Shooting Stars

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The Shooting Stars Activity is part of a set of Activities known as Distractions and Diversions. Unlike normal Activities, you need to follow these games around RuneScape. Every so often, a shooting star will fall somewhere in RuneScape. Mining from this fallen star will allow you to meet a Star Sprite who will reward you for mining it.


The minimum skill requirement in order to play this game is level 10 Mining. A higher mining level helps, along with a House with portals and a telescope.

There are different sizes of stars. Depending on the size of the star that you find, you will need to have a certain level.

Level Requirements
Size of StarMining Level
1 10
2 20
3 30
4 40
5 50
6 60
7 70
8 80
9 90

You will need to have a pickaxe in order to mine the star. The better the pickaxe, the more stardust you will receive from the star. Teleport runes are recommended, in order to get around to the landing places quickly. Wearing a charged Amulet of Glory while mining the star increases the chances to receive a gem up to diamonds.

This is the recommended gear for most stars:

Recommended equipment

  • Spotted/Spottier cape: For less weight
  • Rune pickaxe/Inferno Adze: To mine, should be the highest you can use
  • Amulet of Glory: Weighs nothing, teleportation, increases chance of getting gems whilst mining
  • Penance Gloves: Reduces weight
  • Boots of Lightness: Reduces weight
  • Ring of Duelling/Charos (a): weighs nothing, for teleportation/lower boat prices

Getting There

The shooting star can land in a variety of places. The faster you get to the location, the more stardust you can mine. If you arrive first, you also get a bonus of 75 experience per mining level that you have. You will also get your name put on a noticeboard in the Observatory.

The notice board found in the observatory

Stars always land near a bank or near a mine. The locations are as follows:


  • In Lumbridge swamp, 10 spaces north of the eastern mining area.
  • South of the mine on the east side of Varrock.
  • In the mine south of the west side of Varrock.
  • South of Varrock's eastern bank, between the bank and the magic shop.



  • At the iron ores north of the Monastery south of Ardougne.
  • Near the Mine southwest of the Legends' Guild.
  • The mining spot north of Yanille's bank.
  • At the coal trucks mine.
  • In Yanille, between bank and Magic Guild.

Morytania or Mos Le'harmless

Fremennik Province or Lunar Isle

  • At the mine south of cave entrance to Keldagrim.
  • The mining site in the fenced of area of Rellekka.
  • Near the coal mine on Miscellania.
  • Northeast of Lunar Island's bank.
  • Jatizso, right next to the mine entrance.
  • Neitiznot, just south of rope bridge that leads to island the with runite rocks.

Crandor or Karamja

  • Near the gem rocks in Shilo Village.
  • At the gold rocks south of the entrance to Brimhaven Dungeon.
  • On Brimhaven, near the northern gold mines, north of the summoning obelisk.
  • This mine is shaped like a horse-shoe.
  • The southwestern mining area on Crandor.
  • The mine west of the Nature Rune Altar.

Kharidian Desert

  • South of Nardah by the river, or a little more north by the POH.
  • Directly outside Al Kharid bank.
  • At the mine just west of the Vultures.
  • At the Duel Arena; literally right in front of the hospital area.
  • The mine north of Al Kharid.
  • Just southeast of the bank in Nardah.
  • At the Quarry.
  • Clay mining area, east of river, north of Desert hunting area and Ruins of Uzer.

Tirannwn, Piscatoris, or Gnome Stronghold


  • Near the rune rocks north of the Lava Maze.
  • By the mining spot east of the Pirates' Hideout / Agility Area.
  • Level 7 wilderness, near the mine near the Zamorak Mage.
  • At the Hobgoblin Mines.
  • At the Bounty Hunter bank.
  • At the Mage Arena bank.

How to Play

"To play this Activity, you have to find a shooting star that has collided with RuneScape To get a hint on where the shooting star will land, you can look through a telescope in a Player-Owned House. It will give you an estimation on where and when the star will land. The better type of telescope it is, the more accurate information you will receive."

You see a shooting star! The star looks like it will land...

If you do not see a star in your telescope, that means a star is currently on the ground in your world.

A star on the ground

When you arrive at the star, you will be able to mine and prospect it. To find out what size it is, you will need to prospect it. You can also find out how far the star's current layer is mined through when you prospect it. When you can mine it, start. Whenever the size decreases, you will want to start mining again. This is identified by a cloud of dust and a collapsing sound.

This is a size-4 star.

You will receive experience based on what size the star is when you mine it.

Shooting Star Experience
Star SizeExperience Per Dust
1 14
2 25
3 29
4 32
5 47
6 71
7 114
8 145
9 210

While mining, you have a chance to find gems in the star. If you have mined long enough, you will eventually reach the max number of stardust, which is 200. Once you have reached this limit, you can keep mining, only to earn experience. Once a star has been mined through completely, a sprite will appear. You can talk to the sprite once a day to receive the rewards. After receiving the rewards, you will be able to mine 200 more stardust, but you will not be able to spend it until 24 hours have passed.

A sprite will appear when the star has been mined completely


Star Sprite: I have rewarded you by making it so you can mine extra ore for the next 15 minutes.

  • The ability to mine extra ore from a single rock. Using this while wearing Varrock Armour quadruples the chance to mine double ores. If you log out, the time will roll over.
  • Coins (50,002 gp)
  • Cosmic Runes (152)
  • Gold Ore (20 Noted)
  • Astral Runes (52)

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