Karamja Volcano Resource Dungeon

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The Karamja Volcano Resource Dungeon is a resource dungeon accessible from a portal located in the southwest area of the Karamja Volcano. It is one out of a total of five resource dungeons available to freeplayers, and it requires a Dungeoneering level of 25 to enter. Inside you'll find Lesser Demons and Imps, as well as a few safespots for attacking from a distance.

Quick Facts

Karamja Volcano Resource Dungeon
Accessible To All Players
Dungeoneering Level 25
Other Skill Requirements None.
Quest Requirements None.
Dungeoneering XP 2,100
Items/Objects 11 Imps, 14 Lesser Demons
Monsters None

Essential Information


Getting There

The entrance to the resource dungeon is located on the island of Karamja, within the Karamja Volcano. Freeplayers may travel to Port Sarim and then sail to Musa Point for 30gp. Members are able to get there by a boat from Ardougne, Amulet of Glory Teleport and from the POH Teleport. Once at Musa Point, head west to the volcano. If you haven't entered the volcano yet, you must use a rope on the entrance before you can climb down.

Karamja Volcano Resource Dungeon - MAp of routes to the

Once inside the Karamja Volcano, you will be greeted by some Skeletons. Just run past them; they won't do much harm anyway.

Karamja Volcano Resource Dungeon - Map of the Karamja Volcano Resource Dungeon entrance portal

When running towards the entrance, there are Lesser Demons that will attack you. You may avoid them by running straight to the entrance portal. Click on the entrance portal and you will be teleported to the resource dungeon. If this is your first time, you will earn 2,100 Dungeoneering experience.

Karamja Volcano Resource Dungeon - Karamja Volcano Resource Dungeon entrance portal

Map of the Resource Dungeon

Karamja Volcano Resource Dungeon - Map of the Karamja Volcano Resource Dungeon

Inside the Resource Dungeon

The resource dungeon does not offer any item respawns. Instead, you will find 14 Lesser Demons and 11 Imps inhabiting the area. Take a good look around before fighting because the Lesser Demons will attack you one after another. Run towards safe spots when your health is low or to Rest. Always make sure you have enough food and be sure to have some as an emergency back-up.



Level: 8

Karamja Volcano Resource Dungeon - Imp

Lesser Demon

Level: 100

Karamja Volcano Resource Dungeon - Lesser Demon

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