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Kal'Gerion Notes (Part 2)
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An unknown mage's notes on the Kal'Gerion demons.
Occasionally found on the floor next to the dungeon exit after defeating Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter in Daemonheim.
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When you read it, the book is called 'Kal'Gerion Notes (Part 2)' and reads:

4th Age, year 1837. Date unknown.

The Kal'Gerion army has a very simply military structure: Kal'Ger is the leader, his five generals are immediately below him, and the lesser and greater demons make up the rank-and-file fodder. These order themselves by strength, constantly battling for supremacy, competing to rank the highest amongst the lowest.

One general in the Kal'Gerion army is Har'Lakk, known as the Riftsplitter. This demon uses portals to other planes in a very interesting and unorthodox way. The one time I witnessed him fight, he opened a portal in the ground of this plane to the point above an erupting volcano in another, and the explosion of flames, ash and magma, incinerated his opponent effortlessly. This ingenious and unpredictable use of portal magic makes him a highly effective combatant. He can control his combat environment and create deadly hazards for his opponents at will, making the ground beneath them as much their enemy as Har'Lakk himself.
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