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The Journey Continues

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Book 2:the Journey Continues-chapter 1~only One Last Chance

And so,you read the past from the side stories,and it was short.I am now going to whats going on my side,and what i will continue on my quest to Runescape,a unlikey quest.For that,i will stop Merch Clans,Help other players greatly,and spread my name the whole Runescape World.Its a unlikey quest,but thats what im gonna do,i completed my quest for finding John,i did,it turned out a twist.And so,im back for a fresh start,continueing to start the quest for Runescape! And so i will need some help,a clan,yes yes...A clan,i will help Runescape and all that.It may be ridicolous,but its worth a shot,i met John in Pirates Online,and so i did,i met the past,it was great and awesome,until i got banned,i will now exceed to the new world and adapt it.It will be complex and interesting,i have to move on.And so you know the past very wll from Book 1,and now you will catch up to the present.Then the future,it will be longer it seems,and i ahve to pass school and make my games,its interesting you come here reader.A glance i quitted WeeWorld,quitting to PWI,quitting to Cable Online,banned from Pirates Online,quitting to SilkRoad,only one thing to do left.And thats for Runescape,reader,a quest i created that must be completed,but avatar753258 gave me a head start,and i must pass and help and stop merch clans no matter what! I feel like im moving from old friends to new friends,i lost 2 clans today,and now im trying tnot to lose this one,for all great importance,and for humanity,for influence and excitness,theres always a complexity and a reason.I saw RS that it was,non-merch clans,but now since Merch Street came up with this,i saw the whole things,but while Nikomani is gone,And my friends that helped me,now i have to help others for my will,and im gonna do that no matter what!




I'm Back!

Hey peeps! I'm back!   As for the journey to PWI (Perfect World International) it sucks,alot.I had too much grinding,and for the long journey,of course they has too much grinding,and i checked other games,sucks also,Cable Online,SilkRoad,Stick Arena,they never fit me.And only one that fitted me ONLY.That is the place that i passed,the one i missed,i felt carelss.Now i must go back,and join! Although my account is locked by Jagex.So i created a new one with Avascar,it turned out exciting now.And now,im back to the journey,to be a legend! (Or...At least be famous!)



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