Some of the most interesting places in RuneScape consist of the various subterranean dungeons and caverns found throughout the land. Often times, dungeons are crawling with powerful, hostile monsters and laden with deadly traps. Entrances to dungeons are marked with a Dungeon icon (Dungeon icon) resembling a red exclamation point.

Icon Title Member Status Description
Ape Atoll Temple Dungeon Ape Atoll Temple Dungeon Members The dungeon beneath the temple of Ape Atoll.
Brimhaven Dungeon Brimhaven Dungeon Members Home to the infamous Metal Dragons.
Brimstail's Dungeon Brimstail's Dungeon Members A small cavern inside the Tree Gnome Stronghold which Brimstail calls home.
Canifis Dungeon Canifis Dungeon Members The original Myreque group hideout, and a safer shortcut through the Mort Myre swamp.
Chaos Druid Resource Dungeon Chaos Druid Resource Dungeon Members Into collecting herbs? Stop on over here!
Chaos Druid Tower Dungeon Chaos Druid Tower Dungeon Members A small dungeon famous for the Blood Rune chest it is home to.
Chaos Dwarf Battlefield Chaos Dwarf Battlefield Members This subterranean area is the battleground of the ever-fighting Black Guards and Red Axe factions of Keldagrim.
Clock Tower Clock Tower Members A confusing maze of corridors with coloured cogs lying around.
Daemonheim Peninsula Resource Dungeon Daemonheim Peninsula Resource Dungeon Freeplay Learn about this resource dungeon, which is known for its Maple and Willow trees.
Damis' Lair Damis' Lair Members A twisting labyrinth where you must fight Damis during Desert Treasure.
Draynor Sewers Draynor Sewers Freeplay Besides rats, these sewers are crawling with undead zombies and skeletons.
The Dungeon of Tolna Dungeon of Tolna, The Members A rift east of Varrock, and home to powerful monsters (with extra chromosomes).
Dwarven Mines Dwarven Mines Freeplay A mining area inhabited by Dwarves.
Dwarven Mines Resource Dungeon Dwarven Mines Resource Dungeon Freeplay This resource dungeon is famous for its Mithril, Silver and Coal deposits.
Dwarven Tunnel Dwarven Tunnel Members Travel safely between Catherby and Taverley using this shortcut!
Edgeville Dungeon Edgeville Dungeon Freeplay A common place to train on the undead and mine ore.
Edgeville Dungeon Hill Giants Resource Dungeon Edgeville Dungeon Hill Giants Resource Dungeon Freeplay This resource dungeon is tucked away in the Edgeville dungeon and offers training and several Limpwurt Root respawns.
Elemental Workshop Elemental Workshop Members An ancient workshop hidden away under Seers' Village.
Entrana Dungeon Entrana Dungeon Members A dungeon most known for the Dramen Tree which grows within its depths.
Evil Chicken Lair Evil Chicken Lair Members The nesting place for the infamous Evil Chicken.
Experiment Cave Experiment Cave Members Be prepared to see some wacky-experiments-gone-awry in this dungeon!
Family Crest Dungeon Family Crest Dungeon Members The only place in RuneScape where you can mine 'Perfect' Gold.
Forinthry Dungeon Forinthry Dungeon Freeplay Home to the Revenants.
Fremennik Slayer Dungeon Fremennik Slayer Dungeon Members Crawling with dangerous Slayer creatures.
Goblin Dungeon Goblin Dungeon Members You'll find many Goblins wandering about in this cavern!
God Wars Dungeon God Wars Dungeon Members A massive and dangerous dungeon where warriors of Saradomin, Zamorak, Armadyl and Bandos can be found.
Grand Tree Dungeon Grand Tree Dungeon Members A mine beneath the Grand Tree containing various ores.
H.A.M. (Humans Against Monsters) Hideout H.A.M. Hideout Members The secret meeting place of the Humans Against Monsters group.
Ice Cavern Ice Cavern Freeplay An icy training area and the only place where Blurite ore can be mined.
Kalphite Hive Kalphite Hive Members Much like a beehive, this dungeon is swarming with vicious Kalphite creatures.
Karamja Dungeon Karamja Dungeon Freeplay It's no surprise this dungeon is hot... it's located directly beneath the Karamja Volcano!
Karamja Volcano Resource Dungeon Karamja Volcano Resource Dungeon Freeplay This resource dungeon is a demon hunter's dream-come-true!
KBD (King Black Dragon) Dungeon KBD Dungeon Members The lair of the fierce King Black Dragon.
Lava Maze Dungeon Lava Maze Dungeon Members Located beneath the Lava Maze, this dungeon is well known for the KBD lever it houses.
Living Rock Cavern Living Rock Cavern Members A dungeon useful for training Fishing, Mining, and Combat.
Lumbridge Catacombs Lumbridge Catacombs Freeplay The creepy caverns located beneath the Lumbridge Cemetery and crawling with "lwarped" creatures and home to Dragith Nurn.
Lumbridge Swamp Caves Lumbridge Swamp Caves Members A large, twisting Cavern known for its Slayer creatures and the Tears of Guthix Distraction and Diversion. Be sure to bring a light source!
Mage Arena Mage Arena Members Known throughout the Wilderness as the center of the Mage Arena Activity.
Meiyerditch Dungeon Meiyerditch Dungeon Members Home to the Blood Runecrafting Altar and various Slayer monsters.
Mining Guild Resource Dungeon Mining Guild Resource Dungeon Freeplay
Mos Le'Harmless Caves Mos Le'Harmless Caves Members Venture into this dungeon to face the deadly Cave Horrors within.
Ourania Cave Ourania Cave Members Use the Ourania Altar to craft any type of rune!
Paterdomus (Temple of Saradomin) Mausoleum Paterdomus (Temple of Saradomin) Mausoleum Members Travel through this dungeon under the River Salve, and into the dark land of Morytania!
Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon Members Located beneath Pollnivneach, and crawling with various Slayer monsters.
Resource Dungeons Freeplay
Smoke Dungeon Smoke Dungeon Members Don't forget your Face Mask if planning to venture down into the Smokey Well.
Stronghold of Player Safety Stronghold of Player Safety Freeplay Learn about protecting your RuneScape account, and train on the monsters inside!
Stronghold of Security Stronghold of Security Freeplay The Stronghold of Security teaches players about account safety, and provides a combat training area.
Taverley Dungeon Taverley Dungeon Members This large dungeon beneath the Druid city is home to a variety of creatures.
Temple of Ikov Temple of Ikov Members A quest dungeon filled with dangers!
Temple of Light Temple of Light Members This dungeon is well known for the role it plays in the Mourning's Ends quests, and for the Death Rift inside.
Toy Workshop Toy Workshop Freeplay A workshop where toys were made during the Christmas 2005 activity.
TzHaar Fight Cave TzHaar Fight Cave Members Prepare for the fight of your life if you want to survive the activity within this cavern!
Underground Pass Underground Pass Members Beware the deadly traps and monsters throughout this dungeon!
Varrock Sewer Varrock Sewer Freeplay This is where Varrock's waste ends up. Ghosts, Zombies, Skeletons, and other creepy crawlies live down here.
Waterfall Dungeon Waterfall Dungeon Members Located under a waterfall, this dungeon is best known for the Fire Giants inside, and the role it plays in the Waterfall quest.
White Wolf Mountain Dungeon White Wolf Mountain Dungeon Members This dungeon is crawling with icy monsters throughout its depths!
Wilderness Fire Giant Dungeon Wilderness Fire Giant Dungeon Members Look out for the hungry spiders and unfriendly giants in this dungeon.
Zogre (Jiggig) Caves Zogre (Jiggig) Caves Members Learn about the ancient burial ground beneath Jiggig, and the inhabitants who reside there.
Zooknock's (Ape Atoll) Tunnel Zooknock's (Ape Atoll) Tunnel Members Careful, this cave seems as if it could collapse at any time...

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