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  1. Fatalysm
    Latest Entry

    If you want to view the entire thing, you can now do so! I posted it on discord but forgot to post it here!


  2. Adam?
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    the light is blinding 

    the sound is deafening

    the memories are overwhelming


    The Call is


  3. Synapsi
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    What better to do than mimic my 15 year old self and overshare on the internet? My last blog post was basically at the start of my self-discovery journey and so much has been going on since then. This past year I met my best friend who is about the only person I feel comfortable spilling my guts to, and is basically my rock. Which is timely because my 7 year relationship/3.5 year marriage is officially finished and she's hurt me so bad I don't know what to do most days. And now I have the pleasure of splitting our assets, including our house that I poured myself into, and eventually moving back in with my parents. So yeah, stay in school, kids, it's safer there.

  4. Kemosabe
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    The site is outdated and doesn't receive new content anymore. It can't compete with the Wikis.


    Let's revert the site redesign and bring back the old Sal's Realm!

  5. Sofee
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    So the last time I wrote a proper blog entry was 3 years ago, in the middle of my working holiday in Canada. Since I'm nostalgia-ing away on Sals, might as well write this up before another 3 years pass!

    It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I stayed for about a year working seasonal jobs, and went on some crazy ass adventures. I bought a minivan and inflatable mattress, and basically did a solo trip around USA's west coast living it up. Lots of hiking, eating, got some tattoos, sometimes meeting new people, but most of it was spent by myself. It was very chilled. Worked a summer job at a glacier. Long summer nights with new friends, spent floating around in our inflatable canoes on turquoise glacier-fed water. Went on a second USA roadtrip with these friends, about 8 of us split between two cars. One of the best and most stressful times of my life. Blowouts between friends, problems with the car, incredible sunsets over the grand canyon. I stuck with my friends that I made in my previous winter job (see 2nd last entry), and yes the girl, and we agreed to be exclusive eventually. It was really nice, but we always knew that it would be temporary. Still, we made the most out of our temporary relationship, and I wouldn't have had it differently. 

    Recalling this Canada experience gives me extreme nostalgia, second to the nostalgia of Sals. There were no responsibilities, every day was a new adventure, spontaneity all the time, we were truly living in the present. When I eventually flew back home to Australia, I struggled. For a while. I remember distinctly returning back to my parents' house, and after all the 'welcome back's, I had a shower. It was the strangest feeling - like no time had passed at all, I was having a shower like I did every other day in that bathroom. I had changed, and nobody around me understood, because they weren't with me, and all the friends I made in Canada were gone. I went from the excitement of not knowing what would happen each day, to a life of routine and repetition. From spending a year sleeping next to someone in bed, to sleeping alone. I've always been a laid back person, and very fortunate to not be affected by mental illnesses throughout teenagehood. For the first time in my life, at age 21, I was quite severely depressed, and I didn't know what to do with myself. Every single day, it felt like I had this ball in my stomach, tortuously twisting and turning. I was desperate to get back the life I used to have, living without a care in the world, and doing whatever I wanted to, without consequence. I knew that I needed a change, so I moved out of my parents' house, got a full-time job in the industry I studied for, hit the gym hard, went on Tinder, basically tried to distract myself with anything and everything. Still the feeling didn't go away, and even now I can honestly say, that there's no way I could've lived with 'that feeling' inside me for the rest of my life. If somehow I knew that that was going to be forever, I would've ended it. I was getting involved with girls no good for me and exacerbated my depression, but I just needed to feel something. I went to therapy which was alright, but what got me through in the end was knowing that only time could heal what I was feeling. It was a bit of a process, but eventually made it.

    Fast forward to today at age 24, I have a great girlfriend who I'm pretty sure is my future wife, I bought an investment property over in Brisbane, and I have a well-paying job that I enjoy and have near-full autonomy over what I do day to day. Actually, tomorrow I'm getting a student assistant who will be helping me out, and at my age it's pretty unreal that I get to manage someone! Also just in general thinking about my life thus far, the adventures I've gone on and life experiences I've had, at 24 I'm pretty exhausted after all that and I'm ready to settle. God it feels weird to say that. I'm still so young! I'm very lucky to be in the position that I'm in now and I'm milking every second of my youth. 

    Nowadays, I play league of legends (hardstuck gold), I've just started playing OSRS again, gyming, going out on the town, watching stuff on tv, catching up with friends. Sounds pretty boring and generic hobbies, but I'm genuinely very content with myself and life. 

    Next blog post I'll probably be married with another couple houses and 10 kids! :biggrin:

  6. Lonelywolf
    Latest Entry

    i nominate myself as the number #1 most important member in sals right now

    NOBODY can create a thread as active as me. Here's just a taste of my credentials:
    Sofee came back to reply to a thread
    TABT came back to reply to a thread
    Beret came back to reply to a thread


  7. Well, to anyone reading this, welcome welcome!
    I've been a long time Runescape player and have, for better or worse, stuck with RS3/ since its release.
    I go in spurts. I get distracted by life, and hyper focus on things. Inevitably I take a turn right back to Runescape.
    Something about its nostalgia + its ADHD Capable gaming system keeps me coming back to waste my time (I mean, I believe all video games are in many ways a waste of time, doesn't keep me from playing them a helluva lot).
    I got back into it once the significant other got kicked outa the picture, and strangely have been doing much better ><.
    I used to have no level 99 skills and now I have 5... Ive always just spread out my time on all skills because I get too bored grinding one. But for some reason I was finally able to grind out a few lol. 
    I finished Plagues End and Birthright of Dwarves.. got Imcando Mattock and Pickaxe (working towards Earth and Song since mining is already 99). 
    Honestly most of what was made easier was because Priff opened up to me... made things so much easier to grind on certain skills.
    Finally have money, to where 6-7mil isnt "a lot of gold" to me anymore lol. (Managed Luck of the Dwarves, Grace of the Elves, and a few other middle-highend items)
    I remember the days when just getting a regular ole Rune Platebody was worth more than most of my bank... Just glad I can finally be on the upper-ish end of capability lol.
    Total Level 2468
    99: Mining, Smithing, Fishing, Cooking, Divination.
    So, just kinda an update. Ive been at home mostly, taking online classes and jobless (i hate that last part honestly) so all I Have to do is randomly grind on Runescape lololoololooool
    Wave2:glow2: Selling Rune Ess 20 Each (psych)

  8. Pretty sure the guy quoted in the video is Kamil talking about this blog post.  Sal's Realm clips are in the video too.  It's got 140k views right now.  I thought it was sort of cool.

  9. As
    Latest Entry

    I just turned 24 a couple of days ago.

    Just reread a bunch of my old blog posts and there was a post commemorating my 15th birthday. It's funny to read this old journal and see what I was like - some real teenage angst back there but some of the stuff that I posted about 9 years ago is still important to me (I posted a lot about Daria 9 years ago and I just contributed to a Daria fanzine a couple weeks ago).

    Also I really don't want to see this forum die so here's some content.

  10. yep. literally it. im 22 now. i feel like im 37. i'll probably come back once a year just to update my blog title since it'll bug me not to. but yeah. doing my masters now at kings college. ive actually grown up a lot. i used to be very anti relationship and made it clear to any sexual partners what situation was. now i've opened up. how about that. living at home now. absolutely hate it. gonna have to struggle through this for 2-3 years before i can afford to move out. hope you lot are doing good. aiming to turn amateur in mma and muay thai in 2019. see you all in a year. happy holidays  

  11. Conetus

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    Boxes and containers 

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    Fabric storage screens 

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    Examples of space savers are family cabinet with bookshelves, entertainment center, computer desk with shelves, cining room display shelves, closet pantry, spice organizer, headboard storages, vanity with shelves, magazine racks, garden tool rack, portable garden tool cart, trash can bin, bedroom closets and many more. 

    Use extra spaces for storages. Imagine under your bed as storage? Yes, the space under the bed can be a storage for unused bedsheets or pillowcases placed in containers. The spaces under the sofas, on window seats, overdoors and behind doors, staircases, in corners, cellars and attics can be space storages for small items. If the space is real small or if you desire a bigger space, the use of pull-out tables and beds or futon beds are practical ideas for making more spaces. Lots of extra spaces can be provided in the home, you just keep in mind that there are open possibilities in decorating the house to make more storages.

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    To whoever reads this, this blog will be my story of how I lost my bank, and what actions I'm taking to re-build that bank. This is more for my personal reference, but some of you may like the idea behind it.


    It all started when I received a message from a stranger, asking me how much my Santa Hat is currently worth. Usually I ignore these messages, but I thought, hey why not be nice and let him know, so I did.

    We then got into conversation about how I made my money, how long I've had the Santa, and just general small talk. He then spoke about his money making, firstly bosses (which I'm not too interested in high level PVM) and how he makes money from "Tree People", before directing me to a video of how this works.

    The idea behind such is simple. You sit in the GE of a busy world, before someone contacts you, asking if you'd like to make a bit of money. You accept, and follow a few steps which I will cover later. The end goal of such, is the lurer gives you some money, and some telegrab runes, which you use to grab a pile of cash from behind a tree, where you will ultimately meet your demise - but before you telegrab, you hop over the Wilderness wall and return to safety, 200M richer.

    This is the point where, I make an uncharacteristically stupid move. I think, "Hey, why not, seems easy enough". The guy I was talking too had been hopping around a few worlds, and messages me to let me know he's found someone. I take a point and watch. Everything goes smoothly, and he's made 200M+


    Now, at this point I owe my brother 160M for some Ascension bows that I lost a while back, so see an opportunity to make some easy money, so I set about waiting. I finally get a message from someone, and I hop and meet him in a different world.

    We run through the steps at a dummy level, hop over the wilderness wall, establish a safe buffer, and he asks me to cast a telegrab spell to make my character turn and face him. Everything works fine and dandy, and we return to the bank.


    So, I withdraw my Santa, Nox Bow and Nox Staff as asked. We pay a quick visit to Mr Ex to give myself a skull as asked, and drain my prayers. His alternate account trades me some 10 Cursed Energy (which works as a teleblock) and hop over the wilderness wall.

    At this point, again, I am asked to cast telegrab on him, so I do. I then find myself being propelled towards the group of people sat behind that tree, and get killed before I have a chance to kiss my beloved Santa goodbye. I've now lost just under 900M within a matter of seconds.


    I walk away and have dinner, contemplating what to do next. I consider buying bonds to make everything back, (which, at 21p per mill, would cost me £189), but decide against it.

    I look through my bank, sure enough, there's some dusty melee equipment that I don't ever use, and some misc items, 120 Firemaking logs, Clue loots and so on. I've got enough to buy back my bow, so I do so. I complete whatever clues I've got stored away in the hope of a quick dye to make it all back, but no luck. 

    After much debating, I've decided that the first thing I need to do, is get the Golden Gold Accumulator, and set about camping at Godwars Bosses. Getting the titles is something I've always wanted to do, so why not make the best of a bad situation and go for this. The only downside is, this cost 1,500,000 tokens. At this point, I was only on about 600,000. So I spend a day doing large floors, and claw my way up to 1,000,000, in between Farming runs to steadily build the cash balance up.

    I also seize the opportunity to attempt money making methods that I've never tried before, and will detail these in my next blog. As for now, and for a constant reminder to myself and anyone else, if anyone ever approaches you with a "Get Rich Quick" plan that involves Dangerous areas, your Valuable items, or anything else, no matter how safe it can seem, it probably isn't...

  12. Fake
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    How is everybody? Been a minute to say the least

  13. So I actually mainly came back to mention NationStates somewhere but wow this place has gotten really quiet :(

    I dated that girl for a few months and she has super severe borderline and basically wanted to cut my eggplant off. Oh well, live and learn

    Anyway what's up with you guys I work in insurance now at a State Farm agency

  14. Is this place still breathing?  I'm hardcore procrastinating on studying for my numerical methods exam and I remembered y'all.  Kinda nuts thinking I joined this forum when I was like, 12, and now I'm a sophomore in college.  All you really need to know about me currently is that I'm a pretty typical partying college kid and mechanical engineering violates me on the daily but I manage.  OH and I played a month of old school runescape recently, that was hella lit.

    also where my south carolina bros at?  Go Tigers??

  15. I was introduced to Runescape around 2007 and played (as a paid member) to help relieve the boredom of looking after my late mother, and as 'Chief Sefton', I fought my way up to a fairly high level.

    By about 2010 I was Here molyfar.PNG.31c55ee42df047b71414554f41d2505e.PNG

    Then somehow, I am not sure what happened, I lost the lot. There was some confusion during the RS3 change over I think but I am not sure. Needless to say, I was not happy about it.

    I rejoined last month, again as a paid member, and gradually fighting my way back. as Sir Molyfar.

    As of 06/02/18, I was here. 5a7c76fdde719_Stats6-2-18.JPG.6900fabbf58a98ca7bb827d01702d107.JPG

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    • Dressing Change
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    • Pre-Op and Post-Op Care
    • Ostomy Care.
  16. Twist of Fate
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    Hey Y'all!

    As you guys know, I'm frequenting this place and the game from time to time. It's more economically efficient for me to buy membership on break so I'll see you in December/January in-game.

    Other than that, you may know I'm in a band. So we've recently released a new single called "October Skyline". It was written about 4 years ago before I even joined and I never heard our singer play it again until 2015. It was my favorite thing he's written. Anyway, we actually decided to use it and make a full-band version for our next album. If you'd like to check it out, send us a like on YouTube, share, subscribe, whatever, or just listen, I'd really appreciate it.

    Thanks a lot, dudes and ladies. See you in December for some hangs. Let's skill or something. 


  17. My blog

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    Marko's Catering is a full service catering service offering  great food at lower than expected prices. Being the "new kids in town" we feel we offer something new and different to the mix. We do catering in Milwaukee https://markospizzas.com/catering/ ! That dinner or birthday  party, you know that's too small or intimate for the big grazers on the catering  fields is just what Marko's Catering wants. We specialize in functions from 1-100  people, usually too small for the higher profit margin crowd. Though we are  small, we are very experienced in all phases of the business. From the Chefs to  the wait staff we are enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

    We work with you to decide the needs of your department and then develop a plan for success. Some work requires us to visit you onsite, other work may be done over the phone & email. We do not have any preset packages - all work is custom developed for you.

  18. There's been a breach in the hull, the engines are shot and we have enough fuel just to coast an emergency landing.




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