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About this blog

Welcome to my blog. I post here occasionally with things that are either interesting or self-promotional.

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The one where I spill the beans

So I've been pretty quiet recently, and that's not the fault of anyone here. Life ticks on and mine has been doing that. I stopped running my own business after the shop's bills were so astronomically high that finding profit was getting more and more difficult. I started working for a DIY/Hardware store in the UK, got promoted, and I'm working towards another promotion. 2019 saw the birth of my son Zachary, an absolute diamond of a baby boy and the best thing to ever happen to me. Unfortunately, my relationship with my then-fiancee didn't quite work out. So back to being free and single, but I still have Zachary, and that's all that matters. I got fat, fatter than usual. So now I'm trying to cut back and be a good boy. I've got a boxing match coming up in March for charity, and that looks like it's going to be pretty epic.  




The one where I start boxing

So for charity, I will be boxing in an amateur fight on the 21st of March. I'm telling you this because you will be able to watch it on youtube, so I will post that for everyone to see. But as it's for charity, I need to do my bit. If you want to donate anything my page is http://justgiving.com/matthewzacharyfletcher It's the first time of combat sport I've ever been involved in and I'm really excited to see how it goes! I'm really into boxing and watching fights and breaking them down punch by punch. Watching boxers weaknesses and strengths and seeing how they do with all that I know. Recently I made a bet on the McGregor vs Cerrone fight and won £300 based on a first-round win by McGregor in the first half of the round. Just wanted to add if you haven't already considered it go and follow this topic if you're interested because it just keeps growing and growing.   http://www.realmofrunescape.com  




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