Chaos Druid Resource Dungeon

By: Shooter585

The Chaos Druid Resource Dungeon is a resource dungeon accessible from a portal located in the western area of the Edgeville Wilderness Dungeon. It's entrance is in the wilderness, but it itself is not.

Quick Facts

Chaos Druid Resource Dungeon
Accessible To Members only
Dungeoneering Level 10
Other Skill Requirements None.
Quest Requirements None.
Dungeoneering XP 1,100
Items/Objects  4 Herb spawns
Monsters 12 Chaos Druids

Essential Information


  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.

Getting There

Getting there

Enter the Edgeville Dungeon in the ruins south of the the Edgeville bank. Walk north until you enter the Wilderness portion of the dungeon. The resource dungeon entrance is on the east side of the dungeon in level three Wilderness. Not that while the entrance is in the Wilderness, the resource dungeon itself is not in the Wilderness. You will get 1100 dungeoneering experience for going here the first time.

Map of the Resource Dungeon

Chaos Druids Resource Dungeon Map

Inside the Resource Dungeon


There are twelve chaos druids here and four herb spawns. Killing chaos druids has always been a good way for lower-leveled players to obtain herbs. Here, you can kill them outside of the Wilderness and with four herb spawns around the dungeon.


Chaos Druid

Level: 46

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