Brimhaven Dungeon

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Brimhaven Dungeon is a large cavern located below the tropical city of Brimhaven, which can be found on Karamja Island. There are a number of strong monsters inside, so it is highly advised that you bring armor and food with with you when training.


Required Equipment

  • Armor - High defense armor such as Barrows Weapon - Dragon Scimitar, Barrows weapon, Godsword, Saradomin Sword, Chaotic rapier, an Abyssal Whip, or other combat style equivalents. 
  • Food - Lobsters or Sharks 
  • 905gp - 30gp for the boat ride and 875gp to enter the dungeon. You may need more if you're taking a Charter Ship. 
  • Teleportation Method - Runes, Glory Amulet, Teleport Tablet, Ectophial, etc. Prayer Potions

If you're going to be effectively fighting the dragons, you should have the following levels:

If you're going to be fighting the dragons, you should have the following levels:
  • Baby Red Dragons - 80+ Combat 
  • Bronze Dragons - 110+ Combat 
  • Red Dragons - 120+ Combat 
  • Iron Dragons - 130 + Combat 
  • Steel Dragons - 140+ Combat

If Slaying Dragons

Anti Dragonfire Shield, Dragonfire Shield Anti Dragonfire Potion - used with the Anti Dragonfire Shield; optional, but helpful for lower levels. Super anti Dragonfire potions can make a Dragonfire protection shield unnecessary. Extra Prayer Potions, maybe a prayer restore potion as well

Helpful Stats

  • A high woodcutting level
  • A high combat level
  • 34+ Agility will get you through all the agility obstacles
  • 22+ Agility gets you over the log balance
  • 12+ Agility will get you across the stepping stones
  • 43+ Prayer

Getting There

The colors indicate what routes there are to Brimhaven Dungeon.

Routes to the brimhaven dungeon

Ship Prices

Entering the Dungeon

The entrance to brimhaven dungeon

This is the entrance to the dungeon , along with some gold rocks, but the bad news is that Saniboch wants to charge you some money before you go in. So select the Pay option and click continue to pay him 875Gp. Now that you have paid Saniboch the entrance fee, you should be able to walk into the Dungeon.

Map of the Dungeon

Map of Brimhaven Dungeon


Once you're inside, there are a variety of rare monsters to train on, such as Fire Giants and Metal Dragons. Occasionally, you will find some vines that will block your pathway. Luckily, if you use a good woodcutting axe, the vines will take no more than three seconds to cut. You already have a hatchet in your toolbelt, but if you'd like to bring a better one, make sure you're okay with taking up an inventory space.

Cut down vine

You are going to need the objects specified at the beginning of this guide. Also there are some pictures of the dragons below. If you want an in depth guide to dragon hunting this isn't for you, this is just some basics, here are some in depth guides.

All of the dragons require 43 prayer and an Anti Dragonfire resistant with the exception of the Baby Red Dragon which doesn't need either. But training on Baby Red's isn't advised. If you're after Baby Dragon Bones kill Baby Green's or if you don't like the wilderness, Baby Blue's.

Also, both types of Red Dragons are the only dragons accessible without having to go past level 172 Black Demons It seems like a lot but they can't touch you with prayer.

Also, both types of Red Dragons are the only dragons accessible without having to go past level 140 Black Demons. This might seem scary, but with protect from melee they won't hit as high on you.

Most people who come to Brimhaven Dungeon come for the 3 prestigious creatures: the Metal Dragons! If you read the above passage you should know you have to go past level 140 Black Demons but as said before, protect from melee provides reduced damage.

Mage is recommended for killing these dragons but melee works fine, however range is strongly not recommended.

If you're low on Prayer Potions and are out of or low on food, Run or Teleport immediately!




Pay him to enter the dungeon.



Moss Giant

Level: 40
Life Points:

Moss Giant

Wild Dog

Level: 50
Life Points: 1250

Wild dog

Baby Red Dragon

Level: 68
Life Points: 1700

Baby red dragon

Fire Giant

Level: 174
Life Points: 3,350

Fire giant

Greater Demon

Level: 118
Life Points: 6,000

Greater Demon

Bronze Dragon

Level: 124
Life Points: 9,300

Bronze Dragon

Red Dragon

Level: 120
Life Points: 9,000

Red Dragon

Black Demon

Level: 140
Life Points: 3,500

Black Demon

Iron Dragon

Level: 148
Life Points: 11,100

Iron dragon

Steel Dragon

Level: 154
Life Points: 15,000

Steel dragon

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