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Sal's RuneScape Forum

The "Real" World Rules


This board is to talk about anything that isn't Runescape: remember to place your topics correctly, though!

  • Anything to do with technical issues with your computer or any kind of tech device goes in the "Tech Talk" board.
  • The "General Chat" board is made to host topics that are about anything.
  • The "Breaking News" board is to host topics about current events and news around the world.
  • The "Polls & Surveys" board is to host, well, polls and surveys such as "What is your favourite X?".
  • The "Debate Room" board is made to host debates about a number of issues. Not-so-serious debates are to be placed in the 'Scape Lounge or in General Chat.
  • The "Entertainment" board is used to talk about anything that has to do with entertainment (sports, movies, music) except videogames, which belong to the "Other games" room.
  • The "Homework Helpline" board is used to ask questions that pertain to school assignments and such.

But remember that the Off-Topic boards have rules, like every other board.

  • Do not disrespect others' belief. If you disagree with them, tell them politely, or use civil arguments. Flaming and utter rudeness will not be tolerated and will result in a warn (and a possible suspension of posting ability in serious cases). Challenge others' belief with respect.
  • Remember to post 'sensible' topics. If you intend to be humorous, probably your topic will be better placed in the 'Scape Lounge.
  • Do not make topics with pictures of yourself here, but put them in the "Pics Of Yourself" topic, which is a sticky in this board.
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