The Dungeon of Tolna

By: Sir Hasif
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The Dungeon of Tolna is a great place to train your combat on a variety of monsters. When you go to the dungeon it will not be as easy as it was during the quest, as the monsters are stronger. Use this guide if you want to know where the monsters are located, where the dungeon is and see how scary the dungeon is!

Essential Info


Getting There

You have a few options to get here:

The route to the Dungeon of Tolna

Method 1- Teleport to Varrock

You can either use the standard teleport to Varrock, requiring level 25 Magic, 1 law, fire, and 3 air runes, or use the Varrock Lodestone if you have unlocked it on the lodestone network with no level or rune requirements. Walk east out of the city and then northeast past the gate and the rift will be just south of the gate. If neither of these options apply to you, you can buy a Varrock teleport tablet.

Method 2 - Digsite teleports

The Senntisten Teleport on the Ancient Magicks spellbook requires completion of the Desert Treasure quest, 2 law runes, 1 soul rune, and level 60 Magic. It will teleport you to the Exam Center at the Digsite. From there, walk north through the Digsite and to the rift.A Digsite Pendant (Enchanted ruby necklace) will teleport you to the north end of the digsite. From there, simply follow the path a little northwest to the rift. To get this item, you will have to enchant it with the Enchant Level 3 Jewelry spell at 49 Magic requiring 5 fire and 1 cosmic rune. It cannot be traded. You also have to learn to enchant this by speaking with an archaeologist at the Varrock museum.

Method 3- Gnome Glider

You can use an Amulet of Glory to teleport to Al Kharid, take a Glider to the Grand Tree, the Glider to Digsite, then walk north from Glider landing point. It does not have to be an Amulet of Glory teleport exactly. You can use a Ring of Dueling to get to the Duel Arena then walk west to the glider, or even use the Al Kharid or Lumbridge Lodestone teleports if you've unlocked the Al Kharid location.

Ths is what the Dungeon entrance looks like.


Map of the Dungeon

Tolna Dungeon Map


The dungeon can be confusing at first, so here is the main layout. When you arrive in the dungeon, you will be at a crossroad like the picture shown below. The dungeon has 4 different rooms; The Anger room, the Confusion room, the Fear room and the Hopeless room.

The center of the Tolna dungeon

The Anger Room

Anger Room

The anger room has the same animals from the quest (the anger unicorn, anger giant rat, anger goblin and anger bear), except you don't have the weapons from the quest. You must use your own weapons here, meaning you cant hit quite as hard as before. The monsters are now level 50.

The Confusion Room

Confusion Room

The confusion room is different to the one you were in during the quest. There are no doors and there are pillars from the ground to the roof. The monsters are now level 63, and they hit up to 200 Life Points with poison. If you are going to train on these, a few anti-poisons are a must.

The Fear Room

Fear Room

The fear room is a lot more dangerous as the Fear Reapers are now level 58! They are not as bad as you might think though, as they don't randomly pop out of the wall, you can see them.

The Hopeless Room

Hopeless Room

The hopeless room is the most dangerous of them all now. Not only do the hopeless creatures suck life from you to survive three forms, they are now level 68! If you are going to spend time training on these, you will want plenty of lobsters, or better. Just remember that when you eat while in combat with them, most of their lifepoints will be restored. As you may have guessed, there is no gap in this room, meaning there is no bridge.

When training on these, it is rarely populated. They have a low defense, three forms, and a decent amount of lifepoints.

That's the dungeon of Tolna, enjoy!

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