Toy Workshop

By: Neo Avatars

The Toy Workshop is a room underneath a building in the northwest corner of Draynor Village. There are two floors and it is used to make Marionettes and Tree Decorations. The dungeon no longer exists in RuneScape, as it was removed shortly after Christmas.

Map of the Dungeon

Workshop dungeon map



From upstairs you can stand in the middle of the room and look down to see the whole of downstairs which includes some Workbenches and boxes with pieces of Marionettes in.

Boxes and benches of marionetts!


In the east of the top floor are some boxes full of Christmas Decorations that you can paint on the West side of the floor.

Toyshop boxes

To paint and collect decorations quickly it is best to collect decorations from the box nearest the bridge that runs across the middle of the room.

Decorations box

There are five different types of decorations that you can get out of the box. The one you get is completely random:

  • BellBell
  • BoxBox
  • DiamondDiamond
  • StarStar
  • TreeTree

Painting Room

To the west of the room is an area that you can paint your Christmas Decorations.

The painting room!

When you click on a table you will have the option the paint your decoration one of five colors. The colors on the top row from Left to Right are; Green, Yellow, Red; and on the bottom row are; Pink, Blue.

Pick a colour

When you click on one of the paint colors you paint one of the decorations that are in your inventory.

You pain the bauble

This is what the Star Decoration looks like painted different colors.

  • GreenGreen star
  • YellowYellow star
  • RedRed star
  • PinkPink star
  • BlueBlue star


There are ladders that will take you away from this floor. There is one that will take you down to the floor bellow so that you can make Marionettes.

Climb down ladder

There is also a ladder on the wall in the south of the room that will make you leave the dungeon altogether.

Trapdoor steps


Downstairs there is a series of boxes that you can get body pieces out of. You must get body pieces out of the box in this order; Torso, Head, Arm, Leg. The Torso boxes are the biggest and the rest are the same size.

Torso Box

torso box

Leg Box

Leg box

Arm Box

Arm box

Head Box

Head box



There are seven Pixies located around the dungeon. Four are Upstairs and three are Downstairs. The Pixies each have their own name and will tell you what to do to make either Toys or Decorations.


Rosie is the Boss. She will tell you how to make anything. She will also give you a box to store Marionettes or Baubles in.



Cait will tell you how to collect Baubles.



Sorcha will tell you how to paint Baubles.



Donacha will tell you how to paint Baubles.



Ronan will tell you how to make Marionettes.



Fionn will tell you how to make Marionettes.



Cormac will tell you how to make Marionettes.


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