Distractions and Diversions

Distractions and Diversions (also known as "D&D") are a group of events in RuneScape similar to Activities, in the way that they are miniature game-like features that can be completed repeatedly. However, unlike Activities which are always located in the same place, Distractions and Diversions can move around RuneScape. They may also limit the number of times they can be played within a certain length of time.

Icon Title Member Status Description
Ancient Effigies Ancient Effigies Members Use your non-combat skills to nourish and restore effigies and earn vast amounts of experience!
Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza Members Always wanted to know what working in the circus felt like? Here is your way to try, with a hefty bit of xp on the side!
Big Chinchompa Big Chinchompa Members Help Nyiriki the Gnome capture the Plutonial Chinchompa to earn Hunter XP and gain access to a special Hunting ground!
Champion's Challenge Champion's Challenge Members Fancy yourself the champion of champions? Learn here how you can become exactly that!
Evil Trees Evil Trees Members Tired of always cutting those same old trees, maybe you want to try cultivating and cutting an evil tree and get some extra XP on the side!
Goblin Raids Goblin Raids Members Revisit your Lumbridge days by slaying bands of goblins, including the goblin leader Hollowtoof!
Guthixian Caches Guthixian Caches Members Hurl blue glass jars into a giant green vortex and punch Automatons in the face while you're at it - all in the name of Guthix!
Penguin Hide-And-Seek Penguin Hide-And-Seek Members Those evil penguins are up to no good, find them and get yourself a nice xp or cash reward.
Shattered Heart Shattered Heart Members Keep an eye out for Strange Rocks obtained by training your non-combat skills!
Shooting Stars Shooting Stars Members Fancy mining a special kind of rock? A rock that fell from the sky? Find them and open the center of the stone to uncover its rewards.
Tears of Guthix Tears of Guthix Members Free XP in your lowest skill, what's not to like?
Treasure Trails Treasure Trails Members A database of Treasure Trail clues and solutions, maps, a coordinate locator and other Treasure Trail help!
Wilderness Warbands Wilderness Warbands Members Want to get some XP as well as some PKing? It looks like Wilderness Warbands are the thing for you!

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