Evil Trees

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On the 25th February 2009, RuneScape received another Distraction and Diversion. This time, a Leprechaun needs your help. At first, he will ask you to help a sapling grow, which he did not know would become an Evil Tree. The aim of this Distraction and Diversion is simple. Nurture the tree. Chop the tree. Burn the tree. Do so successfully and you may get rewarded.


There are no requirements to participate in this Distraction and Diversion; however having high Farming, Woodcutting and Firemaking levels would be to your advantage. Here are the levels required to nurture, chop and burn each type of tree:

Level Requirements
Tree TypeFarming Level to NurtureWoodcutting Level to ChopFiremaking Level to Burn
Normal 1 1 1
Oak 7 15 15
Willow 15 30 30
Maple 22 45 45
Yew 30 60 60
Magic 37 75 75
Elder* 42 85 85

Note: Elder Trees, when felled, will yield Yew, Magic, Teak or Mahogany logs.

Completion of thisTree Gnome Village Quest will make your task of finding Evil Trees much easier.

It is also recommended to have a Hatchet and Tinderbox at the ready, as well as four free inventory spaces for the rewards.

Getting Started

To start, gather your Hatchet and Tinderbox. If you have not got any, don't worry, a Leprechaun at the location can give you some for free.

The best way to locate an Evil Tree is to speak to a Spirit Tree (requires completion of the Tree Gnome Village Quest). If there is an Evil Tree growing in your world, the Spirit Tree will tell you one of two things:

  • If it's just a sapling, he will give you a clue to it's location, for example, growing near Draynor he may say "Near a town of Willows".
  • If it's fully grown, he will offer a free teleport there.

Once there, should you need any equipment, talk to the Leprechaun. He will happily supply you with either a Bronze Axe or Tinderbox.


When you find a Sapling, you simply need to nurture it. This is incredibly simple, but will require a certain farming level, depending on the tree type. See the table above for more information.

To nurture a tree, simply click on it. You will receive Farming experience for doing so. You only need do this until it is fully grown and becomes... EVIL!

Nurture Young Tree

Cutting and Burning

When a tree is fully grown, if you're not already there, a Spirit Tree will now teleport you there. No matter how you get there, you should now be at the tree.

Cut the tree. If you don't already have some, an axe and tinderbox can be obtained from the Leprechaun. Whilst cutting the tree, you may be thrown aside by some Evil Roots. Cut these. When the roots have been chopped down, you may receive some Kindling. Use these on the Evil Tree to light it. It is recommended you make a circle of flames all around the Evil Tree.

Chop Elder evil tree

Now just cut away at the tree. To find out how much more is left to go, right click the tree and choose 'Inspect'. It will tell you the type of tree and how much health it has left. On the Health screen, it may say how much of the reward you have earned. It is possible to earn 100%.

This is an Elder evil tree.
The tree currently has less than 35% of its health remaining.


There are 26 possible locations at which an Evil Tree can spawn. By using a clue from a Spirit Tree, you can narrow it down even more! Below is a list of all locations.

  1. Draynor (near Willow trees)
  2. Khazari Jungle
  3. Next to the barrier to Lumbridge Swamp
  4. Behind Seers' Village bank (Near Willow trees)
  5. North of Shilo Village
  6. West of Falador
  7. West of Oo'glog
  8. North of Varrock palace, Wilderness ditch
  9. Near Rift, east of Varrock
  10. South of the Monastery, west of Edgeville
  11. Near the Body Altar
  12. West of Rellekka
  13. North of Draynor Village near Draynor Manor
  14. Seer's Village by the Yew trees
  15. Inside McGrubor's wood
  16. Close to the Ranging Guild
  17. Duel Arena
  18. North of Yanille South
  19. Southwest of Gnome Stronghold
  20. North of Legend's Guild
  21. South of the bank in Tree Gnome Stronghold
  22. South side of Ape Atoll, near the entrance to Marim dungeon
  23. Northwest of Fairy Ring BKP
  24. Lletya near the magic trees
  25. Mine south of Legends Guild
  26. Brimhaven Dungeon


Of course, what would a good Distraction and Diversion be without good rewards? Well, depending on how much you contribute depends on the rewards you can receive. Obviously, the more you contribute to the tree, the significantly better your rewards can be.

Talk to a fallen evil tree to collect your reward

To claim your reward, right click on a felled Evil Tree. You will receive a noted quantity of that specific log as well as three of the following:

As well as these rewards, the Leprechaun will enhance you for a certain length of time to be able to automatically bank logs when you have a full inventory of them. It works for only Normal, Oak, Willow, Maple, Yew and Magic Logs.

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