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General RuneScape Discussion Rules


  • Please do not make any threads complaining about having your character banned from RuneScape. There is absolutely nothing we can do about it, and all you can do is send an appeal to Jagex.
  • Remember to keep this in mind: "It is your own fault you were hacked or scammed." If you don't want to be hacked or scammed, simply do not click links and be cautious of whom you trade, and always check the second trade screen. It is up to you to be a responsible and safe player. If you have been hacked or scammed do not post it here, we cannot help you and you should consult Jagex. These topics are just totally spammy with the same exact thing. IE: Oh I am terribly sorry.. etc.
  • You may NOT post topics or threads about famous people IF they contain gossip or spam. However, if a certain occurred concerning a player (high level players surpassing one another, death of a famous player, etc.), then only one topic may be allowed to stay open. Spam is NOT ALLOWED. This rule includes RuneScape moderators, high-leveled players, rich people or anything of that sort. Remember to respect other individuals and keep these threads spam and flame free.
  • There have been many topics about autoers/macroers/bots/other ways used to gold farm created. While autoing is wrong and against the Runescape rules, simply posting a picture of suspected autoers is not going to help Jagex get rid of them. In a similar way, making a thread that states that autoers are found in place-x/on world-x or doing skill-x doesn't help Jagex or come up with an original 'discussion', either. Just report them to Jagex; we all know they exist - such topics will be closed on sight.
  • Remember that there is the Runescape Updates forum to voice your opinions on recent updates, so don't post topics with your opinion on recent updates here!
  • Polls and Surveys may be posted in here, but they must have discussion value.
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