Resource Dungeons

Resource dungeons are hidden dungeons which can only be accessed once a player has reached the required Dungeoneering skill level. These dungeons grant access to an area of resources, such as monster spawns, Mining rocks, Woodcutting trees, and item spawns. When a resource dungeon is discovered for the first time, the player will earn some bonus Dungeoneering experience.

There are 16 resource dungeons in RuneScape — five freeplay dungeons and 11 members-only dungeons — and as a reward for discovering all of them, an additional experience bonus will be rewarded to the player. For freeplayers, finding all five dungeons will be rewarded with 12,000 Dungeoneering experience. For members who locate all 16 dungeons, a total of 100,000 Dungeoneering experience will be rewarded.

The Resource Dungeons

Currently, there are a total of 16 resource dungeons located throughout Gielinor. Each dungeon requires a specific Dungeoneering level to enter. Several of the resource dungeons also have additional requirements before you can access them, including:

Resource Dungeons
LocationDungeoneering LevelDungeoneering ExperienceAccessibilityItem SpawnsMonsters
Chaos Druids 10 1,100 Members 4 Herb spanws 12 Chaos Druids
Dwarven Mines 15 1,500 Freeplay 3 Silver rocks, 13 Coal rocks, 6 Mithril rocks 5 Dwarves
Edgeville Dungeon Hill Giants 20 1,600 Freeplay 4 Limpwurt Root spawns 11 Hill Giants
Karamja Volcano 25 2,100 Freeplay None 11 Imps, 14 Lesser Demons
Daemonheim Peninsula 30 2,400 Freeplay 8 Maple trees, 6 Willow trees None
Mining Guild 45 4,400 Freeplay 8 Mithril rocks, 4 Adamantite rocks, 3 Runite rocks None

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