Guthixian Caches

By: Army of One

Guthixian Caches are a Distraction and Diversion created and released by Jagex’s Ninja Team in late October of 2014. The update was teased by the team through dev blog posts the months before the release and finally put into the game alongside the Halloween quest ‘Broken Home’. This DnD offers an incredible opportunity to enhance your Divination XP significantly, whilst is also considerably fun and encourages great team spirit. Let’s hit the court.

Getting there

The DnD can be accessed through the Energy rift at any regular wisp colony, with the exception of the Pale Wisp colony (Level 1 Divination) located south of the Draynor Jail.

The DnD will only be active once every 3 hours, starting at the daily reset time (+1 GMT in Daylight savings / summer time or +0 GMT otherwise) and the rift will glow a different shade of green for that 10 minutes. The easiest rift to access is the Vibrant wisp colony at Mobilising Armies, which can be teleported almost directly to via Spirit Tree, the Mobilising Armies teleport (requiring 10 Magic, an Air, Water and Law rune) or with a Duelling ring, however it is recommended to go to the highest tier of colony you can access as you can then use make full use of the rewards right away. Note you cannot enter the rift with a follower out.


When you hop into the arena, there is no instructor or tutor, and you will find yourself amidst the chaos right off the bat. The objective is to get as many points as possible, with a maximum of 100 points being gathered per Cache. The more points you get, the more XP you earn when you finish the DnD, and the longer the buffs you are granted last. Once per day, you may earn reward from up to 200 points, (which will require at least 2 attempts at the DnD) and any points you earn beyond that will not gain you any XP.

There are two methods you can use to earn points. The first method is by depositing Raw memories into the unstable crater. Memories can be found in jars around the walls, and are either picked up off of the shelf or taken from the floor in the case of large memories. All memories require an empty main hand and shield slot to pick up, and cannot be unequipped manually after being picked up - you must convert it or lose it to an Automaton. There are three types of memories:

  • Tiny raw memory: Anybody can pick these up. When deposited, these will reward the player one point.
  • Raw memory: These can be picked up at level 45 Divination. When deposited, 2 points are earned.
  • Large memory: The big daddy of memories, only the pros with level 85 Divination or higher can take these. You earn 3 points per Large memory hurled unceremoniously into the rift.

There is one catch to this method of earning points however – many Automatons of Guthix are wandering around the arena, and find great pleasure in swiping the memory out of your hands, causing it to fall to floor and break, where it gathers dust and the tears of your character forever. However, there is a solution to this woeful problem – players can become Automatons themselves, and subdue the pesky swipers to benefit the players running back and forth from the wall to the centre.

To become an Automaton, you must first locate a statue of Cres, the guardian of Guthix, in one of the four corners of the arena. You can activate the statue to transform into an Automaton, and you will stay in this form for 60 seconds. Once you have transformed back, you will have to wait another 60 seconds before you activate the statue again.

While transmogrified, you have the ability to temporarily subdue enemy Automatons by smacking them to the ground. When subdued, they will curl up into a disc shape and lie on the ground for a small amount of time, after which they will leap to their feet with an impressive kick-up and resume their relentless onslaught of frustration.

There are three types of Automatons:

  • Ancient Automaton: The most basic of the Guthixian defenders, these can be subdued at any Divination level and reward 1 point.
  • Confused Automaton: Slightly more advanced than the Ancient Automaton, and purple to boot, these are subdued at level 45 Divination and will reward 2 points.
  • Enraged Automaton: These are the deadliest of the lot, as many people in the cache may potentially not have the level 85 Divination required to subdue them. If you have 85 Divination, be a true brother and get rid of these things. The 3 points rewarded for taking these out should be more than enough incentive.

An Ancient Automaton


A Confused Automaton


An Enraged Automaton


Power Ups

As you progress through the DnD, you will slowly unlock some power-ups. There are two sets of Power-ups - regular and Automaton. Each set of power-ups are separate - for example, if you used your double points in Automaton mode, you will not use the double points you have in normal mode (if you have one) and may use it when you have reverted back to a human. The power-ups are:

  • Double points: Exactly what it says on the tin. Lasts 24 seconds in normal mode and 12 in Automaton mode.
  • Immunity: 12 seconds of invincibility from enemy Automatons. Available only as a human.
  • Subdue all Automatons: Will knock out all Automatons standing up at the time. Available only in Automaton mode.


Getting around the Automatons can sometimes be very annoying, especially when not a single team member is there to as an Automaton to help you out. Here are a few tips to help increase your score:

  • Use the Surge ability. Unlocked at level 30 Magic, this ability allows you to dash 10 paces forward, and this can actually get you through Automatons without them being able to hit you. You’d better move quickly after the surge, however, as it won’t be long before one latches onto you and slowly begins its lumbering walk of impending doom.
  • Activate the double points ability when you are just about to deposit a memory into the crater, not when you pick it up. If you are not hit by any Automatons, you can deposit up to 3 memories in the space of one double points. Tying this ability with stun immune is also very helpful.
  • Make sure there are always at least a few friendly Automatons clearing out the arena. A potential mistake is that everybody activate their statue ability at once, and when that wears off, nobody will be able to subdue any Automatons for an entire minute. With a full field of Automatons it is near impossible to even get close to the crater.
  • Watch out for Automatons that have already been subdued for a marginal amount of time. If they re-spawn on you as you walk over next to them, they will waste no time in swiping you the second they are standing up.
  • When you are playing as an Automaton, look around for areas that are highly congested. Most of the Automatons will end up there, swiping the memories from the hands of hapless players into oblivion, and you will be able to rack up a nice amount of points in a short time. Also, if you stand near the crater, you can pick off Automatons as they respawn, keeping them out of the game and away from the players depositing memories.
  • As an Automaton, activate double points only when standing next to the highest tier of Automaton you can subdue. This ability does not last long, and if activated otherwise you may not get a single use out of it.


The main reason anybody ever does anything ever in RuneScape is for the rewards. Once the time in the DnD is up, all players will be sucked out of the Cache and replaced at the crater they used to enter, rewards given instantaneously. You will get a varied amount of Divination XP per point depending on your level (at level 99 the XP is 734, for a maximum of 73,400 XP per Cache and 146,800 XP from the DnD per day) and you also receive various Divination buffs, which last depending on how many points you got. You will always be given all 3 buffs at the end of the DnD.

These buffs include:

  • 10% chance of signs of the porter not using chargers when banking items.
  • 10% chance of receiving double loot from Divine locations that does not effect your daily cap.
  • 10% chance of converting all memories in your inventory at once whilst training Divination. This is an incredibly useful trait whilst it lasts – Your character will slam-dunk a giant blue ball of Divine memories into the rift. This will clear both you (and your Nightmare Muspah familiar if you are using one) of memories in a single slam dunk, resulting in very big XP drops depending on your colony and the amount of Enriched memories you had on you at the time.

The amount of minutes you get from all three of these buffs is the amount of points you got divided by five, making this a maximum of 20 minutes of buffs.

That’s all there is to know about Guthixian Caches. Done either as a nice break from the Divnation grind, or done as a daily you rush through the red light to get home to in time, they offer a substantial amount of XP whilst remaining very entertaining and engaging. Something that many people would believe Divination lacks. So go to a Cache and punch an Automaton in the face today!

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