Experiment Cave

By: iWild
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The Experiment Cave, home to one of the most popular training monsters in RuneScape, could be your second home if you decide to train combat. This dungeon also plays a large part in the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest, so just check out this guide for all you need to know!

Table of Contents

Getting There

Map of routes to the Experiment Cave

Dungeon Map

Map of the Experiment Cave

Inside the Dungeon

(1) Entrance

Push the eastern-most memorial stone to enter the Cave.

Entrance to the Experiment cavern

(2) Experiments

These low-level creatures are for many the main attraction of the Cave, hence the dungeon being named after them. The Sheep-dog and Spider-Man Experiments are both Level 25, and have 1,000 Life Points, making them very good for combat training at any level. The Wolf-Girl Experiment is Level 51, and cannot be killed after you have obtained the Key.

The experiments area

(3) Chest

To access this area, you must first kill the the Level 52 Experiment and take the key it drops. Open the gate in the north-west passage in the Cave, and open the chest to find the Cavern Key, which is used in the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest.

(4) Island Ladder

This ladder is climbed during the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest.

Ladder leading to the island



Experiment (Sheep-dog)

Level: 25
Life Points: 1,000

Sheep-dog experiment

Experiment (Spider-man)

Level: 25
Life Points: 1,000

Spider-man experiment

Experiment (She-wolf)

Level: 51
Life Points: 400

She-wolf experiment

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