Elemental Workshop

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The Elemental Workshop Dungeon is usually only used during the Elemental Workshop quest series, but it is also a good place for Herbologists to collect Herbs and Vials.

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Getting There

The Elemental Workshop Dungeon is located underneath Seers' Village.

Map of the Workshop entrance

The building next to the bank (in yellow) on the map is where you can find the entrance to the workshop. At the northern end of the building, you'll find a cracked wall, and to enter you must use a Battered Key with the Odd looking Wall. You can also use a Steel Key Ring with the Wall as long as the Battered Key is on the ring.

Tip: If you don't have a Battered Key, you can search the bookcase in the building to the south (in magenta) for a book. Use a knife with it to get the Battered Key.

Use battered key with odd looking wall

Once through the Wall you must climb down the stairs.

Climb down staircase

Map of the Dungeon

Map of the workshop


Down the stairs you will appear in the center room of the Dungeon. There isn't really much to do here because everything is in one of the other four rooms.

The main workshop room

West Room

In the West Room there are Elemental Rocks and Earth Elementals. Elemental Ore is used to make an Elemental Shield.

Piles of rock, which are mineable to get Elemental ore

North Room

The North Room has the Water Wheel in it. It is also home to the Water Elementals which always drop a Water filled Vial when they die.

The waterwheel

East Room

In the East Room are the Bellows. These are fixed during the quest and you can pump then for fun when ever you like just like you can spin the Water Wheel at free will. There are also Air Elementals in this room.

The bellows and lever

South Room

The South Room is the home of the Fire Elementals. There is also the furnace that you smelt your Elemental Bar in this room.



To leave just climb up the ladder you used to enter and go through the Wall. No Key is required to leave, just to enter.

Push odd looking wall



This Dungeon is packed with monsters and they are all either level 34 or 35.

Earth Elemental

Earth Elementals are in the West Room and always drop a Rock.

Earth Elemental

Water Elementals

Water Elementals are in the North Room and always drop Water Filled Vials.

Water elemental

Air Elementals

Air Elementals can be found in the East Room and don't have a 100% drop.

Air elemental

Fire Elementals

Fire Elementals can be found in the South Room and always drop ashes.

Fire elemental

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