses
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Damage Absorption
Additional Information
# doses of super restore potion.
Mix Clean Snapdragon in a Vial of Water then adding Red Spiders' Eggs (gives 142 exp, requires level 63 Herblore).
Restores all stats that have been lowered by with the exception of Hitpoints. A Holy Wrench can help boost the amount restored.
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Prices for potions withdifferent doses: 1 dose: 2922-3230gp, 2 dose: 5845-6461gp, 3 dose: 8768-9692gp, 4 dose: 11,700-12,900gp
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