Clock Tower

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The Clock Tower Dungeon is the main location for the Clock Tower Quest. The four cogs that you have to find in the quest can be found in this dungeon.

Essential Info


  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: Started Clock Tower
  • Items: None.
  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.

Getting There

There are the areas that in this dungeon, and each area can only be accessed by that area's ladder on the surface.

Map of routes to the Clock Tower Dungeon

The most common ways to reach this dungeon are by teleporting to either Ourania (Lunar Spellbook), Ardougne, Castle Wars or the Tree Gnome Village and walking, or by using the Charter Ships and walking from Port Khazard.

Map of the Dungeon

Map of the Clock Tower Dungeon

Area One

(1) Entrance

Climb down the ladder on the Clock Tower surface to enter the dungeon. Also, the tower here is where you will put all the cogs that you find.

The ladder leading into the first area

(2) The Tile Room

The four tiles on the floor give you the colors of the cogs you need to find, and give a hint to their locations.

Colored tiles pointing the way to each colored cog

(3) The Cells

One of these cells contains the blue cog, but that cell is inaccessible until you enter Area 2.

It looks like these prison cells have gone unused for quite awhile...

(4) Rat Poison

This is required for the Clock Tower quest.

Rat Poison

(5) Levers

Pull these levers to gain access to the dungeon rat room and the white cog. Use the Rat Poison on the food trough to get past the rats.

Levers which grant access to the dungeon rat and white cog rooms

(6) Dungeon Rats

Use the Rat Poison that you found before on the food trough to kill the rats and reach the white cog.

Dungeon rats

(7) White Cog

Here you will find one of the four cogs required for Clock Tower.

The white cog

(8) Giant Spiders

Giant Spiders (Level 4) inhabit these corridors.

(9) Black Cog

Inside the Fire Room, either use a bucket of water with the cog, or pick it up whilst wearing the Ice Gloves.

The black cog is surrounded by flames

(10) Ogres

This room is home to the Ogres (Level 96).

(11) Red Cog

Here you can find the Red Cog. With this cog, you can just walk right in and pick it up.

The red cog is guarded by Ogres

Area Two

(1) Entrance

The only way into Area 2.

The entrance to the second area

(2) Goblins

Goblins (Levels 4 - 16) inhabit this room.

fighting a goblin

(3) Blue Cog

The final cog is here along with a Dungeon Rat (Level 16-26). Enter though a secret door and head up the ladder to get out.

The blue cog

Area Three

(1) Entrance

The ladder to here can only be seen when you are standing inside the stone circle. Thieves (Level 20) and the Head Thief (Level 32) can be found here, and so can a Child's Blanket, which is used in the Monk's Friend Quest.

Crossing the stone circle makes the ladder visible




Level: 4, 8 and 16



Level: 96


Giant Spider

Level: 4

Giant spider


Level: 40


Dungeon Rat

Level: 16,26

Dungeon rat


Level: 20


Head Thief

Level: 32

Head thief

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