Draynor Sewers

By: Sobend
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The Draynor Sewer is just about the smallest dungeon in RuneScape, but there are still many places you may want to check out. Read this guide to learn more!

Getting There

Knowing how to get there in the first place would be a big help. The entrance to the Draynor Dungeon can be found in Draynor Village.

Entrance to the Draynor Dungeon

The entrance to the dungeon is located north of the Willow trees, near the Draynor bank. To make it easier, just look for the dungeon sign on your mini-map. This is the safest entrance to the dungeon:

The first entrance to the Draynor Sewers

Map of the Dungeon

Map of the Draynor Sewers


Now we have come across an area where you will find both level 18 and 42 Zombies. These zombies are weak to fire spells. A good strategy is to fish Herring and Sardines in the fishing spot, and then train on the zombies. Use your food while training on them, and collect the Fishing Bait that they drop. This is a decent way to train, since you can just fish for food, cook it, and then come back here and train. If you're low on food and Life Points you could always go up the ladder and you'd be safe again.


Now, as we move deeper through the dungeon we find different varieties of NPCs. There are level 42 Zombies and level 22 Skeletons. This is pretty close to the entrance, so you could make a quick get-away if you run!


Further down the passage, we will find an anvil and a fire, and this can be considered to be the most useful area in the sewer. The fire can be quite handy if you couldn't get anyone to make one for you at the fishing spot, and you could run bars from the anvil to and from the bank. Doing that however is not recommended if you're under level 40. There are no NPCs here so you could run here if you're low on Life Points.

An anvil and a bed

Also near the anvil is Ruantun, a key character during the Desert Treasure Quest.


This is where the highest leveled creatures are. There are level 22 and 46 Skeletons. These skeletons are weak to fire spells It is also the center of the dungeon so there is no real quick escape, and you will be attacked until you're level 93.

More skeletons near the center of the sewers

We are almost through this dungeon! The next section contains several level 13 Zombies that never attack people -- Not even level fours! This is a good place to train with combat 20-30 with food, and you won't use very much.


This is the second entrance. Consider climbing down if you are being attacked by one of the level 26 Jail Guards, but I wouldn't recommend using this exit for a quick escape because a jail guard might finish you off! You must have level 53 combat not to be attacked be these evil guards.

The xecond entrance to the Draynor Sewers

Well, that's about it for this dungeon! Happy exploring!




Level: 13 and 42



Level: 22 and 46


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Published on: February 21, 2006 03:30 AM UTC by Salmoneus
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