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august 14th 2019

ik spreek een beetje nederlands  mijn nederlands is niet goed fudge u   this has become a life update thing. It's weird reading back on them and being like oh yea that happened random. and in a previous blog said i was 'banging a total hottie'... who is now my girlfriend and i remember my head space at the time and why i would say something like that (i was semi just taking the P one fifty five, but still) and looking back that's messed up and I would never even have those thoughts cross my mind about her now. Not that I've matured (i wish), just the way I perceived her was way off base with who she was, and that's crazy.  random how sheets change and random how much I'm changing my sheets for this girl (apparently they sposed to be changed like more than 1nce a year)   hhaha I'll look back at that sentence^ and either laugh or cry, depending how this relationship goes. It's not on the rocks, but due to things said above (my perception of her, and even her perception of me), it means our relationship is built on a rough start.  We don't have that tale of falling in love. Not that it should be all hollywood, but it's just not a nice story if someone asks how we met.   Thoughts? Every time someone would ask "How did you guys meet?" it would be this awkward, bringing back a lot of bad memories experience for both of us. 
Is this doomed?
Is this good? Can we outlast anything if we got past this?    fudge  

back again to the future of days past

hey its 2018 and im still here im not sure if ive been here during 2018 yet but here i am here in 2018 on sals right here right now   im an disgrace to my family so whats up with u guys ???     i broke up with my gf of 200 months and now im bangin a toital hottie   EDIT: WTF THIS NEW BLOG LAYOUT MY COOL LIST OF COOL PEOPLE IS GONE???????????? I WORKED SO HARD  

so i might as well continue with the updates

so pretty much last time i was here i did this life update blog entry about whats happened so i guess ill do it again     WOW NOT MUCH LUCK WITH GIRLS AYE meet girl in club, she has boyf, talk to her after club for couple weeks, she's fudgeed like just a whiny nice doggy! sort of like my ex so i was like lol no thanks new girl started at work and she is super cute and has a really nice bum, I've noticed recently that she might be a bit of a bully though (not to me), but thats okay. anyways she has a boyfriend too which is actually a huge shame. went out with uni people and at the end of the night it was me and this girl and she's really pretty and i was flirting with her heaps (didn't lean in to kiss her) but she probably realised thats where the conversation was going and said 'wait you know i have a boyfriend right?' and i was like omg not again. then recently i met this girl she was so hot like way out of my league, texting heaps, she was super clingy so i sorta mirrored her actions and was a little clingy back, y know then she just stopped talking 2 me lol we went on a couple dates, deserve at least an explanation, what a nice doggy!   so my other update seemed pretty sad when i read it back just now which is dumb because life is good I ended up getting 3 jobs over the summer and then went on holiday to austria for 2 weeks. fudge me that was the best trip of my life. Even though I never left austria i got to experience most of europe if you know what i mean ;)   So i went to austria by myself but met like 30 snowboarders over there we were all staying in this hotel oh man the food was so good   local girls love the australians wow i will tell you that now i did things i would never think about doing over here   i love austria       anyways getting good at snowboarding now which is awesome   uhm   hows u guys hows runecape is it different ??

wtf ronskep

I had no idea they ended up releasing 120* for every skill now, and the sweet master cape for said skill. I remember when that guy made capes for all the skills and animations along with it. Pretty cool stuff, tempted to play again just to get my firemaking bad boy         *i know it's not 120 level but xp equivalent.

life updates

hey guys i dont visit here anymore which is very sad because i used to like coming here and had people i was fond of playing minecraft on sals server (thanks Zooey) was lots of fun but when everyone stopped liking mine craft and stopped playing it was sad. all good things come to an end i guess eh???? which reminds me i broke up with my gf earlier this year for good reasons, i didn't tell her some reasons because they were really harsh and didn't need to be said but yeah she was cray, for instance said if she 'needed' me i have 2 drop all my uni work to go over to her house and comfort her even during exam periods which was like wat   i still always think about what if i didn't break up with her & stuff u know?? I'm glad i did but it doesn't stop those thoughts which are annoying   gorgeous girl from work initiated convo with me and was all like love hearts and everything i was like wot this is nice but when i asked her 2 grab a drink wit me she stopped replying which makes me sad because she seems cool even as a good m8 u know   i kissed a diff pretty girl from work but she bad kisser like pecking the whole time no deep long kisses y u do dis it was a big turn off   I'm at uni doing my dream course so I've got that going for me, which is nice. Made some uni friends but then uni friends made friends with this other guy who has like turned them against me and now I'm excluded from outings all the time. also excluded from high school friend outings because of situation with gf (long story)   Bought a snowboard about 9 months ago, finally completed it last sunday with the purchase of bindings and boots. So happy. Hopefully I'm invited up by one of my high school friend who has a house near one of the resorts. if not i will be sad and that will be the last straw, i will complete stop communication with high school friends if i get excluded from that because he knows how keen i am to get up there   family is annoying. i like dad. my mum and older brother constantly singling me out & blaming me and telling me off and criticising me when older brother does the same things or worse. dad gets it but does nothing because he's always travelling for work   I'm getting a nicer body though I'm trying to keep working out, if any1 has any questions i can help i know my stuff :- ]     sorry about no full stops or commas i did this with one hand in bed I'm very lazy trying to 100% borderlands 2 at the moment 6 week break from uni at the moment thats why so long so awesome dont really want to go back to doing work first semester was quite hard a lot of work was done for art last year in high school i made 2 folios throughout the whole year made one in this semester in under 3 days like crazy man   I've got no money owe my parents $1400 for rego and insurance for car. once i pay that off rego and insurance will be due again probably, my life is a cycle work starting to give me some shifts, not much but its something and then need money to go to snow very expensive here. fudge     TL;DR Life's going pretty well. Just need a bit more money so I can go to the snow this season and also go out with friends occasionally.

well fudge me

so we had exams this year which are pretty important but not really idk thought i went really well, did a lot of study for most subjects   fudgeing almost failed every exam like wot the shizzle coochie is that about     the subject i didn't do as much study in was my highest with a C   the fudge fudge this im not studying ever again fudgeing bullsfudge

how ur names sound 2 me

i did this a while ago but w/e I'm having trouble with reepi's name so it sparked this again     reepicheep reppy cheep   heb0 Heh-boe   fatalysm fae-ta-lism   silavor si-lie-va   Fabio Far-bee-oh   Fabis Fa-bis   Bwauder Bwaw-dah     idk any1 else u decide

brithay tomorrow

Usually my parents tell me that they have something for me etc. et.c still a big surprise though and I usually tell them what i want   this year nothing the SAME   i have no idea what I want to get. I've been busy with exams/tests coming up that I haven't had time to think about me (lol pore lonely wants attention)   ya   this week my parents said if i haven't thought of something (and something I really want/need, not just for the sake of getting a present) by tonight then i won't get anything at all   :ooo   ya so th1s will be my first brithday when i have never gotten anyhtin   what can i do 2 preprare

im gona mill burray ur mom

im gona mill burray ur mom


u guys might not or might like this idk

so we had 2 do a presentation so every1 did like talks nd stuff but i made a video instead   this is the video: (its about anti-semitism 4 religious studies if u find it offensive i am sorry) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VNfaUlu3-Y     i hope u like it but if u dont i will cry it took a lot of guts posting it here   u shud totely show ur frends tho

no it cannot be

i have news from my inteligence unit that sal has also been overthrown by the leader of the bronies and hav now made him a puppet leader!!!!   we know u r not wanting 2 be a brony sal, we understand that u r being controlled, we know that they will kill u if u do not obey! they've got tabt and now sal   and im not sur about Jethraw but he appears to be an ass (huehuheuhuhuehuheuhe)       we r the resistance we must fight this war against bronies   we do not forget

curse has spread!!!!!

bronies here @ sals have intoxicated another member under their treacherous wing!     rip in peace tabt former non-brony forumer   :(((((((   post ur best memories of this fallen member!!     mine was when she kicked me from sals fc 4 somethin zapy did

1st prop bild

ok so deadpool is a no go i would love to dress up but im too skinny u c i dont think i can bulk up in time (suit takes long time to make)     starting to make a zer0 from borderlands 2 helmet that I'll just wear bc im awesom   going down the road of pepakura where u make the model out of strong paper 1st then resin and fiberglass the fudgeer       its gametime 22 pages of shizzle to cut

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